Halloween Pumpkin Kickup

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New sexy arcade game for this halloween. Our hero tries to cheat on a sexy witch and pretends that he knows the secret of magic levitation. Are you swift enough to get that sexy bitch naked?

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106 Responses to “Halloween Pumpkin Kickup”

  1. nice graphics as usual

  2. Good game

  3. What a good games!

  4. i hate you pumpkin. i really really do

  5. I'm the conquerer!!!



  8. IM HARD AS A ROCK!!!!!

  9. i wanna fuck all u girls out there

  10. 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. I couldn't even get her totally naked, I got bored lol

  13. woooooooow

  14. it's not so easy

  15. got any cheats

  16. Game not worthy playing worst reward for so much stress to go through

  17. Took me over an hour before realising that the last reward i could find was at 50. But it was quite nice.

  18. i got 59 points as best streak

  19. damn you did good, best I had was 32 hahaha

  20. Final transformation happens at streak of 60.

  21. far too many instances where mouse over pumpkin doesn't "keep up" very poor

  22. this is so stupid, its so fuckin hard to play on a laptop's touch pad, and it takes too long

  23. this game is shit

  24. terrible click responese

  25. Shitty game, really. Why cant we fuck her once naked ? The game's really hard, et all we got are a few pics... it isnt worse the stress, as said "remove the game".

  26. shit shit shit shit

  27. now i have a 8 inch dick

  28. now i have a 18 inch dick

  29. i got a 28 inch dick

  30. most frustrating game ever created

  31. I Thank It very good

  32. 'i'll eat you right now!' lol

  33. this good game

  34. i got bored so i started playing with something else, hehe

  35. this game is terrible. check out my profile girls

  36. game is kinda...bad lol but got me half way hard i guess girls hit me up

  37. Oh, interesting... Not easy to achieve goal:) Need some skill haha! It's worth time the time.

  38. Done!, stupid and boring game

  39. Right click to pause game. ZA WARUDO.

  40. yep, Im with naughtygirl, tired of clicking that damn pumpkin. Started playing with somethin else

  41. 89 steak... but i have a touch screen so it helped.

  42. makes me want to kick something else

  43. hey girls if you like to role play check out my profile and add my msn and we can have some fun:) im a 17 yr old male who's always on and horny;) girls only!

  44. nice game..............................................................................

  45. nice game..............................................................................

  46. nice game..............................................................................

  47. I almost went outside and crushed my pumpkin!

  48. T nadia is that you in your picture because if it is you have amazing tits

  49. Game pissed me off, but the rewards were sexy :)

  50. its very stupi!!!what a shit

  51. Funny but hard, but I finally made it. I like the spells :D.

  52. i will enlarge your penis if you quit right now...priceless!

  53. i got 74 streak but games ends at 60 :(

  54. oh i meant nothing new after 60

  55. I hate this game

  56. Even the cheating method (right click to slow the pumpkin down) is incredibly frustrating.

  57. There's nothing new at 60...

  58. Good idea... terrible execution

  59. Please post the picture links for 40,50 and 60 point streaks...

  60. Most boring game ever if you cant get past a certain point

  61. God this was a pain in the balls. Moving on...

  62. As all said..hard game for aa nice but not so worth regard...btw nice bit...ehm.....witch!

  63. i goth it up to 64

  64. i want to fuck someboby>>>>can u help me how to say it or to do it??

  65. too much clicking

  66. i got 68

  67. Wanna play with me? Wanna Webcamfun? Add me on skype or msn. Skype: everyonewantsme MSN: everyonewantsme@hotmail.de

  68. Mmm, my cock is hard and i need to cum. any girls wanna help me cum? call me 559-309-4016 girls only.

  69. i hate you pumpkin

  70. this is a big shit

  71. I like how you click on the pumpkin and it doesn't bounce, bit glitchy and annoying

  72. lame ass game

  73. dariaolsen - will you bend over like that for me..................

  74. this game is fucking stupid.. how the fuck are you suppose to win when the god damn thing glitches everytime you hit the fucking pumpkin....fuckin junk

  75. the controls on this game are horrible. the pumpkin passes through the mouse even if i am clicking repeatedly. it's so frustrating

  76. possibile nessuna italiana?

  77. stupid pumpkin

  78. zoom in. :)

  79. lol i got a orgasm because of the konzentration at 48 pts >.

  80. Zoom in alot, and your game will start to lag. get the pumpkin at the top and keep clicking it. you can get as high of a streak as you want, it wont move.

  81. i got 73 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. the girl is gorgeously done, but the gameplay is a bit too tedious...

  83. lmfao lame. ending pose sucks -.- 70 streak

  84. not very special but wanna fuck

  85. To much work but damn I would love to be in that sexy bitch

  86. i got all the pictures, and i didnt have to beat the game either

  87. muy bueno

  88. t-nadia your mum is a bitch

  89. looks like the last image change is at sixty and rather depressing

  90. and yes 60 is last, 1000~ and no change

  91. good game

  92. girls check my profill

  93. i hate you pumpkin. i really really do

  94. OUCH! i hate to click at the right time then see the pumpkin continue down...

  95. So damn gaaay.... -_-; i feel stupider even having played this game....

  96. The Girl: Nice The Game: Sucks......BIG TIME It's too fucking hard


  98. t nadia i wanna fuck u........

  99. hot game but very hard get passed 30

  100. 7! woot :))

  101. MAN FUCK THIS GAME I finally reached the max lvl and all they showed was some small snakes wrapped around her body which is BULLSHIT they could of at least let you fuck the bitch like other games instead of a dumb pick geez man what a total waste of time

  102. check my profile for some pics which you won't regret seeing

  103. diwe dodo lkgfd

  104. i am adewci dj

  105. You can win this by left clicking the mouse well in mid game then place pointer and spam click pumpkin Simple :)

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