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Another furry sex game from the Baddog Animation Studios. Our hero is going to a night club "The Penthouse". It is the well-known place where you can pick up a girl for the night. This brothel is big enough and it's easy to be lost here. Help our hero to explore the whole territory and fuck all the babes.

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212 Responses to “The PentHouse”

  1. NUMBa 1! bitches

  2. numbwe 2 yeah!!!!

  3. NUMBER 3

  4. number 4!!

  5. Go to hell with ur numberz!

  6. Who let the dogs out?

  7. boooooooring!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The creators of HTH did not make this game. IT's quite obvious that Baddog Animation Studios did, if you bothered to pay attention.

  9. numbha 9!!

  10. windthor's right retards and rot in in the purgatory all numbers

  11. 11 slags :)

  12. too much text to game anyway

  13. can't you skip the intro?

  14. that was ... weird

  15. does anybody read or look at anything? Anonymous guy from earlier today, skip is in the bottom right corner. plus windthor's right. it is baddog. oh and to all the people who have put numbers, or are going to: PISS OFF. NOBODY WANTS YOUR NUMBERS HERE YOU FUCKING ATTENTION SEEKERS!

  16. Fuck your numbers kids

  17. If you want to unlock all of the 'goodies' then you need to change your system clock time. Just go hour by hour, changing the screen each time (the bar is the best place to do it) until you get different volunteers.

  18. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiinnnnngggg

  19. Last bitches!

  20. probably a decent game i wouldn't know i fell asleep halfway through the credits

  21. what does that even mean?

  22. Nice photo Nadia ! Who's that?

  23. There is a Secret scene with Hollie. Get to the blowjob position, and then after you Finish, move your cursor ABOVE the "Again" option and you should see one that says "Get Lumina?" and then you'll end up in a Threeway with Lumina and Hollie. ;3 -Anon Delivers

  24. Would you stop with the fucking numbers , i swear the little kids that play the stupid number game ruin the atmosphere, go fuck urseleves or something


  26. wtf is this shit its look likes micheal jackson trying to steal a bank

  27. how do you get with Marti?



  30. DId any one else have trouble loading?


  32. Why can't I click on the blue rhino and the mouse?

  33. I think u can only fuck all the girls in the opening

  34. how do u mess with the time?

  35. Whats up with the loading?

  36. how do you get marti

  37. verry funny that just rigthing a number and ppl get so angry hahaha haahahhahahahaahhahahaahhahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahhaahahahaha

  38. i am numba one bithces

  39. nice game and spain the world champion

  40. beh long.....

  41. so long...wahts happened with the loading??..,,

  42. that sucked

  43. i like furry porn...thanx a lot!

  44. i came 10 times

  45. wheres Martis club?

  46. interesting game. graphics could be better

  47. any hot girls out there?

  48. the game don't load

  49. u should cut out the payments crap and let every one watch free

  50. Very GooD

  51. very hot sex scenes

  52. Very nice

  53. 57 bitches yeehaa

  54. this is an old version, go to the site for an up to date one

  55. ...mouais boff !!!!

  56. eh, ok game. Graphics could be better

  57. very long load

  58. tranny sex with zebra was the hottest

  59. Numba 70!!!


  61. why i cant sex with bat

  62. did anyone find out the username and password for the live cam?

  63. wow it loded for an entirnty

  64. well...fuck time is good, good...

  65. made me so horny

  66. how do u fuck the orange girl with londe hair

  67. how do you fuck the zebra

  68. lol all the ppl the use thse freaking numbaers are all virgins liks a 8 year old

  69. lol all the ppl the use thse freaking numbaers are all 60 year old virgins

  70. username and password is Gabe and hugecockandboobs (replace o's with zeros), you can't sleep with the fox and the blue rhino is only available on the latest version on their site. the bat is currently unavailable due to creator not having made that part yet.

  71. the password does not work.

