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Zobio and Zobiko are a loving couple of zombies. You may remember them from the Sega game "The House of the Dead". Here is your chance to know a little more about their private life.

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84 Responses to “Zobiko”

  1. haha lol lmao i was fir-st

  2. just shut your mouth there's no need for numbers

  3. pretty bad

  4. Zombies wouldn't be so bad if they all looked as good as those two haha

  5. really bad actually

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  7. Incredibly lame "game" but the concept of undead cock is extremely hot.

  8. i agree good concept but damn there wasn't even cum what the hell

  9. Anatomicaly speaking, how the hell can an undead guy get a boner?!

  10. Of course they cant cum their dead... o-o

  11. a lil short but i liked it

  12. Wow that was terrible.

  13. juego ql malo.... horrible sus weas

  14. wtf...wheres the game??

  15. i see dead people...fucking lol

  16. Is this even a game? If so worst game ever.

  17. very odd ,..... does any girl want some differnt sex sytles ? ;P

  18. So dead men don't cum, good to know.

  19. good graphics but waaayyyy to short

  20. lol she nearly look like a smurf, and yeah pretty pointless sience it's so short.

  21. very bad i love meet N fuck freee

  22. lol where's the money shot

  23. how can a zombie have sperm wtf ?? THEY ARE UNDEAD


  25. hot girls message me

  26. I liked it. Her tits looked pretty good.

  27. Just plain pathetic.

  28. They look more like frankenstein then actaul zombies. So he can still get a boner

  29. why even post thist type of game? so short not worth any loading at all

  30. too short and no action..:-( did not satisfy my desire so..girls pm me!

  31. totally dumb, nothing to do really

  32. You see dead people. I see marshmallows.

  33. Too few scenes and the "Finish" didn't show any cum. Does it mean the zombie got castrarated?

  34. yeaaah i like it bab

  35. check my profile

  36. plz e-mail me!

  37. Just an animation...not bad...but i hope in something more soon :P:P:P

  38. moaning was the best part of the game

  39. I wouldn't expect a zombie to be able to cum anyway, and really guys, he's hard from rigormortis! hahaha

  40. Proof of rule 34

  41. ca craint nul

  42. good graphics, but not enough interaction. Only clicking next and where is the cum?

  43. eeeehmmm where did the cum go??? more options. missed doggy style.

  44. dead men have no blood and cum...it's obvious but it's just a game

  45. lol kool game

  46. girls if you are interested check out my profile

  47. Very very very sad game

  48. i would fuck a zombie if she looked like that

  49. i wouldnt exactly trust a zombie to suck my dick though

  50. I have fucked better dead than that

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