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The year is 3050. The male population has decreased dramatically as a result of long, bloody, intergalactic wars. Now all men are property of the United Galactic Federation and are used only for reproduction purposes. In special cryogenic capsules, male individuals are shipped to different parts of the universe for the settlement of new planets. Our hero Chuck is one of those guys. After awaking from hypersleep he decided that time of sexual revolution has came!

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1182 Responses to “Meet'N'Fuck Star Mission”

  1. oh hell yeah.. a real MnF game, and not those awful ripoff demos

  2. number 1

  3. Awesum! :D

  4. Gr8 game, 4

  5. stuck putting the plasma together, cant get rod or last piece in

  6. good game, and its not a demo!!!

  7. hell yes i actually got to be number 4

  8. same did you figure it out bob?

  9. Koooooool =D

  10. this game is glitched, you can't get past the part of putting the plasma together

  11. how to put the plasma together?

  12. very good game not like the demos

  13. how do u figure out the damn fucking plasma pump puzzle

  14. this game is very good!!!!


  16. stuck at the plasma aswell

  17. nice game pls always full episode pls..

  18. good game!

  19. im stuck at the last piece of the pump. i dont know where the rod is supposed to be placed.

  20. anyone want some cum? i have plenty...just email me

  21. Wooooo MeetNFuck!!! I luvs it so :)

  22. really good game

  23. Hot dayuuuum!

  24. gah, it loads like-forever...

  25. worst MNF ever...

  26. for those who are stuck on the Plasma The small metal cylandir goes on the inside of the glass one

  27. Finally something that aint a demo

  28. @Some dude on the internet thank you so much bro :D

  29. hot game

  30. Where does the rod go?

  31. these are the real games, the MNF site was a different group. this group spens some time to make a good one. the site has more, SHORTER games.

  32. God dammit finally a full mnf game and still there are ppl that are not happy with it go and suck yourself 17 hope you die on aids

  33. another meet and fuck games and this is amazing even better that meet and fuck secret agent

  34. Diva mizuki Games are better

  35. love the game but he should stick to his story better i mean if they needed more kids then he could have made a "fuck anything that moves" kinda game and not like this when the dude mostly shotes anal or fascicle. but still great game ;)

  36. the hottest game!

  37. great ending

  38. The tip of the rod (the wierd shaped ending) goes in the bottom of the round grey thingy

  39. HATERS your mom already died on AIDS s h i t

  40. I fucked every single one of those chicks my fav was the one in the cargo bay!!!

  41. i beat it!!!! bitches!

  42. i came three times

  43. lol epic noice my new fav ^^

  44. how do i put da last piece??

  45. The only thing I dont like about the MNF games is that they assume that all women shave their pussy and like it in the ass. In real life women like that are few and far between.

  46. finally!

  47. u copied the halo cryogenic chambers

  48. awesome!!!!!!! great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. it goes inside the glass holy shit thank you that is such astonishing advice. No shit it goes inside the glass cylinder, where, it doesn't work regardless of angle

  50. you have to put the cylender part on top the middle flip it if it dont work and stick the pump in the hole FROZEN SPLOoGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. hey good game any girls on this wanna chat

  52. the metal block goes in the middle of the glass cylinder, and then the rod into the block

  53. how do you get the alchol for hthe nurse and the blender for the cook?

  54. proably the best meet n fuck game ever

  55. fuckin plasma pump

  56. where do I get the video game from?

  57. Hey, good grammer! Wonder who did that..?

  58. the metal cylinder goes inside the glass tube and the prong goes upside down ine the metal cylinder

  59. Ah, finally one makes a sandwich...

  60. i'm so horny right now x]

  61. i`ve fucked them all:))

  62. This game is Fucking awesome! I wonder what goes on in the site, if only M'n'F was free... but we can dream can't we:)

  63. Yes a new Meet 'n' Fuck for me to download. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. i seem to be stuck on after the asteroid destroying part -__-

  65. check out my profile? anyone interested for webcaming session??? pls give me ur email address. ;)

  66. does putting the plasma pump together in any order matter cause i'm stuck???

