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I know furry porn is a pretty specific genre. But there are a lot of fans around the internet. I suppose all of them used to be happy fucking that busty human-like dragon girl :)

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71 Responses to “Tea, Coffee or Amber?”

  1. #1 #1 #1 #1 #1

  2. no so much a game but more of a video. never really got into furries but its kinda - in a way...

  3. this is a piece of crap

  4. not good

  5. would be okay if there was more scenes

  6. que merda

  7. not even anal :(

  8. It's a fucking Blaziken you twats.."Dragon girl"..Fucking hell..

  9. this game is patetic

  10. IT'S Blaziken, you dumb ass!! Strongest of 3 starter Pokemon, how dare you!

  11. Boring as shit

  12. Why would a dragon, a lizard that lays eggs and does not lactate, have breasts?


  14. i like when guys cum inside

  15. becky what's your boobsize?

  16. Overated game

  17. Where is the Tea or Coffee???

  18. The dudes that rated this so high actually got their tea and coffee. I'm so jealous I just got stuck with Amber. :(

  19. Just a piece of crap

  20. This game is LITERALLY fucking my childhood.

  21. guys make your own game better than this then say that this is bad if not you can just fuck off

  22. Good art and animation, wouldn't really call it a game though.

  23. very hot scenes! lucky amber

  24. sexy amber love her audrey wanna go to chatzy?

  25. Why Blaziken is called Amber ?


  27. I love to cum inside. Any ladies want to listen to me get off? 5 five 9 eight one 6 zero 0 5 one

  28. Alyssa wanna go to chatzy can't wait too see your tits


  30. awesome game

  31. Hot animation no doubt...but i think i'd rather have the coffee :P

  32. Her ass jiggles during the doggie-style! LOL

  33. It's so ugly.

  34. The animation is fine. And everything is pretty well executed. Just wish everything wasn't so shiny considering there isn't any lighting... Plus FlashitDragon has done other flashes. His stuff is pretty new so don't expect to much from him yet.

  35. this is actually a very nicely done game everything is nicely done even though it is a new animator great detail and to you guys actually saying it is a badly animated game why

  36. Made me wet and horny. awesome Game. Check my Profile

  37. you can cum atleast

  38. It's okay i guess and i am horny i like to fuck you in the ass

  39. *sproing* lol

  40. Made Me Horny!

  41. this is hot

  42. what the hell? Dragon girl like? More like fucking BLAZIKEN!


  44. Sure enough, some manchildren in the comments throwing a sperg tantrum because the description author didn't recognize some piece of newfag shit pokeman. Guess what: nobody cares. Contain your autism.

  45. u people who called her a blaziken r stupid she no blaziken I was playing pkmn x with blaziken when playin this she no look like blaziken.

  46. she has hands of one though.

  47. sheheshandsofonethough....

  48. sheheshandsofonethough....


  50. BTW, happy new year! :}

  51. sheheshandsofonethough....

  52. im pissed, thats a blaziken not a fucking dragon girl

  53. i like this

  54. i like this

  55. i like this

  56. i like this

  57. i like this

  58. i like this

  59. i like this

  60. i like this

  61. i like this

  62. i like this

  63. i like this

  64. i like this

  65. i like this

  66. i like this

  67. gianfranco castronobo vs el pichi

  68. FUCKING YYEdfsayufdadsaES



  71. STALKER jk this is good tho

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