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I really don't know what is the final purpose of this game. But graphics looks pretty decent to me. And I hope some of you guys can solve this puzzle.

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25 Responses to “Erotic Quest”

  1. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  2. What the fuck ?

  3. i dont get it.....

  4. i just fine one thing shoot with the angelvtwo time u will win a game win a comdom that all

  5. there is no real purpose in this game. first shoot two times with the right angel then click the black bag, shoot 10 condoms, click the guy on top of the screen and click right after that on the campfire and then again the blackbox. then the ape and at last the moon then there is a "to be continued" -.-

  6. oh i forgot after the ape you have to click the parrot on top

  7. you click the cupid on the left and he'll shoot an arrow at the monkey; when the guy with the bull's eye comes, you'll have to time it and hit it with the cupid again (this'll be tricky to time); once you've got the bull's eye, the condom that was behind it will go in the girl's bag; when you click the bag, the condom will go everywhere on the map and you have to shoot it 10 times without missing (if you miss you can just waste the rest of your shots cuz you need all 10) (the aiming's also weird so just pick a spot where it pops up and wait for it 10 times);

  8. next part: click on the man hiding behind screen - he drops a paper... quickly click on fire - little cupid puts it out... quickly click on womans bag - hedgehog rolls out and grabs paper... when back in bag, click on paper - its movie ticket at 9... thats how far i get the game seems to crash when i click on moon after it... "sets"

  9. after that the film starts but the game ends whit the title "to be continue"

  10. the game is not my kind of game

  11. Game doesn't really work :(

  12. still can't hit the bull's eye

  13. nothing really interesting happens here

  14. might be fun if it actually did something

  15. nice game check my profile i want to have some fun :)

  16. srsly this game is so confusing

  17. Awesome game, good graphics and it is different from all the mainstream crap

  18. to be continued?

  19. jogo muito ruim

  20. too hard and not finished

  21. i do more fun than that check my profile :)

  22. oh fucking good

  23. i don't like it

  24. muito chato

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