  67. A happy ending ... everybody gets laid!

  68. finally not a demo,the game was great

  69. ohhhh yeahh new meet n fuck not demo cool finally ohhh yeahhh suck my red dick

  70. fuck you

  71. swswdswd

  72. i love it

  73. cool games but some scene are too long

  74. that was a great game

  75. For plasma pump you put the pump piece with the hole pointing down then point the bigger end of the rod in that my favorite part thats problably pretty funny is the fact the cook will use a vibrator for a potato masher

  76. good game....

  77. This is the best game of this site. Wonderful.

  78. mother faking awesome

  79. gud game ... really nice to play .., keep up the good work

  80. i laughed at the end.

  81. love the ending

  82. good games !!!

  83. that was fun

  84. good game =)

  85. i hate it!!!!!!!!!

  86. yes!!another meet n fuck game!!

  87. the ending is pretty

  88. nice game

  89. Nice game ake me very horny and hard

  90. great game, and no demo! i love it. and i'm horny now. where's my gunner or captain? I'll treat you the same way!

  91. tantastic

  92. Good We Dont Have Porn Laws And By the Way im 13 Year old :P

  93. MNF out did themselves again

  94. Awesome. So glad to see a real one again.

  95. the ending could be improved if the girls were G B ed

  96. Fantastic! keep up the good work and btw good end

  97. Good game, love the ending (L)

  98. SWEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! A GREAT Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. fantastic :D

  100. endlich mal wieder ein gutes spiel und keine demo

  101. I loved this game I am ready to go to another planet now wish they would move the year to 2010

  102. FINALLY! one real meet and fuck and why should we even pay for those lousy rip offs

  103. Best game on the site.

  104. The plasma is simple just put the ears of the rabbit on top. Under that the cilinder. In the cilinder the other cilinder in black. Then the stock with his point upside in the black silinder.

  105. Great ending. And for those who need help. the round part goes inside the glass with the hole on the top. then the rod goes in the bottom with the head up

  106. Yeeaahhh...This is just called a very2 great sexual game...!!!

  107. i cummed twice while playing

  108. fucking awesome

  109. Gangbang is the key to success, i've hoped that gangbang scenes would be available after releasing other males.....soo bad. Games was good nonetheless.

  110. About time i mean after alot of demos.

  111. great game! i cummed twice plaing this lol

  112. Such a hot game! Wanna be fucked :)

  113. Klokentoki llamando por lo bokey toke estos jegos son mortales

  114. I love to see astha cawala pussy

  115. Good game..... and Im just 12, bichis

  116. nice game

  117. Fun game...Check out my profile ladies.

  118. easy game and awesome wooo go m&f

  119. perfect game!:)

  120. The ending was hilarious!

  121. MnF is pretty good especially the story lines

  122. Fucking good game ! I like this kind of style !

  123. Ahhhhhh the power of multiple men LOL

  124. oh i'd like to be a member of that crew

  125. the ending is lol =D

  126. id like to be one of those males

  127. My favorite is the girl in the turret.

  128. so nice fucking

  129. i love the girl in the cryogenic insulation chamber. she's fucking hot!

  130. her blue hair is so like the captain's! plus her tits are bigger than anyone else's! fucking hot!

  131. Anyone ever wondered why the guy's face is always obscured?

  132. finally a real deal

  133. finally a real meet,n,fuck game fuckin awesome dude

  134. im twelve years old biiiitches!

  135. im twelve years old biiiitches!

  136. Cool game!!!! Did all of them. shot laser canons, solved plasma puzzle given vibrator & security passes ending is lame

  137. Great cumshots!!!

  138. ending is soooooooo hot. but why would a bunch of girls who have only had vibrator sex up till now be so good at actual sex?

  139. How do you fuck the cook and the doc

  140. he changes color...

  141. FIIRSST!!

  142. the plasma is easy

  143. u have to get the doc alcohol but i forget the cook

  144. if the buttons are gold, then it's a demo

  145. give the cook the vibrator

  146. its good

  147. I like the big fucking breast.

  148. its about time we got a game as good as this one. thanks

  149. where can i find a vibrator for the cook of this game? i'm also stuck with the pump puzzle in the engineer..i gave that girl in engine room & i was right in the pump can someone please tell me specifically simple and clear explanation of the pump puzzle. also where can i get all the items of this game? i'm lost in dis game.. can someone tell me where i could get all the items of dis game? oh & finally an actual game not like those demos stuff..

