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Friday evening at work is not really fun. Our hero Justin also thought so before he met Natalie. This game is about the hot weekend which Justin spent with that hot young chick :)

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99 Responses to “Workaholic Party”

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  4. its like paper moving back and forth >_

  5. good game

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  7. so short... nice its not a demo

  8. nice game but played better...........

  9. Nice Game :D

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  11. pretty good game kinda boring at times

  12. horny rite now

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  14. the final scene was hot

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  16. could have been longer but then again it's not like i make them lols

  17. I hate the name "Justin". Its remember Justin Bieber

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  23. the game was good, i wish it was longer

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  27. she change so fast ^^

  28. needs more sex scenes

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  47. the music is so annoying

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  51. i think these series is gonna be the next MNF because they produce alot faster and their graphics are getting better fast

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