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Angela Grace is the new rising teen star of the year, her fame buzzing up by the hour, around her stunning charms.Today, she was just attending another boring tv show. and she just lost another stupid game.yet, something feels weirdly off...but the doors are still closed, cameras are still rollin'......what could go wrong ?

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41 Responses to “Jolly Friends Fuck Fest”

  1. More virtuagirls strip poker

  2. first comment!

  3. lol FIRST 1st. ym FUCKING honry ;D

  4. yo wat che mi pro file

  5. mmm sweet anal scenes


  7. Thank god someone else realized that this was Five Nights at Freddys

  8. Also glad I'm not the only one realizing it .... first I were not sure if I should play it

  9. not a bad game, but the control room parts felt like cookie clicker after a while

  10. too much work for shit stuff

  11. check my profile:3

  12. FNaF much?

  13. This wouldn't exist if not for five nights at freddy's

  14. wow look at my profile to see awesome pics of me naked for free

  15. i dont like this game :/

  16. Hey guys, check out my profile ;)

  17. I would love to see more games like this

  18. my god that was dumb nd boring

  19. wackyfox if you just bought the paper and radio ads from the start you don't have to click the money button constantly

  20. tum randi ho

  21. cookie clicker + porn (does not =) good game

  22. Terrible game. Took 3 hours to build up all the requisite dough, stopped bothering with the manual button after 30 minutes. Last amount is 220 000 . Really not worth it. Someone needs to correct the file and lower all the amounts to make it fappable instead of constantly interrupting.

  23. those cocks are so huge

  24. actually believe it or not this doesn't look like freddy because you don't have to check the camera's back and forth to make sure that they didn't move and have to worry about the power supply. The people dressed in costumes are humans not animatronic so that pretty much says that this isn't a parody or a porn version of five nights at freddy's

  25. decently fun game, can let it run and just rack up cash

  26. that was kinda hot

  27. it makes me wet lol check my profile guys :D

  28. i would take that condom off and fuck that pussy full of cum

  29. ow just fucking wow, once again you managed to kill any kind of boner that could have been made by your art. fucking really dude the only thing that was good for was increasing my button mashing skills, so I thank you for that but. really I have never said this to any other artist before, but just fucking stop. your not doing any good by doing this. you had a valiant cause at the start but now your just making retarded snuff films that are animation, I really hate saying this but your king of porn and this and many art projects have nothing to serve to anyone but more than a relax check, its b...

  30. basically its just plain shit, your better than this, come up with some beautiful stories not just rape kill murder, your better than that.

  31. so there ret.arded. as.sholes. don't. them. they know nothing.besides,reta.rded. your art. but f.uck them. them don't know what they are talking about.after all.they are.just sex.sites. keep at it

  32. wow nice

  33. it makes me wet lol nice game check my profile guys ;) so we can have fun

  34. happy tree friends poster on the wall

  35. What The F*ck....

  36. awesome game girl's check-out my profile ;) I am so horny and hard,

  37. what a beautyfull girl's breast and butt

  38. put the quality on low it helps


  40. >>"control room". >>Press tab til it's on the money icon. >>Place a paperweight on spacebar >>walk away from computer for 15 mins. Have enough money.

  41. Does anyone know the patreon codes?

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