  72. number 73 yea

  73. Gabe HugeCockAndBoobs (Its case sensitive and its o's not zeros)

  74. Heres a question is their another site besides this furaffinity that he has the updated versions on cause when I go their, I need to register but, registration is temporarily closed ideas?

  75. is this the full version of the game or is it like a demo or something ?

  76. does anyone know how to do it with Marti the fox?????????????????????????????????????

  77. you dont want to she has a penis

  78. i'd like to get fucked by furry animal=)

  79. lol it loads so long

  80. long load... whats the site?

  81. no Martis the one who owns club bounce which doesnt exist


  83. wats the websites name?

  84. did anyone notice in pink girls doggy scene his penis is invisible???

  85. where i get full version?

  86. anyone know where i can find the green haired yellow skin'ed one?

  87. any girls wanna trade pics or vids txt me at (219) 381-1612. im 17/m

  88. footjob!!!!

  89. that was fucking hot...made me wet

  90. i found a cheat for all the people who want to bypass the long wait all you do is click the right button on your mouse and go down to forward and that will get you into the game

  91. phantom trueno is right, just right click and press forward and right click again and press play

  92. cant open other doors..............wonder why?

  93. cant open other doors also why cant the fox?

  94. after the intro I get shit, only a black screen

  95. anyone plz if you know full version , plz write a site or link

  96. who's the main character?

  97. man is it me or do people argue alot about numbers on this site?

  98. man is it me or do people argue alot about numbers on this site?

  99. man is it me or do people argue alot about numbers on this site?

  100. this made my cum

  101. where do i write the password?

  102. @sweet becky do you cyber sex? ;)

  103. Nobody seems to realize that Marti is a tranny XD

  104. the horse guy in the bar is weird

  105. whats the website?

  106. made my pussy so wet.......

  107. I am Chinese!

  108. check my profile

  109. lol Marti not a tranny you can't mess with her thats a different chick in the other club thats not opened yet not Marti. Also the full game and its sequel are on furaffinity but only registered users can look and fer some reason new users haven't been allowed in over 2 years dunno why.

  110. fuck u all numbers rule

  111. that furry chick made me cum twice

  112. good game...i can't stop fingering myself

  113. @crazyfly Go to one of the top floors of the building, either Baddog Studios or the Penthouses, there are two pictures on the wall of Marti, and guess what? She has a penis in both of them. ;) Sorry to burst your bubbles guys, but the fox is a tranny, same with Luca.

  114. seriously what the FUCK is up with all the stupid text? just get to the game or add a skip button. Idiots

  115. HTH wannabe fail

  116. Longest Load Ever

  117. im horny

  118. whats with the numbers???? Sorta hOrney... mmmm pussy all wet

  119. Where is Club Bounce?


  121. just leave the numbers alone they dont hurt anybody

  122. Fuck da Gay Nubers

  123. there is a way to fuck marti(the fox that is a girl)?

  124. fuck me girls

  125. Thanks anon.

  126. Stupid question but: What Live Cams. I can't find them on this version

  127. made me so horny

  128. hey girls if you like to role play or talk dirty check out my profile and add my msn and we can have some fun;) im always on and horny

  129. I haven't found the live cam option yet. Is that on the full?

  130. There's a bondage scene in the Studio area with a horse-guy tied up and a female horse standing there in jeans. Is that not finished? You can click the girl but nothing happens.


  132. how y get to fuck the fox (1 tail bigg OO-s)

  133. whats the deal witht he numbers

  134. whats the deal witht he numbers

  135. GUYS. Marti is a tranny. She is not female. She has a penis. Realize this and relax. :P Luca is just a dude dressed in girl's clothes, Marti has huge boobs but also a rather healthy-sized set of cock and balls. Get over it XD

  136. good game but i'm a little disapointed with the amount of action you can view


  138. I'm at a public Library ^__^

  139. dude, i cant find the mother=fuckin user+pass for live cams!!!

