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In this game you should fuck the heroine from Final Fantasy series. Her name is Yuffie Kisaragi. She is a mighty ninja wielding a large shuriken. Besides, she is a beautiful woman with large breast and nice ass. Your goal is to fuck her hard and bring her to orgasm.

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131 Responses to “Yuffie Kisaragi Fuck”

  1. dasdasdasdsa

  2. it is vere good game i need mooor the game

  3. 한국인 1빠

  4. That was a nice game

  5. good game

  6. only 3 levels here?

  7. not halv bad

  8. It loads two times?!

  9. Hello,I'm from Korea mother fuking yo~

  10. pretty good or should i say very good but personaly from all the MNF's i liked the hawaii vacation one it was and still is awsome

  11. not to bad. 6 out of 10

  12. nice game :D

  13. i'm very eciting haahaa

  14. very nice game no long loading time :P 7 of 10 and it is amazing that no baby's are crying about more MNF

  15. peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. Fuck anyone

  17. give us more zone-archive games

  18. 아나시험기간인데 샹 ㅋㅋ;;

  19. more meat and fuck jokes mehh alrigh game no waiting time

  20. Cool game, but make english mandatory for games to be played here.

  21. it would be good if there where more final fantasy games

  22. i like cheese

  23. it would be impossible to make english a requirement. besides, what if the creators aren't from an english speaking country, huh?

  24. Holy mofo'in a game thats not MnF and people are being nice about it, i am shocked, maybe the idiots have finally picked up on the message to stop bitchin. ANYWAY, i did like this game, ill give it 7 outta 10 :D

  25. you guys are so pathetic what do you do hide in mommie and daddies basement and play with yourself until a new game comes out...get a life...anybody know when the next one is coming out???

  26. 7 of 10 damn good game

  27. I'm sorry.. but when you come with this kind of games.. then you must understand WHY people want M'n'f zo much.. this is shit... If you want us stop crying like baby's then go make other games then meet n fuck but games that are still GOOD.. this is a deception shame to this site.. please understand...

  28. it was ok

  29. Goooood gameeee

  30. its usual rubbish clicking the button repeatidly does not make it a game she looks like she has one leg bad sound effects and graphics as i said usual rubbish

  31. Nice game, Hope for more improvements though.

  32. good good good

  33. not a bad game need more bdsm and torture type games

  34. better be a good game cause it sure took awhile to load

  35. this game fucking sucked ass. we neeed a sasuke and sakura meet n fuck that be awesome sasuke fucking the shit out of sakura and then naruto joins in, hehehe

  36. More M´n´F!!! :P Nah, it was pretty good. Just a little pity that there was just one point of view. At least there was only one I´ve found this far

  37. good game

  38. not too great

  39. let fuck baby..........i need a pussy now! god pls send me one to drill..mmmmmmmm

  40. 존나빠르네

  41. 한국인 존내 많이 온다ㅋ

  42. it'd be good if i spoke japanese

  43. 씨발 존나 꼴리네

  44. 아 저런애먹고싶다

  45. holy fuck no ones bitching about Moar Meet and Fuck rubbish. good god.

  46. hmmm.. not many cry abaut MnF anymore... Perhaps the last one really satysfied them.

  47. i am 12! fuck mehard!

  48. sinu ang naglalaru d2 na pinoy hahahah!!!! nice game

  49. Bored gals? Check me out... XXX P.S. Nessuna italiana in giro?

  50. nice, but why are all the good games in japanise

  51. Good, I like it. I prefer to see the penetration though (you know, the actual entering)

  52. needs to get rid of the electric bolts though

  53. Meet AND Fuck!!!

  54. 난시험끝이다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  55. Sing nonton do koyo ASU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you know what i mean?????? ASU is good!!!!!!!!!

  56. Emut Nih Kontol GUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. i like watching sex it makes my want to fuck a girl,suck hers pussy lol realy

  58. hello ok ka lng

  59. im a lesbien and im licking my girlfreinds wet pussy, u wish u could be here!!

  60. Yes,,,yes i do.

  61. 아씨발좋겠다 시험끝나면

  62. ehh..sue bleh juga xxx

  63. Nice game, the artwork's all right but they gotta fix the leg...it breaks off while it moves. The sound's pretty good but it sorta overlaps when I make the combos :D They should really make English mandatory, I can't understand a thing hehe. Overall it's a good game... They gotta make a good Naruto MnF wahahah

  64. We should count our blessings that no one is crying about a new MnF,let's see how much THAT lasts >

  65. fuck you..

  66. nice ass


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  69. hell yea

  70. nahohorny na ako..!!

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  81. wow great game 10out of 10

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  84. shit game, deluxe

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  86. this is a cool thing but ill give him a 5 out of 10

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  91. where can find more ff game ler?


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