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Angel Girl Full Version

Sex game: Angel Girl Full Version

Sex game: Angel Girl Full Version Sex game: Angel Girl Full Version Sex game: Angel Girl Full Version

Good news for everyone who liked Angel Girl game. Now we've got a full version of that game! There are not only new monsters, but you can pass the whole game and open a gallery mode. Good luck!

Filed under: Arcade, Hentai
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230 Responses to “Angel Girl Full Version”

  1. number 1!

  2. my name says it all

  3. you kno it bitches

  4. sgk sdkhsgd kshg mozike

  5. i am 5 u mofo

  6. im number a billion

  7. Pixelation makes me a sad panda.

  8. man it was awesome!

  9. abbaab right right left - Gallery up down b down down up bb - inf health up up down down left right left righ ba

  10. awesome!

  11. Gallery Mode a b b a a b right right left NoDamage up down b down down up b b Infinite Bombs up up down down left right left right b a

  12. It's really a big step from the "Devil Girl" from a ways back and what they have here is on the verge of being just plain great. The gameplay is basic; get to the end, set amount of levels, avoid enemies and, upon not being able to avoid said assailants, scorch'em. I just feel that this game, along with a few others, is missing a "resist" mechanic that few games of this type seem to have. Sure, having this angel get banged by random underworld monsters is fun to look at, but if I can get that and still have fun with the gameplay....well, it just makes a better game really.

  13. Some cheats for ya: Gallery Mode Open:abbaabRRL No Damage: UDbDDUbb Boom Infinity: UUDDLRLRba U= up arrow D= down arrow L= left arrow R= right arrow

  14. name says it all

  15. wtf why would they not censor the demo but censor this one?! huh....lame...but still good

  16. Censored? Lame

  17. a plenty of perverted creatures lol

  18. at least no ones put a fake pic of somones junk sayin its theres

  19. gallery mode open : a,b,b,a,a,b,forward,forward,back

  20. fuck yes full game!!!

  21. how do you activate the cheats???

  22. hey guys help me out when ever i try to enter a cheat it doesnt work how do i make them work


  24. That's like in my dreams... a full version !

  25. er... can someone tell us how to activate da cheatz?

  26. u have to write the code in the title menu for it to work

  27. scotty spies himself lol

  28. really, i thought "he was hansome" NOT!

  29. Go to the goal, fuck everything on the way ;)

  30. is not possible, i keep dieing from itty-bitty-tiny babys.

  31. i sapped you game as well.

  32. Where is teh sound ):?

  33. thank you, guys i has boner

  34. Censored waaah ;(

  35. EXCELENT!!!

  36. censored!

  37. I still can't get cheats to work. What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to use the A and B keys on my keyboard? Eff.

  38. Why can't I hear anything on this game? In the demo you could hear stuff but in the full one you can't.

  39. see name

  40. Love the dog part. So hot.

  41. no sound? and censored? kinda sucks

  42. I'm over nine THOUSAAAANNNDDDDD!!!!!!!

  43. The Animation and positions were pretty good. Sounds seems to be missing though. Still a great game.

  44. i dont have any sound

  45. i dont have any sound

  46. was ok check my profile

  47. censored but hot

  48. hey! help me where i write cheat intitle?

  49. so hard la

  50. just type the codes fast enough in the main menu...if you make a mistake click on how to play and then back to title...i had to try a few times before getting it to work

  51. haha i got sounds XDD WOO GAME IS AWESOME

  52. Awsome Just Awsome

  53. this is so asome

  54. is there supposed to be sound?

  55. Censored? No sound?? Stupid.

  56. this game is epic! thanks for the cheats too guys ;D oh and if your wondering you just put the cheats into the start menu.

  57. i liked doggy style the most=)

  58. If they had the same sort of thing as Demon girl where she would get fucked differently depending on whether they hit her lower half, tits or mouth that would've been good.

  59. cheat code ( use in the grey stzrt pannel) gallery : a b b a a b right right left God mod : up down b down down up b b bom inf: up up down down left right left right b a

  60. this game sucks

  61. koooonsoft*sakura*ne*jp/flashpage/flash/Angel%20Girl%20X*swf just replace the * with . for the game with sound

  62. it says sound . . . but there's no sound

  63. its a good game but it would have been better if something happens at the end. and they could have did more blowjobs but the dog and the smoke really good one. nice job

  64. Awesome that they got the full version here, shame about the censor.. shame shame.

  65. never even got past stage 1

  66. Ending's different between naked and clothed.

  67. naiz game

  68. (Gagap)SO HoTs..... (Cobra)Games Nice......

