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At first sight it looks like a chess, but it ain't so. This is just an arcade stuff with a beautiful stripping model in the background.

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23 Responses to “Red King”

  1. First :p

  2. annoyed as fuck

  3. who is the girl

  4. go hell with this game, fucking lag like piece of shit.

  5. Heidi Baron

  6. what a stupid game

  7. I found it a little bit complicated to fap.

  8. this is so so bad game i can't really say how bad this game really is

  9. So the game has little skill since it's basically who spawns closer to the king wins but you move slightly faster than the black knight... however at higher levels it seems to spawn the black knight way closer to the king than you and those levels are just pointless. It's probably randomly placing each piece which means this is a luck based game... and completing it, there seems to be no way to go back through each reward for each stage so that sucks.

  10. You can use a couple of diagonalisation tricks to outrun the black rook - change direction halfway through a move and it'll complete that move for you - but it really isn't worth it.

  11. You don't get to enjoy the pictures, there's no gallery or arrow keys to navigate through them. There is also little time to view them during the game, as your focus is on the red king. 4/10

  12. nice pics but sometime stupid.... the king runs to the black tower

  13. Stupid game

  14. nice little game

  15. how many levels r there?

  16. 20 levels

  17. thats easy

  18. why is it that girls got everytime plenty of messages but guys dont?

  19. Nice game :) Guys and girls,look at my profile ;D Maybe we'll be able to have fun together :)

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  21. any girl want to fuck

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  23. No, smalldog2150, that's not Heidi Baron, but Jodie Starr, and you cab find the complete photoset on Twistys.

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