  150. Love it. makes me so horny.

  151. 'well you dont wanna have that video game? ok im leaving' 'wait, ill agree you *******.' AHAHAHAHAH this made me laugh so hard!

  152. Where the hell are the damn items?

  153. some one make a walkthrough. i fucked the captin's assistant but then i go to her again and the plasma engine is broken again and i have to get the sand wich and all that shit all over again. wtf. where do i go

  154. umm the guard kinda looks like la'murch from kateto hitman reborn doesnt she?

  155. LOVED IT

  156. some past mnf characters and scenes have been taken from hentai videos

  157. play office romance then watch cleavage you will see what i mean

  158. I Like The Most Is The Girl On The Turret because She is more Sexy than the others

  159. Bout damn time. Hip Hip HORRAY for the Men of the Ship! Oh well, the women lsot thier ship.. but they got men instead of vibs and crummy Virtual Reality.

  160. email me any women i love to cam and chat

  161. its ahhhhhhh bullshit wish theres a naruto based game on this fucking website ^_^

  162. the ending was funny

  163. good game

  164. loved the game:) if any girls wanna trade pics or tlk txt me at (219)381-1612. im 17 y/o m

  165. wow, that was pretty fuckin fast considering the average amount of time between meet n' fuck games. Nice going,crew.

  166. Great game glad to see there still making them pitty about the ending though it kinder missed the obvious orgy that would have ensued after release.

  167. i gonna fuck all the girls in the world

  168. Whos wants a boyfriend

  169. (Plasma pump)pointy end up and place in metal pipe-like thing

  170. finnaly a meet "N" fuck game and not a meet and fuck!!!


  172. it could have been better if in the end they all had group sex

  173. great fucking game they all need to live up to this one

  174. I'm ready for a good fuck how about you ballz

  175. i love teh ending


  177. very interesting and hot game! thanks a lot!


  179. There should be more like this that's not Demo because Demo Suck this game fun to play.

  180. game is amazing and easy to figure out

  181. Love MNF Gamew=s, and this one is no exception. anyone want some fun on cam? check my profile ;)

  182. when i click play i just get directed to other random sites and i cant play it help me please

  183. i came every fuk

  184. I love the new cum

  185. hmmmmmy pussy is so wet now ;)

  186. MEt IN FUK IS gooD

  187. finally a proper Meet and Fuck game, after all of the demos that they have made

  188. sounds like you got a viral cookie or something heatty69

  189. about bloody time i can play a meet and fuck game that's not a demo. whoopdy fucking do

  190. does anybody know which music that is ( the music that plays in the sex scenes)

  191. really nice, i'm hard.

  192. yo for those with the plasma problems. the little round metal piece make sure the little dent is facin down and it goes in the glass in da middle then rod goes ito it ok?

  193. That was the best game ive ever played... AMAZING!!!!

  194. Best Meet&Fuck yet

  195. you got banged

  196. i wanna get fucked like that

  197. WOW! A good game!

  198. i cumed about 3 times! great game

  199. ps i can shove bottles up my ass

  200. Go Men Fuck The Ladys!

  201. any girls wana c2c? im 16 add my email on msn

  202. Great Game, does anything happen if you beat the astorids?

  203. Metal cylinder goes on the inside middle of glass cylinder,and metal rod goes on the inside of metal cylinder,tip only,resting on inside of metal cylinder.

  204. Ok im impressed Meet N' Fuck still REMEMBERS how to create a Full Game

  205. i really think there should be one where he gets her pregnant.... THAT WOULD BE FUCKING AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! good game

  206. fun ass game

  207. hah im younger than all of you im only 11

  208. find the moaning was from a cheap porno movie. Try getting them from an HD porn site like ztod or something else. The audio was killing me. Also the moaning shouldn't be too exaggerated and repetitive. But nice one guys. This is the best one. Nice animation, cool story, repeatable too. You one of my fav CG hentai galleries into a full game. Also try adding the squishy squish sounds but don't make them loud and obnoxious like "Famous Toon Facials" crap. This is the best one from all the meet n fuck games. Seriously it is. Greatly improved animation and audio. Now just improve the audio a bit m...

