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Romantic adventure on the tropical island awaits you today. A beautiful young girl is living there. Her name is Laeli and she likes to collect flowers and listen sea surf. You can easily seduce her because you two alone on this island :) In time of a last ray of sunlight you'll come to sex heaven with this exotic beauty.

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123 Responses to “Island Girl”

  1. all sohai

  2. noob sohai go eat ur lanjiao and cb

  3. sup yo how do you move

  4. how do you jump?

  5. Ey, boys, are you horny?

  6. Yes we are Anchy!

  7. uhh.. u need help for this game ? its darn fucking easy...

  8. read the name

  9. 한국말이네

  10. loved the drums during scene 10 lol...

  11. I hate lev 6

  12. hope diz fuckng gme mke me horny

  13. dumbest fuckin game ever

  14. girls email me at itiachiuichia444@gmail(dot)com

  15. that....was an ordeal didn't take long to load but, damn, too forever to play

  16. oo yawrum aaaaa

  17. oh me so horny..... Sooooo hooorrrrnyyyy!


  19. good game, but it takes a little too long to get to the fucking part. i guess its like in real life ey.

  20. Downloaded in 10 secs, take a good provider,guys

  21. wat should i do at stage 3?

  22. It doesn't work

  23. Kinda easy died twice at the spider before figuring out what to do. Those who still dont get it, ur need to use the tarzan rope from the picture before and swing urself over the spider

  24. good game but takes ages to complete scenes 7 & 8 take ages

  25. how do u jump?

  26. Takes way too long. Don't bother.

  27. how the hell do ya grab the flower in the trees while ur swing after the spider?

  28. to jump is ctrl+up, to pick up coconut is ctrl+down, ctrl+leftor right moves faster. and as said before this game takes a lot of patience, and sometimes slower mouse movements.

  29. sooooooooooooo long loads soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loooooong

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  32. 쫀나게어렵네..

  33. How to pass level 6

  34. this game takes a fucking yaer to load. if this doesnt make me horney i will smash the freakin keyboard over my head

  35. this wont fucking work

  36. so boring

  37. เล่นแล้วก็เงี่ยน!!!!!ชักว่าวเลย

  38. hey any girls want to send me some pics of their pussys

  39. so i could fuck them hard

  40. OOO... IM SO HORNY

  41. it loads, but BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Slowest sex ever lol

  43. Tip para el juego: utilicen las teclas Ctrl y las flechas, para pasar a nivel 3, primero tumben algunos cocos aparece la muchacha síganla al final agarren la flor (cambia nivel), caminen hacia la selva y denle la flor a la chica, vallan de nuevo a la selva, busquen una flor (hay una que deben encontrar "no les digo cual") para darcela a la chica. Utilicen los árboles y las lianas para columpiarse opriman la tecla Ctrl y la flecha correspondiente para soltarse (encontaran la forma). Lo demás es fácil.

  44. at the 77% it doesn't load and can't continous

  45. Je to super hra. Hodnotím tou nejvyšší známkou (5)

  46. bwusit ayaw magload

  47. Alguien que me diga como pasar a la araña?

  48. i can't play this game! it stop in 99% and it doesn't continue! >:(

  49. this game is shit.....fucking loading !!!!!

  50. love this game.....i want like this..

  51. dont see fuck

  52. Hey it doesn't LOAD>>>>

  53. Nice game, wish it happened for real :D

  54. il a une personne qui a le code

  55. hey can u guys be patient can u even fuckin wait for it to load gosh

  56. stupid game,...fucking loading is too long...!!!!!!! wasted time!!!

  57. how to get pass lvl 2

  58. im done with the game hope someone fuck me super hardy ...

  59. the controls for that FUCKING game Island Girl suck-ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Para pasar a la araña sube a uno de los árboles, que esta antes de la araña, agarra la liana y colúmpiate, para pasarla te sueltas cuando hayas tomado velocidad. Utiliza la tecla Ctrl y las flechas, coméntame posteriormente si le agarraste la onda. ¡que te diviertas!

  61. this game is pretty good but i need some help because it is so hard at scene two.

  62. any girls that wanna send me a pic of them naked it is metallica won @ yahoo . com without the spaces of course only girls though.

  63. how van i pass level 6?????


  65. Wtf cannot load chee bye i like fuck girl

  66. hi i got to scene 9 wance i've washed her but i dont know what to click? help plz

  67. je narrive pas au début

  68. ridiculo

  69. It load... and its great =d

  70. sexygirl...I'm very patient...I like to take my time.

  71. How do you get past the bug thing in level 3?

  72. cant pas lv 5...

  73. This Game is So Rock ... Yeah ... To Much Mouse Movin But The Auto is Helped a Lot :)

  74. comment jouer

  75. got me sooo wet! Thank god for auto pilot lol

  76. lolololololol ))))

  77. is pretty fun

  78. how do you get past part 6

  79. need a big dick

  80. sweet becky i have a huge cock you can suck. then i can give you a tit fuck.:)

  81. that was fucking idiot i cant do anything

  82. thats great. i want more from this games ^^

  83. how can i take the flower over the spider?????? need help!!!!!!!!!

  84. the game is freezing in scene 3. Help!

  85. this game sucks

  86. I can't get rid of the fucking scene 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. jumped around under coconuts on tree & nothing happened. games like this where you have to find the correct PIXLE to interact with are never worth the frustration.

  88. good graphics the game is pretty hard though

  89. szkoda ze sa tylko po angielsku

  90. please fuck me now im horny

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  92. how to pass level 6

  93. Wight_Jacqueline_Sexyyyy_Horney_13 do u have msn

  94. Thank you for your help!

  95. girls view my profile and add my msn for a bit of fun :)

  96. Slow load

  97. press ctrl down

  98. Lv. 2 doesn't work :@

  99. i do not know how i pass secound level

  100. becasue i do not see any fruit

  101. nice game

  102. Nice pick Cait

  103. What do you do in level 5 after giving her your hands?

  104. 1dsadswdd

  105. wtf the damn fruit keeps falling out of my hands when i get to the far right of the beach!!!

  106. good game................

  107. washing was a little annoying

  108. how many times do you need to squeeze her tits in lvl 7?

  109. ok got that past that part, now when she gets the cock out: how long do u need to wait for it to go to the next scene?

  110. This game is terrific.. you need patience but its worth it in order to finish it. The chick reminds me of Mila Kunis in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". If only she would give me this much attention!!!

  111. RE: Anonymous - once she strokes his cock (best on autopliot) it should go through to the next scene automatically once you have cum all over her. It will happen, just enjoy the viewing!!!


  113. how can i pass the spider

  114. use the rope

  115. nice n easy game

  116. How do you get past the hand washing part? She's been washing my hands for 10 minutes.

  117. Who can teach me how spiders part?

  118. this game makes me so horny and so hard

  119. Very nic fuck bhenchod

  120. what a rip off it's just a "what do you think" quiz! There was no sex with any girl on any island!

  121. This is not the game!

  122. Now what happened here? The game doesn't match the title! It's one line of code! Even an amateur can fix an error this trivial. Well concerning the brainless fools that run this place....

  123. It's easy to 10th level.

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