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The long awaited continuation of Amazon Island game is fanally here. It's time to meet the migthy amazons' chief and start the sexual revolution!

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45 Responses to “Meet and Fuck: Amazon Island 2”

  1. Primeiro

  2. Segundo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


  4. First. And gosh I'd wish myself in this amazon's situation

  5. so lucky

  6. nice scenes.... made me horny

  7. Check my profile ;)

  8. Mmmm that was so hot

  9. wish these came out more

  10. If any girls want my phone # it is: (619)889-7201

  11. Person above me, that was a really stupid idea. Putting your number out like that leaves you vulnerable to roving computer programs that can pick up your phone number and/or email address to get telemarketers and email spammers ways to contact you.

  12. you're assuming he isn't one himself

  13. nice graphics guys visit my profile

  14. Death by Snu-Snu!!

  15. mmm the titfuck scene was really great

  16. tibor24 got to the joke before me DX

  17. mm I want to fuck a Brazillian Girl like that

  18. oh right cause there was a live volcano about to erupt but then nine months it was like the volcano never happened... porn logic

  19. Hey guys, check out my profile ;)

  20. big boobs got me horny and tirsty =9

  21. waaaay old... but still turns onnn

  22. should have been there a threesome :-D with all amazons

  23. very hot game

  24. This game is pretty good

  25. T nadia fancy a fuck

  26. Nice game. I'd love to be in that lucky SOB's place. A foursome would have been neat, but probably would've made the game harder to import, too. Remember, the more fun the game, the more defenses M&F puts on it. The volcano thing, however, I agree with 'person' about. If it was gonna erupt soon, it DEFINITELY should've erupted after 9 months.

  27. i love em

  28. omg very hot oh yeeeeh


  30. you want to be in his place, except for the spear throwing bit i guess?

  31. This game is hard bad

  32. hot as fuck

  33. ggfvghbjngfcdfghmjk

  34. the worst game ever seen.after playing this my boy friend is asking sex from me .didn't let me sleep

  35. Yeah It's really a hot game hmm

  36. fun and fun

  37. I am chinese

  38. i wanna fuck

  39. these arent amazons. 'amazon' translates as 'breastless'.

  40. those boobs got me crazy

  41. ign r8 8/8 gr8 msterb8

  42. Amazon 3 ko commet karo

  43. Amazon 3 ko comment karo

  44. I like this game!

  45. Pretty damn good! The rewards were worth it!

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