  209. I IZ 14 AND WATCHING TEH PR0N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. that was a really hot game! i want to get fucked hard now

  211. u may suck my dick sweetheart

  212. u may suck my dick sweetheart

  213. I love this game my pussy gets wet every time I watch it need someone to help me out

  214. no demo yeah

  215. A really great Game, i'm rock hard now ;)

  216. The model of the plasma pump is behind the girl.

  217. i jerked it so god

  218. Quite funny but if I can give some advices to gameofdesire team : please, make the girls more aged, they always look as teenies in your game, no pubies, damned ! The last point, it would have been cool to have an orgy (dps ) at the end of the game. Mabe you can insert one in the next game. Good job.

  219. there are so many pretty people and large cocks on this site

  220. yeah like me and i have only13

  221. i love this game

  222. I want to fuck the captain she was so hot

  223. Turret girl= SEXY

  224. Hey Kat wanna fuck?

  225. 7 fuck scences only 3 anal and 1 creampie T.T

  226. I'm 7, and you negroids are stupid.

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  233. Id let that medic examin me any day

  234. i need some cum does anyone have some to spare? if you do send me a message plz


  236. if the loading part does not show a bar but shows how many % and the sign is MnF games its a demo

  237. hi fuckalltheguys...i have plenty to spare, cum see me

  238. you guys stuck on the plasma pump roucd top part horn thingies up, glass thingy side pegs on top the thing with the hole in the middle of the tube open down the rod with the big part just in the tube thingy......bad explanation should be fine......easy btw

  239. Fuck'n nice so glade it wasnt a fuck'n demo

  240. doesn't the engineer look a bit... young?

  241. lol the puzzle was a BREEZE, any videogame kid can solve it without help ^^ the ONLY chalenge in this game is to get to the ending, past all those waiting gauges, without cuming ^^ (the turret girl was my fave, really worth the effort of beating the shoot-n-up game with a broken mouse) 10 / 10!



  244. great game!!! btw what's the opening music? i like it so much

  245. Best meet'n'fuck ever!

  246. too

  247. Check out my profile ladies...

  248. put the metal cylinder in the empty clear cylinder about half way up, then put the rod with the tweezer shaped side up into the hole on the bottom of the metal cylinder

  249. gooooooooooooooooodddddddd finally full game

  250. can't believe people are stuck at the plasma... great game... i loved the doc.

  251. Finaly a real one...

  252. the plasma pump was easy, it goes the helmet up top, long tube in gap, small in long and then the rod goes screw driver end up top in bottom of small cylinder.

  253. like always no 1

  254. the play was good??

  255. very good


  257. You're doing something wrong then. I finished without a problem. Check out my profile ladies.

  258. I always get totally wet when I play MnF...


  260. offffffffffffffffffffff the glasssssssssss illl them everyday if they wnat me to

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  262. great game.. made me horny

  263. This topped off my fav which was detective. Any

  264. for women that hasn't had any sex they sure seemed like they knew what they were doing great game by the way another classic :)

  265. i need some cum does anyone have some to spare? if you do send me a message plz

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  267. i liked the one in the dining room

  268. I would have liked to have been there when they let out all the horny guys

  269. No more anal sex please....

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  271. well, this game is frm games od desire nd not frm meet n fuck

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  273. this was never EVER made by the original maf guy ... the art isnt as good but overall just way better

  274. this game is awesome! it made me so horny

  275. damn good .......... fuck all

  276. it seems to be the best game of the pussy is soaking wet

  277. Seems like the better the game is the more FAGS are on here posting cock pics that probably arent even theirs. STOP posting pics of dicks ya stupid faggots! Do you really think that you are actually gonna hook up with a girl on here?? Get real!

  278. Very nice game! Very nice indeed. And finaly a 'meet n fuck'-games that's not just a demo.

  279. Very nice game Wish i get fuck that many girls

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  281. wwho knows a link to free pregnant hentai gmes

  282. holy shit i loved the ending

  283. This game rocked I loved it more games like this plzs



  286. they got owned in the end....

  287. Wow, finally a decent cum animation. Any ladies want some fun? check my profile

  288. nw dis shitt was tight as fuck

  289. wath is the name of this hentai? ,has to be a hentai movie

  290. You dont have to blast the asteroids

  291. damm i'd like a girl who can ride me like the doctor and light saber chick did, any ladies interested ;)

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  294. the game was cool but i have got a very huge dick and a large amount of CUM (sperms) but i need a chick i'll do any thing she wants contact me Nine Four Six Five SIX Two Seven Five eight One

  295. fucking good game!

