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It's just a normal school day for Ann; failing math and admiring her crush's hair, until the delinquent girls decide to make her life more dangerous...

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47 Responses to “1HG: A Schoolgirl Fantasy”

  1. strange......

  2. i quite enjoyed the gameplay, it was different from the shit usually on here. needed more sex though.

  3. very strange

  4. FAKE n' GAY

  5. Could've been a lot better ;/ I did like it though :)

  6. kinda boring...

  7. This was quite good. There wasn't as much "action" as I would have liked, but overall the game showed a lot of promise. I'd love for a continuation of this

  8. A little better than average for this site.

  9. gameplay was different, interesting way to convey a story.... but it was wrong on SO many levels

  10. didnt like it too much

  11. pretty strange game needed a little more sex

  12. it's a game but the only thing you can control is slowly walking around in circles? gay.

  13. This is when I Haven't played yet... so i'll give it a try... for Hotlisa ;)

  14. its too short, hope they will make part 2

  15. Slut up ;)))))

  16. It needs more graphics change... more clips... and less exercise to make it good game..

  17. This was interesting, but definitely too short. I hope there is a part 2.

  18. Nice to see something actually new and different.

  19. nice game

  20. any one know the site?

  21. I honestly thought the story was well thought out, even for a porn game. The adult abuse, in some ways sends ann into a downward, slutty spiral. You could practically use this as an educational game against peer pressure, if it wasn't for all the parts where she WANTS to scarf down an oddly hourglass shaped penis, and the fact that those girls treat her differently upon her revealing her more beastly side is just icing on the cake. If she had been a good, upstanding girl, things would have went differently. 5/5 9

  22. Nice concept, crappy graphics.

  23. Hey u know onehand game is good i like them at all but i think u have little problem i mean u must make more story of ur game and have a exciting thing if u can make it so keep up work i'll keep play :)

  24. this is some boring piece of crap

  25. negro ako

  26. it needs more sex scenes

  27. too short. unlike my dick.

  28. my god that was shit

  29. It's nice to see an actual story, even if it does end sort of negatively. Surely there's going to be a part two though?

  30. This could be the start of a really fun series! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  31. Wtf. THE END?

  32. pretty hot

  33. Shitty ending.

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  35. kinda naughty here ! :D check my profile !

  36. ooooo i get it lol this is the otherside of the other game where u play that guy

  37. sooo she gets molested by the counsler??

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