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Is your working day boring and tiring!? A know a good way to raise your mood :) Her name is Sarah. She is currently working as secretary in your company. Today you plan to seduce her and finally taste her clit`s juices. Go and get it!

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130 Responses to “Quick Fuck: Seduced Secretary”

  1. Nice game.

  2. Number 2

  3. not bad really

  4. number 4

  5. its lame as! the blonde has no boobs, she has the body of an 8 year old boy!

  6. BAD ...........................................................................

  7. at least it aint a cartoon with abnormal size breasts

  8. puta lapa

  9. E da pro gasto

  10. nice i need a good fuck and i have hyves who can find me bye :P

  11. gozer, zoek iemand in je eigen klas of zo

  12. inb4n00bsaysmoreMNF

  13. This game sucks...

  14. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. this game sucks, why? why did they make this into a game? why didn't they just make it a slideshow WITHOUT cheesy photoshop moving arms, i mean COME ON! it were moving pictures, with almost no effort put into it, at least animation takes time and appreciation to be created, GOD!

  16. OMFG LOL!

  17. Women don't talk like this!

  18. That really sucks!!!

  19. ....has a bug; itВґs not possible to complete the game......(sigh)

  20. THAT WAS GAAAAAYYYYYYY, what kinda of women talks like that, "WHORE TAKE OF UR PANTIES, LET ME SUCK UR JUICY CUNT!", I mean honestly....gay.....

  21. "Sweat like a candy"? WTF?

  22. this game made me wet. its like MNF but in american sluts not anime style the best game ive ever played

  23. so realy, that EXACTLY wat i look like and how i do it when im with my girl -_- next time for us.....try, ending on a positive note, AT LEAST ITS NOT ANOTHER HULIO DAY :D proof once again there is a god

  24. it is ok i play better

  25. hey girls add sexynhorny5 at hotmail dot com and we can have some fun:)

  26. damn it this could be happening all the time if not for these damn anti-gay bans!

  27. can u do more meet n' fuck plz

  28. i think that was ok...not too many girls say that kinda stuff...but it was alright

  29. This a game, to those that comment women don't talk like this, to those who are complaining the the tits are not large, to those that are asking for animated "MnF", go outside, maybe talk to a female type, go on a date, for those that are afraid of real life, GET A LIFE

  30. oh yeah, more MILK PLANET.....

  31. that game was pretty good

  32. any girl under age want to fuck(i am 14)

  33. um, sure, where u live? Ill fuck u

  34. Gimme more aaaaaa come on

  35. sex me baby sex me i love it mwah arggggh

  36. Who wants to be fucked i am a supermodel i have brown hair two beutiful boob

  37. ....no comment all i wan to sya u guys mention already

  38. This is absolutely crap....I prefer Meet N Fuck....when is the next one coming out??

  39. mother fucker game no bobs

  40. This game is kinda lame. GIVE US MORE JAKE. Jake rules, more fun and a challenge then MnF.

  41. S.T.U.P.I.D

  42. girl are okay but story sucks dick

  43. what is the game's name ?

  44. My name says it all.

  45. wtf is this

  46. This sux

  47. ppl how u put picture with ur comment on the game plz tell me i need 2 no how

  48. we needs some MEET AND FUCK

  49. Well, okay. That was terrible. Cheesy photoshop is exactly what we need. Also, it would've been hot if the women talked more realistically. Such a turn off. (Though, for future references, the term, "Mistress," is totally accepted by me. ;) ) The girls were pretty hot and the story was lacking. If you do another one of these, make it something like, say, hot pilot Jewel notices the oh so luscious stewardess Jenna ;). If you don't do anything like this, I'll definitely keep it in MY fantasies.

  50. Pikliopiklio, you really are stupid aren't you? If you don't like them don't play and don't post comments like that. Because you look retarded as brick. You make game and post here, so we will see your master piece.

  51. you know is it really wierd if a 13 yr old girl watching porns and get really horny and don't care who or what she's getting fuck to?