  69. I am chinese i can speak a little english

  70. escape option would be nice

  71. Stupid :D

  72. It's really like a game named"Devil Girl" or"Demon Girl".It's copy?

  73. There NEEDS to be other games like this.

  74. check my profile

  75. fucking hot game

  76. fuck you bichier

  77. I talk again about the cheats, i know someone said it but i make it again, this its the cheats: Gallery Mode Open: A, B, B, A, A, B, Arrow Rigth, Arrow Rigth, Arrow Left. No Damage: Arrow Up, Arrow Down, B, Arrow Down, Arrow Down, Arrow Up, B, B. "Bom" Infinity: Arrow Up, Arrow Up, Arrow Down, Arrow Down, Arrow Left, Arrow Rigth, Arrow Left, Arrow Rigth, B, A.

  78. how do i insert cheats?

  79. me la pelan todos:D

  80. no sound again? is there something wrong with this site cuz on other sites there was sound

  81. I found this game uncenored n with sound but they wont let me post...

  82. the link 2 it

  83. t nadia if you liked doggy style the most i would love to do it with you ;)

  84. man this version is awesome, except for the missing sound and censoring ofcourse, but atleast the gallery is properly working!

  85. good graphics

  86. boring like the other one...bah!

  87. Brazil's out bitch!!hell yea!

  88. Anonymous! You can post the link in a roundabout way. Leave out H__P and W_W. They are disallowed. Knowing this, point to where it can be found and give a file name to search for.

  89. yep, i called it :)

  90. MY name says it all. Nobody cares what number you are

  91. in other sites its not censored and it has sound i wonder why this link isnt

  92. good game.....made me so wet

  93. i have a gallary mode

  94. check my profile

  95. What the hell is disallowed shit? thats all it ever says

  96. i mean ,i am now a little boy who want to fuck someone

  97. Interesting.

  98. Go to funny-games,biz/adult and look for angel girl. It has the uncensored version with sound. Oh yeah, btw, put the cheats in the main menu.

  99. what's the point of masturbation key?lol

  100. wow..i like this..fuck u

  101. stop with the mother fuckin numbers all rady fuck

  102. see name

  103. I'd love to fuck this "Angel" Girl!! xD

  104. does anyone know a site where there is sound for this game???

  105. why i cant type in the code????

  106. someone reached lvl 5?

  107. 4/5 i like japanese games

  108. kept loosing on purpose... lol

  109. I like this pictures!

  110. Who wants play with me?

  111. how type the cheat??? i cant type anything .... type at where??

  112. ninamusson i would love to play with you

  113. a b b a a b unlocks gallery b b b God mode b a Infinite 'z' uses

  114. thank you for cheat codes

  115. The cheat codes go on the main screen, the point of masturbation is to refill ur holy fire, and funny-games,biz/adult has a version wth sound and no cencor i submitted it :)

  116. i wanna be the girl

  117. yeah baby...i like it

  118. koooonsoft*sakura*ne*jp(slash)flashpage(slash)flash(slash)Angel%20Girl%20X*swf for game with sound and is updated and has the same cheats

  119. any girls wanna have fun text 832 528 7643

  120. nice game

  121. khfdaoisjxklansxasijdkalsm oiaj kod;lasmdoiajs mklndoij lkajsldjoiajdaksndkahsdl k ljsldkajsd

  122. This shit is really fucked up, neway check out my profile..

  123. jenna lee u wanna be the girl on my cock

  124. the should turn this into a choose your own adventure sort of game

  125. Wtf is that!!! haahhha

  126. i wanna play the uncensored version

  127. Goto to the author's website for the latest version of the game (v.1.30)

  128. The latest version of the game has sound.

  129. where are you supposed to enter cheat and what the hell there is no a or b button for this game there only z,x,c and the arrow keys i dont know were to enter the cheats

  130. made me soo wet, and the dogs brought back many memories

  131. i love this game but i didnt have any sound

  132. Better if it had sounds.

  133. I love that ending lol

  134. i'm so horny game

  135. a lot of freaky creatures.. i like it!

  136. cheats: Gallery Mode Open: A, B, B, A, A, B, Arrow Rigth, Arrow Rigth, Arrow Left. No Damage: Arrow Up, Arrow Down, B, Arrow Down, Arrow Down, Arrow Up, B, B. "Bom" Infinity: Arrow Up, Arrow Up, Arrow Down, Arrow Down, Arrow Left, Arrow Rigth, Arrow Left, Arrow Rigth, B, A.