  140. Rofl ur QQing about slow loading? as a friend of mine once said.....GET BETTER INTRAWEBZ! I did and i havent been troubled by loading ever since

  141. Nice game ... I love the pink furry girl, the hottest

  142. what is the name of page to go the full version

  143. who knows how to fuc the horse girl?

  144. this game has a lot of potential, but i'm afraid at the moment it is lacking in some areas

  145. long loading

  146. Shit, you have to change the hour to change the progress of the game...

  147. I don't know why but furry porn is the best.

  148. this game isnt bad

  149. a fuking shit is like a fuking demo what is the fuking site?

  150. fuck YEHA

  151. excellent piece of work, but it would be even better if it was finished. I was surprised about the 2 front desk people

  152. i want someone

  153. kepingin aq

  154. i will fuck u

  155. THIS SHIT MADE ME SO FUCKIN HARD.. who want o load in her/his face

  156. So Gud! I CUMMED 3 TIMES!

  157. fantastic game so fantastic i could cum over and over again

  158. dang... if you click for the web cam then right click to hit play twice you can see... a yellow girl can really stretch her cheeks

  159. It's very bad.

  160. i cum 3 times

  161. i'm crazy about furry porn thanks

  162. i am so horny i fuck my dog and i love it

  163. they should make more like this

  164. where do i find in da game that thresome sex scene?

  165. 189 bitch

  166. fuck niggers

  167. how do i get to the web site i cant find it

  168. hot sex scenes

  169. hey does any one know how to get to the website if u do please tell me^_^

  170. last bitches!


  172. hot !!!!!!

  173. sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yaaaaaaa

  174. i have discovered that the characters change places and some change reactions to different times and days that u play this so one day u might see the girl in the frount or in the the bar

  175. Very Hot X.X

  176. I'll finger u sweet becky and fuck u!!!!!

  177. T Nadia your hot

  178. this gets me so horny i just want to go off on a big and long cock

  179. jeu trop chaud!!!! moi j'aime quand on baise lucas ou quand on voit Tyran avec la transexuelle

  180. i liked it :)

  181. fucking luca was so hot i came so much

  182. how do i fuck marti someone tell me now! O_O!

  183. i cant belive there was a footjob motion in this game it was awesome

  184. looking for ladies wanting to have fun on the net check my profile

  185. I'm horny know. XD

  186. why games in this site take forever to load?

  187. more horse yaoi

  188. how do u get to club bounce

  189. It was quick loading, more foot fetish and horse please :O

  190. i love sex soooo much i want to have it.

  191. Everyone who says it's a long load are stupid. THERE IS A SKIP BUTTON!!!!! And everyone who says it doesn't load are stupid too, they don't know how to refresh a page... SPAIN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  192. I love furry like nothing else. especially the foxes ;D

  193. its like cod every 1 whines over graphics.

  194. i loved veronica the tranny zebra. she could do me any day. ;)

  195. There is a Secret scene with Hollie. Get to the blowjob position, and then after you Finish, move your cursor ABOVE the "Again" option and you should see one that says "Get Lumina?" and then you'll end up in a Threeway with Lumina and Hollie THEN if you click the middle striped box youll fuck a pink chick with HUGE TITS

  196. when you go to the penthouse live cams whats the username and password?

  197. yea another furryyiff like HTH and this is hot

  198. this is the best furry game they have on here

  199. for those who discovered the login it name: Gabe password: HugeCockAndBoobs its casa sensitive.

  200. what was inappropriate about wat i said.

  201. Anyway kool game.

  202. all i said was i was turned off by the zebra and fox.

  203. There is one great scene with horse and orange lady... fuck her three times and you'll get into this good scene !!!!!!!

  204. god damn veronika has such a nice cock i wish i could suck it.

  205. I thought i was into weird shit but i was like wtf when the transsexual zebra gets fucked

  206. Is it possible to fuck the pole dancer

  207. legal o jhogos


  209. u can fuck everyone else but the pole dancer

  210. man i wish furrys were real

  211. Awesome game. Needs to be frikkin finished! >_

  212. i want a cock

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