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Do you like Pokemons? Then you'll like this sex parody RPG called Pussymom. Let's Collect All the Pussymoms!

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72 Responses to “Pussymon 1.0”

  1. F I R S T

  2. S E C O N D

  3. 69 69 69 69 69

  4. pretty boring

  5. this game is shit. totally. so shit. so sad. dont bother.

  6. This has potential.

  7. The idea is nice, but its not a good idea to place the ranch so far away from the hotel. i mean the only way to get money is this ranch ( by the way it says 80$ but you only get 50$) and the pussyballs are so expensive, that you have to go there so many times. In this point I agree to benzykat, its pretty boring

  8. What would make it more fun would be if the pussymon actually battled

  9. It's so tedious and slow to earn money. Buying balls is really expensive. Work 9 days to buy 5 and they all break. So much time wasted.

  10. 149 Days ! All Pussymon ! So tired !

  11. 144 Days ! All Pussymon !

  12. Pussymon I could find Pickachu Pidgey Pidegeoto Pidgeot Caterpie Metapod Butterfry Weedle Kakuna Beedrill Baulbasaur Ivysaur Venasaur Onix

  13. When u have all pussymon,what's next?

  14. not to be rude guy above me but 142 day for me to complete whole game... Lets see who can beat my record

  15. 147. pretty tedious game so you'd better have free time for mediocer pictures

  16. 127 days! kinda pointless.

  17. 140 days but would of been less if didn't double click sleep button who is also guilty of double clicking sleep xD Need improvements specially in money and area good luck on updating it and hope they don't get lazy and scrap the concept but probally will

  18. Done at day 128 with 50 energy to go still and one extra pussyball... let's see who can beat that. Too bad you can't take a pic with them all cards revealed to show proof.

  19. good basic idea just needs a lot more features to be actually counted as a game.

  20. Some bug let me keep working the ranch even with only 20 hp left so I got 98 days. Hurray for accidentally cheating.

  21. This game brake my balls...

  22. 116days why work for 9 days to get 5 if you can work for 10 days and get 6? buy 3 for 500 is cheaper

  23. sweet i beat it 154 day all fuckmon

  24. Day 98 and all pussymons ! :) I had ony at day 78, but then, venausaur fled 12 times when i wanted to recapture it X) Btw, buy 3 balls, because it's cheapier than 5

  25. 112 days!

  26. 121 Days with 80 Energy left, Bought 16 Pokeballs (1 set of 1 and 3 sets of 5). None left at the end.

  27. very nice quest

  28. got them all at day 78

  29. 135 days

  30. 138 days

  31. 138 days all caught and fucked.

  32. 3 balls for 500 is cheaper than 5 for 900 you need at least 18 balls (1 you get at start) to have them all 6*500 =3000 3*900+500=3200 sooo 2 trips to ranch less :) you can also make 1 trip less if you buy the last 2 needed balls for 200 and not get one extra.

  33. sooo i calculated... cause i have nothing better to do, then counting minimum days required to finish porn games :D perfect game with no energy wasted you can finish it in 104,5 days... but that is just too annoying to do.

  34. 126 days and caught em all

  35. 125 days, the useless 30 min of my life

  36. 112 days and i finished

  37. it wouldnt be so boring if they all moved and you had something to watch

  38. I'd rater have T Nadia jerk me off.

  39. I'd rather have T Nadia jerk me off

  40. 124 days the price for the balls could be lower

  41. 136 days, all pussymon, all sex card. I use 18 pussyball for catch a fucing peadgey. Seriously ! If they implant the 150 pokemon of the real game, I don't want to play it. It's too much time waste in a simple sex game

  42. good idea but... too much work at the ranch, and the images are not that good. would be great to have animations. And maybe a reward at the end.

  43. if game wasn't just a preview i'd say it's the worst ever, but it has potential, sexfighting mons, stats for trainer, ways to make money without wasting whole day... or losing the concept of energy at all, i'd have so much improvements for this game to be great and enjoyable even just for the game's sake not the porn part.

