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Do you know rock-paper-scissor game? This game can be much interesting than ever when play against a beautiful young chick. So try it out today! Challenge sexy Amandine, each time you win, she puts off some clothes!

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66 Responses to “Shifumi with Amandine”

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  2. thts just nonsens many games on this site became a pice of shit

  3. Number free from swe! :D

  4. you don't know japanese ! shit shit shit shit shit

  5. This is not funny

  6. just let her strip like a bitch fucking bitch!

  7. wtfh ive lost every single time. this is the worst game ive played on here

  8. is there a worst one then? i think its all bad, even worser than bad

  9. spam scissors to win

  10. use always rock

  11. Im known as this girls name in some places, I got scared for a moment hahaha

  12. I spammed scissor but i can't win...

  13. I was on a roll. Got to her boobs then all of a sudden all of her close are back on. Fuck this game, Ill play an old one ugh. MORE MULTIPLAYER GAMES!!!!

  14. scissors + rock

  15. What the fuck!!!

  16. won't load

  17. Wtf is point of winning when she just covers up

  18. at least get a bitch with some nice tits she has the body of a teenager

  19. beat it no problem, fucking worst game i have played on this site! you strip her ass naked then she opens her legs and waves good bye! there i just saved everyone from wasting their own time

  20. it doeasn't work

  21. i like it

  22. SHe's So sexy

  23. do you have the similar games for girls?

  24. do scissors

  25. crappy game

  26. Way too short. And when you win, you get no bonus, only "you win." Masturbating etc. would be more nice.

  27. just do paper over and over and over again

  28. so easy to

  29. old game

  30. whichever thing you beat her with one time you have to use the one that will beat the one that will beat your previous throw

  31. check my profile

  32. ccc inci siker ccc

  33. does anybody knows her name?

  34. finished , I Win

  35. it was very easy

  36. its not working

  37. its not working

  38. langweilig

  39. I'd do her

  40. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy and fabulous game

  41. scissors helps a lot...:P

  42. That game is a fuck off

  43. wish i could play this game with a guy

  44. hoe to download this game on pc

  45. hoe to download this game on pc

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  49. too short

  50. Damn She's Fine and i wanna fuck her bad...

  51. scissors all the time won it for me and yeah you dont get too see much!

  52. check my profile girls

  53. I won every time without loosing even once.

  54. scissors until naked paper to win

  55. Wow this kinda game sucked, finnaly shes undressed and then theres nothing to see :(

  56. kinda boring

  57. I am chase

  58. How big of a fag are u that you make it nearly impossible to win? enjoy being a virgin till you die loser.

  59. Always do what she did last to win. So if she picked scissors, then pick scissors next.

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  65. why will the game not start

  66. love the game and she is hot

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