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Sometimes you need to run as fast as you can to bang damn fine ass.

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29 Responses to “Run'n'Fuck”

  1. too short and you don't see a lot

  2. the controls really suck.

  3. crap game, only one zoomed in scene if u win.

  4. Fucking Blows BIG Donkey Dick!!!!!

  5. this game is gay

  6. whos the girl at the end

  7. nishishabi

  8. I came because controls suck so much, I just couldn't resist.

  9. The controls do not suck, you only need to hit the arrow once, the guy moves in the direction.

  10. Game sucks target changes before you get there & my guy keeps disappearing. Watched for ages but final score opponent 1 me 0

  11. very funny! lol

  12. Who the fuck makes shit like this?

  13. it is like who comes first to the butt and of course it is annoying music to the game

  14. Anyone know from what movies are those scens? :P

  15. Was alright, but not great.

  16. All I'm going to say is, "OUCH!!!"

  17. Best one for those who love the anal action. Wish there were multiple final full frame scenes but the ones you get when you're playing are very hot. I replay it for the sheer anal hunt drive. Might recommend Dildo fishing, too, but that gets too hard too quickly.

  18. This game sucks but I love it. Like all love I have no rationale for it.

  19. nice and easy =)

  20. nice game check my profile i want to have some fun :)

  21. whoever made this game needs it up the ass... total bollocks

  22. i do more fun than that check my profile :)

  23. The game was alright. For those whose guy disappears after the first encounter, ease off the arrow after your little guy gets in. A glitch places him in the "house" and he gets stuck there.

  24. BAsically, she got trapped by that ass, and got married. :p

  25. great endings!!!

  26. dfgda aw;,ssjdio?ad

  27. too short

  28. anyone on

  29. what is the name of the girl in blue skirt riding ???

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