  296. almost as good as the fuck that i would do with you

  297. awesome game...check my profile

  298. You put the rod in from the tip of it for the puzzle

  299. i still can't pick my fav character... between the nurse and the mechanic

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  301. i'm number 312

  302. The Plasma Ray Is SO Easy. Luv This Game

  303. Really cool game took awhile to but plasma thing together

  304. The trick to the plasma pump is to place the rod, forked side up, carefully at the base of the piston. You may have to try it several times to get it lined up just right. Now does anyone know where I can DOWNLOAD these games and have them on my hard drive? My ssytem is a bit slow and it takes a long time to upload them.

  305. the ending is the best! i hope they do more of this one

  306. how can you download this game ?

  307. the best game ever dude

  308. the best game ever dude

  309. holy hell... don't know whether to be kinda sorry for that guy or a bit jealous hahaha, trap me on a ship like that any time though. good game

  310. I can't stop playing this game

  311. ..owh!i'm 14 yrs old!! slut! wana fuck me?

  312. makes me horny each time i play it

  313. Well...the engineer's boobs when you wall-fuck her look a bit...weird?

  314. what do i do with the security card in the end?

  315. The plasma is just so goddamn easy...

  316. well sweet becky if u wanna play i can help u relieve yourself id be more than glad to assist?

  317. "what do i do with the security card in the end?" Go to the door, and click on the card machine.

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  321. Any walkthroughs? I can't seem to get anywhere no matter what I do. Can't find the alcohol, so I can't get with the nurse; Can't use turret to get rid of asteroids to fuck the captain or assistant--or the navigator for that matter... All three of them are SMOKIN SEXEH

  322. Somebody know what to do?

  323. you shithead! it's fucking easy!

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  325. finaly no demo demos = horible

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  332. damn gunner and guard are my fav girls to look at espeically the guard with a nice body, nice big tits with really pink nipples, I also like their bgm when you chat with them too.

  333. I love this game. Its hot and hot. I love the fact that i'm the only guy in this game and I get to bang all of them hard.

  334. wow a real MnF

  335. game doesn't load :(

  336. like it , like it , like it

  337. who wanna gets fucked!!!!!!

  338. Think of the plasma engine as the cylinder in a car. The mickey-mouse hat plugs in to the two holes at the top, the clear cylinder mounts to the two green mounting brackets. The purple cylinder goes inside the clear cylinder flat side up, and the notched end of the piston rod attaches to the base of the purple cylinder.

  339. chuck is such a handsome!

  340. damn this game was great made my pussy so fucking wet.....

  341. would be better if ther was an option to change how fast the plesuor meter went up

  342. you need to put the round thing in the glass tube and the rod under it... (got it by accident)

  343. I prefer the Gunner

  344. U guys who are showing off your dicks are really disgusting. Who wants to see a picture u got off of google? Plus, half you guys have small penises'.

  345. great game no stupid demo

  346. for the engine room you put the rod in last with the cone end facing upwards ...hope this helps :-)

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  348. i really like this game.....

  349. nice game but can it be any faster???

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  353. "well ok i agree you asshole" cut to fuck scene, huge grin on her face

  354. "well ok i agree you asshole" cut to fuck scene, huge grin on her face

  355. Finnally a real meet'n'fuck game

  356. lol epic game, cool since its not a demo. i lol'ed at the ending xD good fun ^^

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  358. anyway to turn of the music?

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  384. dude there isnt a glitch just rotate and see if it fits

  385. this was made by this site not the fkn meet n fuck n there fkn ass demos

  386. finally none of those retarded demos

  387. very hot game!!!!! i play it over and over again

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  397. Really impressed with the inprovements to the facial expression and the sounds the girls make during sex.

  398. all around great game, except for the cum, way too much and way too thick. looked like a garden hose shooting glue rather than a dick cumming

  399. HEY someone got a walkthrough? At least tell me how to get all of the girls to say something NEW

  400. 9 years old my mom dont want me to watch porno but yeah i do it!!!!

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  402. game locked up on me at the turret part, anyone else have this issue?

  403. now i can't stop fingering myself

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