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Your mission is to follow your hot girl next door, find her, play with her at the pool and other funny things. This game is not so easy as usually adult games do. Day by day, investigate surroundings, go to pool, then go back to sleep. So change your outfit and go swimming.

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74 Responses to “1HG: Hot Summer Nights”

  1. number one

  2. kinda boring

  3. tactical facepalm this site is dead now it's all but demo broken games or boring crap i won't pay money for a porn game

  4. Too long and pretty boring :/

  5. your boobs is so cool Hotlisa22

  6. HotLisa22 you're so amazing! Want to see more!

  7. confused...

  8. could've used some action!

  9. nice boobs, xxSexyAngelxx ;)

  10. i like that cock

  11. Bad art, boring game.

  12. Better play Minesweeper or with real ( . )( . ) 8)

  13. nice tits xxSexyAngelxx :D

  14. sex with a pumpkin is better than this!!!!!!!!

  15. boring game..

  16. I liked it it was different but it was pretty good, slow, but good

  17. ehhh snore

  18. hotlisa 22 is too much hot. i would like to fuck her

  19. Who wanna suck?>

  20. after she tell to meet down the stairs what must i do?

  21. i am blocked too when she said "meet me under the stair". Help pls!!!

  22. Not that stairway, the other one !!!

  23. boring but I'm not ;)....girls if you wanna have a lot of fun...contact me ;)

  24. he's such a pervert=)

  25. nice =))

  26. it doesn't make man think bad thoughts of women when he goes to the wrong set of stairs to meet up with the woman in the game...it makes him think negatively upon game designers.

  27. games like this will be longer i just know it. what did i learn from this experience of playing this game you ask? well i learnt that you're not gonna be able to say i already had me some of that(taken from the movie regarding henry) if you stay stuck in bed like the character in the game.

  28. What the f of fuking grls and no one for me...

  29. girls look at my profile

  30. Underwater sex~ So want that~

  31. underwater is nice, you can do it nice and slow for hours, feels very good

  32. poor graphics...

  33. Could you imagine them telling their kids how they met? "Well, your dad (looks at him lovingly) fingered me in the public pool, and I just knew he was the one."

  34. Most people here just want to bang their sausage. Nice romantic storytelling here is like taking a bunch of old people to a dance club, its not going to work. Its a really nice visual novel though. I enjoyed it.

  35. check my profile guys :)

  36. Good game.

  37. god damn boobs

  38. im stuck at "meet me down the stairs" any help?

  39. the stairs are on the left of his house

  40. i have no idea what to do after you finger her and she runs away. help anyone? plz?

  41. not too bad like the story hard to find a sex game with a good story

  42. so hooot !! fuck us!

  43. anyone want to rape like i want u to cum inside me . fuck , it's so fucking painful !

  44. sex+ sex+ sex=sekss

  45. How do I play this game???

  46. How do I play this game???

  47. what do you do once she runs away

  48. go home and sleep

  49. it's too slow

  50. Oddly enough, a pretty cute game.

  51. what the hell

  52. sorry but it was not even fun it was pretty boring

  53. this game is inconclusive and it sucks, theres nothing else to do in it

  54. This kid WILL eventually realize that HER dad is banging HIS mom...right? There is a likely chance they may end up as step siblings, and that makes me laugh.

  55. Boring :/ Check out my profile for some real fun girls ;)

  56. The kids mom was having sex with the chicks dad.

  57. wow !!! HotLisa22 ... what a sweet pair you have, every guy here would love to see more !!!

  58. pretty nice game

  59. nice boobs xxsexyangelaxx

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  61. what do i do when she ses meet me at stairs

  62. fucking rubish the boy cant even put his dick in properly retard

  63. cool stuff ! check out my profile guys ! would you like to watch me ?

  64. cool stuff ! check out my profile guys ! would you like to watch me ?

  65. kinda naughty here ! :D check my profile !

  66. boorriinngg

  67. u all girls r having very very big and fat tits i want to press and fuck u all .......sexy

  68. How to play?

  69. putang ina!

  70. nice boobs naughty babe 69

  71. nice boobs naughty babe 69

  72. this game is boring

  73. who are you

  74. How do you play when you are using puffin browser on phone? :'(

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