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Today we're going to spend some hot time with sweet young girl Yui. First of all, you should take off all her clothes. Then she let you fuck her deep with your cock and dildo.

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79 Responses to “Yui Fuck”

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  2. you guys suck always so happy that there number one

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  7. the sounds made me wet

  8. so, guess numbers means alot to some of us

  9. try to type "hcosine" during the game

  10. hi woman you can join me on msn gg1963@live.fr

  11. this site really sux now

  12. wtf is this? -.- this site is fucking itself check my peofile girls

  13. hcosine turns that censer off nice 1 saizen :)

  14. Hmm a lot of Non translated Games this time around. Oh well. Check my profile. Girls Only!!

  15. hmmm these games make me want to finger myself

  16. shes cute but she is kinda weird lookin too

  17. The code is actually just Cosine. The h doesn't matter. And yes, all the girls from Lucky Star are done in different games from h-cosine. I think the Konata game is on this site somewhere.

  18. you guys know that only guys will check your profiles

  19. meh 5/10 games getting worse each day.

  20. type n cosine at normal start

  21. mistake at freemode start type in cosine its an old game about 5 years old


  23. i liked his huge cock


  25. faggot number

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  27. i've seen better things on oursexaddiction

  28. this game is pretty bad tho, at least its something to get my pussy wet :)

  29. ype in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the game screen!!!Type in cosine at the gam...

  30. Yui isn't young. She's a mature woman - a police officer, if I recall correctly - from an anime called Lucky Star.

  31. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! All i have to say :P

  32. I find this funny that only a few people know where Yui is from. And I don't know why.

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  35. i think very cut

  36. Yui isn't young but she has good chest size

  37. Tyoe in cousine to uncensoir the game

  38. This site was the best of free sex sites. Now it fall down and present us demo versions or low games. Now it sucks!

  39. making it censored is shit!

  40. Fuck Censored

  41. for mor fun type "cosine" in free play mode to uncensor this game

  42. CRAP GAME!!!!!

  43. vaya puta mierda

  44. lame game

  45. Teasiie I really like your boobs but honey face it,they're not real!!!!!

  46. simple and nice

  47. not the best game, but it still got me going

  48. non english games....

  49. I really like how they drew her tits. Whats up with the censor stuf though?

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  51. fucking good game

  52. This game was terrible but oh well. Girls hit me up on my profile.

  53. game was awful :/

  54. While ingame normal or free mode type in "cosine" without the " just : cosine That allows the 18+ mode hf lol.

  55. ok game , fucking sound lame, its sounds like baby birds cried for food lol but when that guy cum in her that sound was good :)

  56. @ t_nadia: watching u makes me wet!

  57. Makes you wet?????? Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  58. i love you guys:)

  59. dariaolse, i like you for a long time, check my profile & email me or add me

  60. That game wasn't bad I just hate clicking the mouse when I can be doing other things

  61. this game is pretty good, her moans make me wet and i want a cock in my pussy


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  64. wasn't dat good

  65. loved the sex mode...thank you for cheat code!

  66. this game's alright I guess, I agee nadia, sfx were good

  67. you ppl blow ass but its a 6

  68. it sucks that its cencerd it fucking blows ass



  71. What the fuck?

  72. Yea keep fucking with me and see what happens.

  73. You know what? I may not get the chance to kick your ass but you have still royally pissed me off. FUCK YOU! Fuck YOu!

  74. Fuck you

  75. type cosine to play the uncensored version

  76. Any girls willing to fuck right now reply to this message

  77. Pretty good, really simple but that isn't always a bad thing.

  78. "sweet young yui" uuuuh, NO. Yui is one of the oldest characters in lucky star, and she's a drunk-ass cop.

  79. wow i wish i could seee konata's game

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