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Frankly to say, it isn't even a flash game. That's more like a retro xmas themed adult comics with slightly animated sex pictures. Anyway, it would be funny to look at this.

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43 Responses to “Christmas Surprises”

  1. Stupid game

  2. Very lame

  3. gay game

  4. ah...... damx, stupid gay game

  5. Total boner killer...

  6. wasd part sucks... as usual

  7. Oh that was brutal.

  8. dumbass game

  9. these games are getting worse

  10. Gay stuffs, trannies, dogs and farts make me so horny. Also i really doubt that he drew the cartoon

  11. I dunno, I liked that game, was funny. Didnt like the wasd parts but it was still good. Hilarious surprise at the end.

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  13. boner killer irenne babe ya look sexy

  14. I hate guitar hero

  15. Game's quality is getting worse, and the proof is this fucking bullshit game!

  16. WORST FUCKING GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. this is gay, I think this is gross. Couldn't you guys put that in a desc. or something? I have nothing agains homosexuals, but I think the idea of homo-sex is gross.

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  19. That was a pretty boring and dumb game :(

  20. hot scenes but the game is very hard to play

  21. nope. not good.

  22. mmmmmmmmmmmmm make me feel horny

  23. ssssssssssssss

  24. this game is a peace of shit

  25. THAT SUCKED! (and not in a good way) :-(

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  27. very boring........

  28. Mostly sucked, but at least when you fail you don't have to start all over.

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  30. what a crap pile

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  33. stupid game i av ever seen in my entire life

  34. has anyone finished the game?

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  36. not bad, i like the drawing style...

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  38. this game sucks dick!!!!!

  39. I think the game is pretty cool and darkly classy.

  40. the picture is nice ,but,steal a shit gane

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