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Miss Violet Berry and her good friend Labrn live in an imaginary world called Bon Bon. Today they had a date which went so well and led them into a bed. Now you goal is to help the young couple to please each other :)

Filed under: Action, Furry, Hentai
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142 Responses to “Violet & Labrn”

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  17. The full version isn't out yet

  18. why are they uploading the demo since anyone can play the demo to these games.

  19. Instead of updating a boring demo version of the game , you can update the game when the full version is out.

  20. damn it stop with the demos already

  21. what the fuck is this ?!?!! 1-10

  22. and that the fuck is up eith the demeo!?! sorry for the bad language................................................................. not really

  23. The only thing that makes this worthwhile is the yiff aspect. More yiff games pls.

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  30. I don't think the full version is even out yet but expect it sometime this month says the HK website

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  40. nice concept)

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  42. fuck sake i was getting into that one

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  44. It was ok, but at least give us whole games.

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  53. Sound effects are nice. Looking forward to the full version.

  54. the game is awesome

  55. too bad it's a demon, it's hot

  56. i like an old movie style

  57. fucking lame game

  58. The game was awesome! Yet the loading is a bit slow.

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  65. The full games is out now but they havent uploaded it =(

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  68. Any girls wanna talk dirty or exchange pics. Hit me up at yahoo, Prowler271. Ill make u cum like never before. Garenteed

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  81. infact, it's a demo. but i have played full version too. i can say its just amazing:D try to find the full version out, i forgot where did i play it... it's worth your time;)

  82. fucking hot demo

  83. good demo, kind of weird but sexy too

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