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You are still investigating on this credit card fraud. You don't know who to trust anymore and you've only got two hours to find who is guilty. You have to move fast and anyway not to upset your girlfriend would like to see you tonight.

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28 Responses to “Dream Job Season 2: Episode 10”

  1. im the firsttttt!!!!!!!!

  2. im the second !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. im the thirdddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How do I meet with Gianna?

  5. I got 100 percent!

  6. can anyone plz make guide for us noobs. ty

  7. = Only one answer provided. > = Action to take. Call from Frida: > Click green button. Yeah it's all sorted. *Bye Video call from unknown caller (Angie): > Click green button. Thank you but who are you? Really? Which friend? But, I've got a girlfriend. Impossible, I'm really in love. You're beautiful but it's impossible. You're stunning but I'm a faithful guy. > Click her bra. No! sorry. You look amazing but I really can't. *Thanks. Bye... Call from waitress: > Click green button. *For what? You were behind all that? Are you mad? A little bit. It's twisetd. I ...

  8. don't know. It's a bit scary. What you've done was not nice, you know? I don't know, should I? *OK then, I'll come! *See you. With Frida: Baldwin gave me some time. To find the evidence to convince Baldwin. OK, it's me. I don't know what to think. *OK Maybe but i've spoken to Gianna. That you're lying. She's not crazy... I don't know. *Yes. Just wait one second... *OK, thanks Sam. *Bye. *Yes, let's go on. Indeed. Kind of, yes. *Not at all. *You're very welcome. > Click her breasts > Click her pussy I don't believe you but thanks for the show! Not really... *OK *...

  9. It was quite something... *OK Call from Gianna: > Click green button. *Hi Gianna, are you here? *No. The police is near the main door. *NO! I need to see you! *Yes! Let's do that! OK. [video message from waitress] *- Continue - With Gianna: If you're a good girl I may fnd something. I'm just kidding. I'm going to help you. I'll do my best! That's why I'm going to help you. You're right. I don't see what you're speaking about No, Sorry... Please stop! I got to go. Sorry! *OK. Bye. With Baldwin: *Euh... Sorry. Yes It's Frida!. *She's downstairs at the recepti...

  10. *Do you? *Thank you. *See you!

  11. Angie's fullname, for research purpose

  12. nice tits jenny

  13. Very sexy. Got me all hard watching the waitress in the shower.

  14. Someone knows the real name of Gianna???please

  15. What is the name of the officer?

  16. Victoria Blaze = gianna

  17. who's filming the waitress in the shower?

  18. anyone say the name of baldwin?

  19. Does any one know sam name??

  20. Sam is Samantha Alexandra.

  21. 3332221111113

  22. Does someone know real name of Lucie in episdoe 8,i realy wanna know,pls guys anyone?

  23. anyone knows frida real name

  24. once again good game developers love these games

  25. very good game ,fnck!

  26. fuck shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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