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Another adult arcade based on The Legend of Krystal game. You'll play as a young female marine who fights against the horny space invaders. Use your blaster weapon to protect Earth from the waves of lustful aliens.

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Game Size: 1.3 MB

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118 Responses to “Lok Alien Sex”

  1. fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssttttttttttttttttttttttt..............................

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  3. :D great game

  4. thirrrdddddd

  5. qweqweqweqweqwe

  6. pretty good besides it would be better with more monsters and some levels. Nice game

  7. needs more monsters and positions :)

  8. i love this game

  9. teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenth

  10. This game is bad

  11. it was fun=)

  12. the gun does nothing? the aliens still fuck you no matter how many times you shoot

  13. well at least the robot guy in the beginning fucking her was kind of hot

  14. check my profile

  15. :P this is A Smaus Aran game u ******, but yes it does need more positions and longer scenes...

  16. Maybe it's so small because it's still under construction? Nah.. You couldn't think of that suckers XD

  17. I think somebody from Linemarvel and somebody from PlayShapes finally f***ed...

  18. I think somebody from Linemarvel and somebody from PlayShapes finally f***ed...

  19. This game is actualy an unfinished beta the guy is still working on it at the legend of krystal forums.

  20. the gun does work u just gotta keep shooting


  22. alguna petera hay

  23. lol a beta? i wouldnt even call this an alpha

  24. what was new I did the same thing and i one the same way

  25. ............what the - -

  26. why i cant play -_-? good or no good i dont know too bad

  27. You can finish it, the end scene is the giant one cumming on here and rubbing his dick on her, if you can get his dick to pop out then you can win.

  28. ok so turns out if u shoot enough of the small creatures with blue shots after u lose ur armor the freeze on the ground... and if ur health is low she will suck on their dicks till they cum to gain life.... but if too many of them cum in her she turns into one of them....???? am i the only one who saw this???

  29. Hotness, did I find the right profile. Is you name Irenne?

  30. yes. And I shot the big one at the end for I swear to god ten minutes straight and it didnt die heh, maybe theyll fix the bugs soon

  31. you have to shoot him with normal gun till he flashes and doesnt move then you press C and take armor off and shoot him with the blue gun till he freezes and fawk it lol

  32. sssssssssssssssssss

  33. hey im horny cum and aim me so we can webcam ;) vinalikesrobots i'll be waiting ;)

  34. I don't understand how it works!!

  35. I do not know how to play

  36. Not a good game. Krystal sword is much better than this.

  37. it's a bad game. can't beat the boss

  38. Finally a samus game!

  39. how play?

  40. "till he freezes and fawk it lol" she just gives a titfuck?!

  41. bad game i can't play it

  42. dis suck

  43. so weird, I like how she takes care of those dicks though

  44. maybe release the games when they atleast have a stage ready

  45. the legend of krystal team never dissapoints me ;)

  46. its not loading

  47. -_- boss shoot how long can die?- - !! this game too bad .....sound good only

  48. The frozen ones on the ground, she can suck them or fuck them. How long does it take for the boss to die? I've been shooting at it long enough, it should be dead. Perhaps a bug? For those who killed it with the freeze gun after it stopped moving, how long did it take? I tried using both guns on it for quite a while. Freeze all the other things, to keep them out of your way.

  49. it was bad

  50. Check my profile! its vey help ful for you all if you know what I mean

  51. The way you beat the boss is you keep shooting him with the red lazer until he starts blinking, once he does press c (if you cant change guns with c, freeze a few little ones to heal enough). Once he starts blinking its giant penis shows up, keep shooting with blue until it freezes, then with armor off walk up to it and jump around until she starts doing something to it, press space and then keep repeating this until you win.


  53. NUL ZERO!!!

  54. nice i love that

  55. i just let her get fucked over and over =p

  56. it's to easy...

  57. bad game

  58. wish I could play with some giant dick like her

  59. hell yeah hot game^^


  61. How many minutes of constant shooting at the thing does it take to work? If the thing stops moving before you start shooting it, does that matter? I think there is a bug.

  62. only three moves but not bad at all. i guess there'll be a new version

  63. to glitch it and get fucked by all the starting monsters before turning green... just gather them all up (while in ball) and go to the boss, when they start to get your armor down and they fuck you one by one

  64. Pretty good.

  65. check my profile

  66. more I play it the more I start to like it, Ive always like legend of krystal games

  67. cant load

  68. Even though it was weird suprisingly I'm hard. Anyone care to take care of that for me?

  69. NIce game

  70. sssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxx

  71. LOL at all the idiots who dont have the mental capicity to beat the game by pressing six different keys!

  72. press C next to the sitting statue for a nice sex

  73. its an alright game needs finishing tho

  74. i finished it bitch

  75. kill monster; fire, when flash freeze, fuck, then repeat

  76. love the game, but hate how you can get corrupted and lose. I want to fuck them all

  77. ffffgggg

  78. ddddddddddddd


  80. when you die they're no option to continue

  81. mmm, maybe i need to find one of those cute little monsters

  82. and go for a nice ride, nadia? hehehe had the same thoughts here

  83. ffffffssssssssgggggg

  84. ffffffssssssssgggggg

  85. FAIL ... big time

  86. repetitive but still fun, anyone know if there will be an updated longer version?

  87. baby baby baby baby baby babybaby baby baby baby baby babybaby baby baby baby baby babybaby baby baby baby baby babybaby baby baby baby baby babybaby baby baby baby baby babybaby baby baby baby baby babybaby baby baby baby baby baby

  88. Hn. Game was too easy. But it would've been nice if the boss could've actually fucked her, though, instead of her just riding him while he was frozen. Better quality! Needed some more scenes, and if you ran out of health at the end, she should get raped by the boss, not die. That pisses me off!

  89. check my profile

  90. how do you jump

  91. i don't really like platform like this...

  92. needs more content/levels etc. otherwise great game

  93. when you strip naked go to the grey thing at the beginning have sex with it then it will give a red thing that allows you to switch suits

  94. nice game................... u will cum........

  95. nice game................... u will cum

  96. press c at stone thing

  97. wheres the download link :(

  98. i'm so horny

  99. Love that she mutates if too many fuck her, though the game needs more enemies, more positions, more ways to die and more violent ways to die.

  100. qwerrttyuu

  101. i want tentacle

  102. ftbasdkasdasdasda

  103. when the boss isn't moving attack him with the blue gun he is frozen and the jump and she fucks him


  105. How does she get that robots cock inside her, its practically the same size as her upper body.

  106. i like that alien tentales... mmhh

  107. pm me i wanna cum

  108. Mmmmmm........i just wanna suck thatstone monsters dick then have it fuck me analy.

  109. how long do i have to shoot him?

  110. Hey i feel so horney right now... Wanna see my hot pictures and videos? check out my profile.

  111. found a way to beat the game

  112. boys contact me...im horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.

  113. pangita sa inyung dula oi... walay lami..

  114. @ Nadia Who's the girl in your avatar?

  115. scopatemi tutti nel culo

  116. anyone notice when she fcks the frozen aliens in her ass

  117. This game is fucking hot garbage! Laser doesn't work worth shit! And the only thing the damn metroids do is go in her mouth! At least got in her ass or something! Take this shit down!

  118. Your comment is too short or contains some disallowed

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