  44. 149 days = all pokemons traind to 100 whats next?

  45. all pussymon's and sexcards, with 2 pussyballs remaining, 0 cash left (never went back to ranch when got all pussymon) and got it all done on day 137

  46. Hey guys, check out my profile ;)

  47. 126 days well that was different

  48. surprisingly awesome

  49. Day 142 - callected and fucked all ")

  50. i cellected all the fucking pussymons now what?

  51. day 137 all to 100 $200 5Balls

  52. 125 Days ans now?

  53. day 42 got'em all, one pokeball remaining and all Thats left is to care and fuck'em. So 5 days per pussymon to get them to hundred so i can f* them. the i believe i'am done in about 70 days if i'am not counting the care points i already have invested. i'll post again witht the correct day.

  54. 08,8 days to have caught every PM and cared to 100, btw this is the minium amount of days you can get without cheats or bugs completely calculated and no energy wasted. This means of course that the 104,5 days of completion that was previously mentioned by someone (lol) isn't correct, because the reality wasn't calculated in wich is the cathing time and the work needed for the PB has been wrongly deduced. BTW the best way to complete the game is to save whenever you've caught a PM and use the rewind button to restart from you save when things don't go your way. also it's best to first catch...

  55. 108 days, (stupid keyboard) pidgey, pikachu switch work with care,then catch others.

  56. kinda cool,but would b better with animated fucking for battling the pussymon and if thse moves were fucking them with different effects.And if there was a cheat thing implemented to make it a hell of a lot easier to get money or pussyballs,so awesome!

  57. great game

  58. ou have 14mon you need to catch. multiply by days it takes to fully care a mon, 5, you get 70 days. add on the 120 care you need to give for level 70 venesaur and level 50 pid, you have 76 days worth of care. you have 3 days and 80 energy worth of catch. you need to make 2800 for all the pokeballs, because you need 19 balls, you start with one ball. 18 balls left. 3000 poke for 18 balls buying in 3s. you start with 200 poke. 2800 poke needed. 28 days of work give you 5 days and 80 energy left over. put it all together, and you get 28 days work, 71 days care, 3 days catch, and no energy left. 2...

  59. 28+71=99. 99+3=102. the best possible you can get is 102, if you have god tier luck, without glitches.

  60. 150 poke a day glitch. 150*18=2700. 19 days of work. 20 energy left. 76 days care, 3 days and 80 energy needed catch. 19+76=95+3=98. 40 energy left. sooo, mister my glitch caused me to get em all day 98, you didnt train em did ya. god tier luck/patince, the best possible score is day 99 with 40 energy left using the previously mentioned ranch glitch.

  61. 150 poke a day glitch. 150*18=2700. 19 days of work. 20 energy left. 76 days care, 3 days and 80 energy needed catch. 19+76=95+3=98. 40 energy left. sooo, mister my glitch caused me to get em all day 98, you didnt train em did ya. god tier luck/patince, the best possible score is day 99 with 40 energy left using the previously mentioned ranch glitch.

  62. sorry for all my posts, expecially the double post, i thought it didnt send, but i needed to use em

  63. also, cause i wondered this, you get pidgey, butterfree, bulbasaur, and ivysaur in the grass near the ranch, weedle, catterpe, metapod, and kakuna in the grass near the pikachu for 5 pokeball trade house, and you get pidgeyotto, pidgeot, venasaur, and beedrill next to the gym, where you trade level 70 venasaur for onyx.

  64. Why do I get $ 50 when it says that you should get $ 70 I do not understand this game

  65. Got all Pussymons in 61 days. SUCK ON THAT!

  66. awesome and hot

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  68. can you guys stop posting yr days and post some cheats on this shit

  69. need some cheats please

  70. ineed a girl friend to talk to eneybody interested in my dick

  71. I will do eney thing I am 18 please help me out plzzz

  72. Never saves my game so sick of starting over every time so I'd have to say it sucks 2 thumbs down bull shit never playing it again

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