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Santa is a very busy oldie. He gives no attention to his sexy wife when Christmas time is near. Poor Mrs.Claus can't even remember when she had her last orgasm. But a lustful elf Rupert takes the opportunity to satisfy that super hot milf.

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59 Responses to “Meet and Fuck: Mrs.Claus The Unfaithful Wife”

  1. The amount of effort you put into not getting caught is not worth the ending scene, which is relatively short.

  2. This sucks

  3. good sounds

  4. that blew-_-. the virtuagirl thing did more for me then that

  5. it finaly came

  6. Pretty good and easy.

  7. mm good game, plenty of sex

  8. Nice game :) Came seee my profile,maybe we will be able to have fun together ? :)

  9. Mrs claus got milk

  10. its way to hard. and the limit goes down way to fast. it sucks because you probably dont wanna invest the time for the first part. PATCH IT PLEASE

  11. this game sucks

  12. at least this one had sound

  13. This game is sweet love it!!!!!!

  14. lol, almost 5 years since i played the first demo and that's all what i got?

  15. They're only releasing the full versions of their crappiest games.

  16. you know whats sad is they are only releasing the old ones to get more money how sad. and who the fuck would pay for this shit in 1st place

  17. mmm that was hot!

  18. that one guy: of course, you don't pay for a single game...

  19. It makes me sad how much the quality of this sites games have fallen since 2008. The old Meet'n Fuck games were amazing and free, but now they cost money and are shitty as the Full Version demos have shown

  20. So much for a christmas present. A re-run of a game they already posted a couple years back.

  21. very nice game i like it, shame that the ending is so short

  22. Amazing thing LOL. The demo of this game has higher ranking than the full original (this) game. XD

  23. it make me hard...girls, coming to try my big dick

  24. Is it me? Or does Santa look way too fucking often?!

  25. Omfg ... I thought there would be alot of positions & shit at the end. The end = Ruined.

  26. definitely the game needs more sex scenes

  27. santa is watching you shlick

  28. nice game!

  29. not really all that good, you could do way better on it.

  30. ummmm nice game , check my profile so so we can do more fun than that

  31. You'd think, with all the times that he looks, that Santa would get a little bit suspicious. Especially, when he's trying to sleep.

  32. wow if this was a paid game, it would be a rip off. good graphics but way too short

  33. umm all wanna feel that

  34. Why are the boobs always disgusting on these games? Bigger isn't always better. Going size HHH seems like a bit much.

  35. it was fun

  36. Damn, this is unforgiving. at least other games like this give you a second or two to react when they turn around

  37. Milk Farm full version ?

  38. oh fuck me hard...send me a message ;)

  39. bom jogo

  40. this game is a shit!!!

  41. easy...but it turns ^^

  42. Thers a better site to plat full mnf games, just google fuckstoworld. U will love it lol

  43. bel gioco :)

  44. big cocks drive me crazyyyyy

  45. Made it thru the end to cum all over her.

  46. nice game

  47. i luv big cocks

  48. santa looks over at you too often

  49. do you want to fuck me come on philipines

  50. nice game

  51. hello im lesbian, im from venezuela i want a girfriend now this is my phone number +504266994081

  52. Can't even watch the two go at it since I have to keep meh eye on Santa tha whole time. Extend the last sex bit to even longer and I'll think bout' payin' ta get inta ya damned website.

  53. Who can tell me why my game play is not complete

  54. thank you guys, for this game... it's prery good

  55. so hot, i love the big boobs

  56. Hello,hot girls.Write my SKYPE algytis24

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  59. So fking bad! Please kill me! I can't believe that santa was looking around all time like bitch! The worst (and the most annoying) porn game in the world!

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