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This sex game is featured with a purple-haired girl Garnet McLane from Dragonaut series. She decided to bake a cake this morning. But unfortunately, she ran out of cream and had to go borrow some from the neighbor.

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63 Responses to “Meet and Fuck: Garnet Cream Pie”

  1. miauuuu! number 1

  2. We use the sound to hear the girl cum, NOT your terrible looped music.

  3. Might as well be lesbian, since that guy looks like a chick

  4. this music gets old fast.

  5. Don't complain about the game. You're lucky that you get to play a full version game then spend about $30 on a website.

  6. Very great if you put Tifa Dungeon Fuck, Tailor Sex Story, and Sleep Assault for Full Verison. We would appreciate if you did. We enjoy the Meet And Fuck Games.

  7. Take two characters from Dragonaut and Hajime No Ippo, then put em in a story originally made by Bernal (Sexyfur). The originality is so genius. (sarcasm not intended)

  8. The guy doesn't even come close to looking like a chick. I'd love to see that hot lady with a chick.

  9. you guys know no1 really cares who's first right nice game :) really enjoyd it

  10. finally ! full version

  11. ..... finally

  12. been available elsewhere since 1-16-2013. better late than never?

  13. Mind telling us where anononono?

  14. -_- .. my cousin always come in my room ... interupted my fap

  15. his cock is so beautiful mmm awesome game

  16. i'm just waiting for the inevitable all mnf games to be full for fre

  17. svscomics . com and search for games. they have full mnf downloads

  18. zelda full please

  19. Why do they have to make the boobs so grotesquely large?

  20. watch my profile for really nice stuff!!

  21. I have to say this was so far the BEST of these style game, other than it's really short. The three part interactive petting scene was great!

  22. I am a Chinese..Am I the only Chinese in here?

  23. I love boobs so grotesquely large, caus' my girlfriend is fat.

  24. nasty, how the fuck are they a turn on

  25. I can not star!

  26. finally a decent game. good graphics, hot scenes and nice music. enjoyed it. thanks!

  27. At this point, it doesn't really matter whether a Meet and Fuck game is a demo or full version. Why? Seen one, seen all. For the few years its been around, same old shit, all guys are hetro, and females are either hetro or bi. Yeah I know they did one lesbian one, downloaded it from some-where. They need to mix it up, straight, bi, lesbian, gay, even some fetishes like pee, bdsm, shit, some flat smaller breasted women once in a while would not kill them either. Older males and females in their 60s-80s, yet apealing to look at, if done right can look good. Yawns.

  28. Hahahaha...

  29. Played this game yesterday. So awesome.

  30. Lame Comments Here: i don't think that GOD is here to produce feminazi propaganda

  31. Check out my profile ;)

  32. Oh god the spelling and music in this are so bad like not even a cream and i've seen the bigger one and wtf is a kitched?

  33. That was really nice!

  34. very hot game

  35. This absolutely horrendous. However, unlike my cohorts, I complain not about the lack of diverse fetishes. Rather, there are several things about this game that really irk me: First and foremost, the believability. I mean, creative leeway can be given to an extent, but when "Hey, fuck me." gets you rejected, but calling her sexy once suddenly gets her in the mood? Nuh-uh. I couldn't get past the first sex scene. 2/10. At least it runs.

  36. awesome game

  37. I remember the great games they used to do like lavador kingdom, now they suck


  39. This is a good one ;)

  40. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  41. Check out my profile guys ;)

  42. omg so hot

  43. nice game :D but we can have more fun if you visit my profile :D ill wait for you

  44. ohh...this is my favourite!

  45. omg im soaked I lie my white guys fuck they shure no how to make a bitch cum!!

  46. i want a fuck shit

  47. I want to sperm!!

  48. it makes me so horny. you wanna fuck my cock? chek my profil

  49. so damn hot game, check-out my profile girl's

  50. Nice my cock is wakeup......

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