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Teenager Baka is the most faithful fan of the sexy blonde Mizuki Tachibana. He lives on the next street and spends a lot of time in the toilet dreaming about her huge bouncy tits And today is his lucky day, miss Mizuki has forgot to close the window and Baka can easily spy on her in the shower!

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82 Responses to “Meet and Fuck: Mizuki Shower”

  1. not sooo good.... but alright

  2. his cock is sooo big mmmm

  3. I am glad that there is a full version of this game. I think that there should be the full versions of the demos.

  4. This was the full version? Not worth it. Too little payoff for too much work.

  5. A lot of effort, for so very little payoff. Thumbs down if this is a 'full version'.

  6. man wheres the rest of it? finaully a full version in a long time but what the hell?

  7. lol what a lie this not the full version

  8. sorry ,but this is the full...i have it...and yeah i know it sucks... .-. i tought that would have a lot more, but... it's just it... i enjoyed the before so much than after =/ (sorry my english sucks 2)

  9. this is the full version. good move to start releasing old premium games. people should be more happy about it.

  10. They have to make more of the full versions!


  12. wanna take a shower with me? ;)

  13. tere breast ko main pakar kar mais dunga

  14. Niceeeeeee Gameee

  15. I like these games :D

  16. That was the worst. I am honestly enraged at how much of a waste of time that was! It would be great if they put up full versions of other games to make up for what a horrible mess this one was.


  18. what the fuck just had sex two hours ago mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  19. thts t? tht was sme bs

  20. Bull shit.

  21. Man, I guess it was the hoping for more that made this game hot. Definitely would hate to pay for this.

  22. great game. plz add more games like this

  23. I've done the same with a mom,it was fantastic

  24. No wonder they don't want us to play the full games; they're crap!

  25. soo big tits


  27. I will take a shower with u

  28. Wtf, so short... why even bother calling it a full game??

  29. girls addd me skype check my profile

  30. yeah stay that way full verison better and not that damn demo anymore lol

  31. this game is good, just the final part that is too weak. The other Diva Mizuki games are sexy too.

  32. I really wonder if anyone realizes just how old this game is. It's pretty much a marketing ploy by Meet and Fuck, they let the full version of an old game no one plays anymore in an attempt to draw in new members looking for something just like this. So we'll all probably find more full versions, only they'll all be the old ones that no one cares about anymore.

  33. yellow cum?

  34. wow awesome boobs,girls look at my profile

  35. Gonna take a shower now.

  36. so sexy I am so horny lol eyone want to make this horn bigger by anel sex?!?!?!?

  37. damn if I caught a guy spying on me with a cock like that I would let him fuck me like crazy

  38. i wanna fuck you irennebaby

  39. a bit boring

  40. very hot scenes

  41. that... was pretty much just a drag

  42. nice game :) if i was baka i've did the same think ;P

  43. Gals.... Wanna have soMe Fun? :D

  44. i jus wana fuck a nice wet shaved pussy!!!!!!!

  45. This game turned me on quite a bit ;). Also any bi or lesbian woman looking to swap pics or have a fun rp send me an email. My email is in my profile description i cant wait to here back from someone ;).

  46. oh.. i'm fucking with my boy frend's.. it's so happy and fun boy.. yeah.. oh. yeah.. it's so good boy.. fuck me so faster boy.. ah.. ah.. yeah good.. it's good yeah ah.. so faster boy.. please.. ah... yeah.. oh good ah..

  47. this is not the original Meet and Fuck game, it it a clone

  48. any girl/girls in mood for dirty chat?

  49. that was very hot! i'd love to get fucked like that

  50. how can i download that for free is there link or something? i thought that i could free download games in this website, but i was wrong, can anyone help me, please?

  51. CHRIST IS THAT WOMAN PARANOID(not that its unjustified).

  52. nao gostei faltou mais criatividade e mais curiosodade por parte do garoto no jogo

  53. se alguem souber outro link gratuito me avise pois este esta ultrapassado

  54. Larrisa Would You Fuck Me Please mmmmmmmm

  55. idk what to say i expected more from this game but eh wasent all that exciteing

  56. wish there was a titfuck scene

  57. how can i download that for free is there link or something? i cant find where.

  58. hotlisa and larissa want sex with me

  59. It's about time, but needs more action, I had a huge hard on... Makes me wish Diva Mizuki was real in life unless we merged with Toon World, that'll make my day!!!

  60. this game gave me a bonner

  61. bakaaaaaaaaaaas

  62. sex fuck seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeex

  63. This game was FUCKING HOT! Awesome animation and I've always wanted to fuck a big tit bitch in the shower. Supper fucking hard right now!

  64. Good Good

  65. Dont play it! Way to much affort for 1 crappy sex scene and one cumshot screen. Even with macros it took way to long!

  66. you need the second part mizuki massage in full version

  67. Guys or girls. I need something to get me wet. Pics are great. Videos are awesome. Check my profile for my email. If you send me a good enough pic, I might send you one back ;)

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  69. This game was really good

  70. hwo wants sex 15years above im free.

  71. hola senoritas U want to cheapo me mucho Grande peeto

  72. soooo sexy

  73. i need sex now!!!

  74. good game

  75. i love mizuki games...

  76. anyone want sex i am 12 but so horny and wet

  77. fucking bitch have some respect u hoe

  78. yu want me to cum fuck yu

  79. Mizuki is so fucking sexy, the full version is crap, thought there would be more!

  80. i fuck that beautyful girl and super very2x big2x boobs and pussy so juicy mmhh

  81. i love3x you mizuki my love3x mwah!!!

  82. so fucking sexy the girl has BIG BREAST and a hot pussy who would love to have sex with her ? me maby

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