  137. for thos Mega Perverts out there, you should make a "Sandbox" mode, which allows you to go through levels with no Damage taken and no Reaper thing chasing you, just a though

  138. greet I like it I like it

  139. i want this game and also xxnaughtygirlxx i want to have sex with you

  140. wonderful game! made my pussy so wet.....

  141. this game made mi pussy so wet

  142. Same shit as Demon girl...

  143. want to sex

  144. Wow i really wonder why she have a "play with her self" buttom OwO Weird but oh so hot 83

  145. Protip: If she's touching herself, she can't be jumped by the critters.

  146. cant stop fingering myself

  147. daaamnnnn

  148. fucking hot game


  150. fucking cool

  151. lol contra up up down down b a lol and this is a remake of demon girl btws

  152. It is very much like "demon girl", but with better graphics. The gameplay is easy und just fun. Nevertheless I miss the sound, because I couldn't hear any. Could you? Also I don't understand why the sex scenes are semi-censored. This game is nice, but leaves room for improvement.

  153. It doesn't make any sounds. How can I make it sounds? the sound button doesn't work

  154. i can't pass the thlrd level...those ghosts always fuck me

  155. nice fucking game

  156. fuckng good!

  157. yes i know i spelled it wrong...... any way this is THE best Hentai game ive ever played!!!!!!1

  158. Want to see what's censored? Right click at web page, View Page Source, search for the game's .swf file, copy-paste the link to a download manager, and download it. Have fun then.


  160. cool game check my profile and add me on yahoo messenger if we CHAT i might send you a vid

  161. oops i ment AMAZING GAME

  162. to unlock gallery mode type a b b a a b right right left

  163. hey the cheats never works even when i write them on the title screen i place the cheats and they doessnt work i put them on the title screen more than twenty times they dont work damit

  164. (-o-) ( - ) ( - )

  165. ho! yeah!

  166. oh oh oh yeah i love this game

  167. nice game, nice girl

  168. love sum sex games

  169. god this got me so worked up a great game the hellhound drove me wild

  170. cheats no damage up down b down down up bb

  171. so fucking hot game i loved the dog

  172. oh fuck! hell yea i liked tht game...i want one of those dogs!...NOW!! xD!

  173. abbaab right right left

  174. while masturbating the raping monsters cant rape you...

  175. there should be a sandbox mode

  176. lol i loved demon girl and this one isnt as good in my opinion. yes the girl looks better but the over all game for demon girl i thought was better. i mean i like my cream and this one took that out. not only that but each monster only has one sex act, while in demon girl they had two or three. and this one clusters sooo many enemies on, its hard to do anything with out masturbating to get more fireblast. over all this could have been alot better, but still a great game

  177. Theirs no sound on this game ??

  178. monsters:blue cock, red cock, a fucking dog, masturbation gas, tentacle, cumy fish(the jelly fish thing), sex-toy jello, Kuramaru(the gray ball), and gas mask(naked ending monster)

  179. monsters:blue cock, red cock, a fucking dog, masturbation gas, tentacle, cumy fish(the jelly fish thing), sex-toy jello, Kuramaru(the gray ball), and gas mask(naked ending monster) and ceiling fucker

  180. this game loses points for being censored and lacking sound

  181. cool but gay

  182. mmm still one of my favorite games here, what a lucky angel

  183. Invincible version

  184. This honry angel is fucking hot

  185. I think thats a great game.

  186. i wanna get fucked

  187. I feel so horney right now... Wanna see my hot pictures and videos? Check out my profile.

  188. awsome game better bithes

  189. wtf why cannot move

  190. You can't move too? what's going on?!

  191. Tick Dad

  192. good gam

  193. Arf arf arf arf arf arf arf!!! ("Damn shes was tight, I had to pull her backward just to push in at all... God, I loveed it hehehehe")

  194. we need more games withh littlle kide

  195. rqewrqwerqwer

  196. Hello ! I'm hot and sexy I like sex games and adore everything that is connected with sex If you wanna cyber you can visit my link. By the way you can watch my new photos here

  197. I like this series! The sound effect is good and exciting.

  198. I want to know what happen after we beat the game? is she escape or what?

  199. any one cane tgive me where to download this games

  200. I suck a lot!

  201. oh shit what the fuck sex

  202. I lose on porpes

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