  52. cuz my pussy is just leeking hot! and also just wanted get fucked by anythin...

  53. oh just to know i'm 13 and I'm serious...

  54. who the hell writes the speeches for these games? they are not even in correct english! what a crap....

  55. terrible game

  56. Me like. However, next time it has girls... they should at least sound like real girls and not guys trying to sound like girls.

  57. horny131 whats ur msn and wat country u in

  58. lame gay lesbian game. this game is fit for sexless persons or halflady.

  59. ah ah fuck me

  60. The girls are cool. Nice positions...

  61. A dumb dyke like you would say that, Lisa.

  62. Bigirl, you are dumb. At your age you wouldn't know if your bi, straight or a dyke. As with most stupid teenagers, you think you know it all. Your in the stages of experimenting. Don't come in here acting like you already know your sexual orientation.

  63. awesome game

  64. number 1

  65. this was so shit, everything was just fake plus women dont talk like that :l

  66. hey girls add sexynhorny5 at hotmail dot com for some fun cant wait:) horny 131 add me!

  67. i need a good fuck who wants some?

  68. good play

  69. i want big dick right now my mouth waters and my pussy is drippin wet I NEED DICK!!!

  70. Lisa you must be a boy, when a real woman lies back her breasts sink a bit, weight redistribution due to gravity probably and stretching her arms makes an even bigger difference, maybe you need to stop looking at all the fake tits that the pornstars have and notice that when the blonde is standing up her tits magically reappear. You can't be a real girl or you would know these things, so you're probably some fat sweaty virgin who's getting off on all the attention and sex talk from the other fatass virgins on the site, lol

  71. how are her names

  72. Hey girls i'm ready to fuck anyone of you.(i'm 15)

  73. ;) check me out...

  74. a piece of shit

  75. asus com sux

  76. Mimi tout plein ce jeux.......

  77. 100 number

  78. hmm, juicy bitches

  79. horny131 i'm 14 & mad horny 2 btw here do u live???

  80. i want 2 fuck girlzzz

  81. somon said ther wasa fuckin bug? i finsd the gam!!

  82. Fuck mee guys!!!

  83. Nice Game ... Like It

  84. this is great....i like it..its make horny

  85. zhjhdufjuf

  86. It's fantastic! More and more!

  87. im 13 any girls wat 2 fuck me

  88. Shitty game

  89. very desire game

  90. i wanthorny sex u want to fuck me ?anybody can

  91. hey girl, hit me up im always hard ;)

  92. Hey im 14 who wants some phone sex or msn


  94. Hi queenbitchxxx, I'm UP for it!

  95. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  96. borng as fuck

  97. queenbitchxxx where do you live?

  98. OMFG it is so boring

  99. BiGirl what ur email adress?


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  102. hello there!! wanna be my friends?? and have some fun on cam?? add me up on your yahoo,msg im onlinenow franchezka_ronin tnx.. ill wait you there!! love you!! muah!!

  103. wow that one was interesting but sooo hot!!


  105. franchezka put something diferent or a better foto... more boobs

  106. fucking shit

  107. fucking HOT lesbians

  108. good photos

  109. that was so fucking hot i came all over myself awesome i fucking love lesbians

  110. i dont know why but this makes me so horny

  111. i would handle u@dariaolsen

  112. somebody wanna fuck me? I only have HIV/AIDS

  113. i never slept with a lesbian...maybe i should try...

  114. A SUPPORTED BY THE DEVELOPER TOOLS? It was interesting. You seem very knowledgeable in ypour field.

  115. got kind of hard

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  117. epaaaaaa

  118. its sucks soo much meet n fuck is better then is shit

  119. that was pretty hot

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  124. gayer than aids

  125. nadia i want to fuck you all night long

  126. the internet is not like it used to be,where you could send messages and get reply's back get their email and then their phone number and then meet them in person,now its all fake

  127. What a joy to find sooemne else who thinks this way.

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  130. Can someone tell me the full names of the girls Please i need to know!

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