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Today I'm glad to present you a second part of adult arcade Angel Girl. Frankly to say, there are no much diffrencies between previous part and this one.

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85 Responses to “Angel Girl 2”

  1. i like emboyy eh eh eh eh vaet to do aahahah tonight i'm fucking ou un tak un un tak un un tak un

  2. just so high~

  3. WELL. thats lovely.

  4. wtf i can tmove

  5. abbaab right right left gallery up down b down down up bb no damage up up down down left right left right b a gallery

  6. wtf wont let me enter cheats

  7. I love this game. :D (0)

  8. whoever censored this needs to die in fire

  9. controls dont work?

  10. this would be my heven

  11. Boring but good quality

  12. where do you enter cheats

  13. i like doggy style:)

  14. Check out my profile ladies, love to play on cam with you.

  15. I love this game :)

  16. was pretty good, watching her get handled by all those things is pretty hot for me... wish I was her

  17. pretty good, always more fun with cheat ;), wish i was her

  18. Hi I would like to have some fun with you sexynakedlisa.

  19. I like to play a game with you carlibabe.

  20. How exactly do you use cheats?

  21. check my profile

  22. very hot sex scenes

  23. wow so they finally got this? its been out for like two months lol

  24. the controls doesn't work for me

  25. this is so fucking hot

  26. any girls wanna trade pics or tlk txt me at 219-381-1612. im 18/m

  27. Wow, I wish that was me. I'm so wet now ;)

  28. down load dc ko

  29. what a lucky girl

  30. Censored version.

  31. Stolen much?

  32. check my profile ;)

  33. Cheat Won't work if you using Google Chrome use internet explorer

  34. tha controls wasn workin wen i wanted 2 play

  35. Don't you love when no controls work

  36. the guy who cencerse games should just die

  37. abbaab -> ->

  38. Too bad the controls don't work...

  39. Gallery Mode: a a b b a a b Right Right Left No Damage: Up Down b Down Down Up b b Infinite Attack: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right b a

  40. god damnd censored shit

  41. view screen?? hw?

  42. pity it's censored

  43. how to view screen while typing???

  44. oh wow! :P id love the dog to do me

  45. check out my profile

  46. i like this game so much, but i'd like anal sex scenes also

  47. i like my dick in the mouth and the pussy

  48. wf i cnat move to(and if i try to use a cheat it wontt work)

  49. wanna some fun on cam add me merenejhones at yahuu. c o m

  50. this is horrible! i mean i got raped by a fuckin dog how is that hot???

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