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Danny has left his job in the sex shop and went to LA to become a rock star. In the train compartment he met sexy babe Sydnee. Now your goal is to seduce and fuck this hot chick. Good luck!

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63 Responses to “Meet and Fuck: Train Fellow”

  1. AWESOME!!!! I've Been Wanting to Play This!

  2. 1111111111111111111111111111

  3. This kind of games never make much sense, but this one is so far stupidest.

  4. personnaly i prefer the 1st part (which is free)

  5. At least they are releasing full versions! I guess someone with brains finally took charge.

  6. They make a lot of stupid "games", but this is one of their most stupid and messed up ones.


  8. Thank you for the full version, but personnally, i don't like the gameplay of these games (move your mouse to win courage). Seriously: "i'm musician, i play guitar hero...."

  9. This game was pathetic! I hope they make better ones next time :(

  10. put some more up like this more full versions plz

  11. I hate it my name is actually sex by the way

  12. There should be more full version meet n fuck games like this one please!!!

  13. if she didn`t want someone to look up her skirt, she should have closed her fucking legs. this game is so stupid.

  14. this was terrible half the time she was staring at me and i couldn't do anything... by the time i actually got to the sex it was 2 levels and you dont even fuck her pussy its just using a whip a beer bottle on her ass and ur cock in her mouth... this was one of the most disappointing games ive played on this site

  15. also she has no reason to get angry at some one to make a move on them when ur masturbating right in front of them while your completely naked

  16. that was shit and a waste of everybodys time

  17. I would assume they're releasing full versions now because they're having trouble giving this shit away.

  18. I remember this old time when M'n'F games where sooo great like "Lavindor Kingdom" or "Ocean cruise". Now we have this. Shitty games with poor gameplay, non-existent scenario and graphics my 3-year-old cousin could have drawn better.

  19. full.... version??? r u kidding?? theres no sex!!!! wtf is that!!!!!!!!!!

  20. The designers for the Meet n' Fuck series at the Games Of Desire studios really need to have their balls checked. I have never seen them pull this kind of bullshit even at my days in Newgrounds. So what the fuck is going on?

  21. Chat me boys

  22. add me guys

  23. wow it good game

  24. wanna spank me like that? ;)

  25. let me hit you up girls;) - cause_i_can at

  26. Check my profile if you like what you see ladies!

  27. nice game :)

  28. Personally, i'm not a fan of this type of game (but then, I was raised by wolves, so...). The smoothness of the gameplay itself plus artwork brings it up pretty well, but games aren't just about graphics. Doesn't really have any fappability, and the gameplay is just unrealistic and repetitive enough that it keeps the player from becoming interested in the gameplay. Long story short, it got old fast, even with the addition of new mechanics, such as balancing beer with courage. This game gets 6/10, for being well put together, but not staying that way.

  29. Not the best, but at least it's not a demo.

  30. Meet and Fuck was good at first. Now they are so stupid... Im a girl, in reading a book, and i watch each 5 second if the guy watch my panties because im just too lazy to close my leg. On hour after, im caressing myself and each 5 second i check if the guy watch me beaucoup i forgeted that im not the only one here... hour after im naked i check if the guy watch me for the same reason... I stoped there. Now count how many stupid thing just in the game beggining! The guy had make so many boring game, he need to post full game now to have some costumer...

  31. Not that great. I mean the animation was great, but the fact there was no actual fucking brings it down. I'd prefer to fuck her myself. That'd look a lot better ;)

  32. awesome scenes

  33. that was really bad abd u dont get to fuck her!

  34. at least we got to play the whole thing this time

  35. nice game............ my cock really gone mad..

  36. seriously, this one is a shame. delete this game. it make me angry,not excited.

  37. game is stupid- in RL my girl friend and I come across a loser like this we have beat the shit out of him and teach him some manners.

  38. i liked his cock

  39. Two game administrator, magic transformation exercise too little more magic transformation series, hope you do want to fuck all d

  40. Two game magic transformation exercise too little hope you do more magic transformation series, all roles to fuck

  41. WTF -.- SHIT GAME

  42. no is good

  43. they must have come up with some super template and been, "like fuck it why be creative done?" played like 50 of these all the same thing just about

  44. girls ready to fuck ?

  45. girls ready to fuck ?

  46. girls ready to fuck ?

  47. i am mind freak this game is so fetish....................i dont like this game....i checked out pics of the girl named sweet becky she was really an awesome fucker u know

  48. who want to date with me? just call me

  49. give me you fb name.. and i will go to you with pleasure

  50. Stupid game, you can't pick up a beer bottle to raise your courage fast enough to avoid being tossed off the train. If she is that tight wound she wouldn't wear such a short skirt or sit with her lets at a 60 degree opening. Yes have the obvious glaring result in a ending, but only increase sensitivity after a bit more time or higher levels

  51. oh man im so ready to fuck girls now

  52. good game girls check my profile

  53. i found so stupid i like BIG dicks

  54. good fuck

  55. what the shit is this

  56. like, now how was that a sex game with no sex in it.... Holy fuck.... Next time you yell at someone make sure its not when you half naked MBing on a fucking train with your legs open so that even Hitler all the way down in hell can see your fucking Pussy.... God girl, Get a Dildo........ (.)(.) ) ( ( v )

  57. (.)(.) ) . ( ( v )

  58. i love sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and i love tha gerl has a big dull and hes ass aw yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  59. i like sex aw big dull

  60. A real fucking stupid game. foolish asshole.

  61. fcfdhgyh

  62. It was...... a goood game i think,not the best but....ok!

  63. I did not get past beer part

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