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Become a school nerd and score a beautiful cheerleader while tutoring her. Use your understanding of math, make her a fancy drink, impress with complements and nimble tongue... finally show her the beast that just awakened in your pants...

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151 Responses to “Sexizu Sylvia”

  1. 555 I number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. please i beg u i wan mnf

  3. New meet'n'fuck will coming very soon

  4. ok......

  5. has math changed or does it just not accept answers that are supposed to be right? O_o

  6. yeah me tohh how does dis work??? it's fuckin hard

  7. What do they mean with "enter the correct nuber in boxes"?

  8. no idea. if someone figures the right answers please post them.

  9. problem solving is hard....damn!! i hate math

  10. wow.... are you seriously? Something is wrong here

  11. what do u put in the drink?

  12. click the mouse just to the right of the equals sign of the equations to enter your answer. REMEMBER ORDER OF OPERATIONS!! (Multiplication b4 addition, multiplication and division done left to right, etc.)

  13. Not a bad game The math aint hard (Yo! is right - we call it BODMAS). Neither is the drink mixing (follow the recipes and remeber to make a drink she likes).

  14. jow do you past the drinks

  15. What ist the rigth answer of 55/5* 2


  17. this game is rigged. I put in the right math answers and she says it's wrong. RIGGED

  18. what a fuck game is this after giving right answer still it asking me for right answer

  19. answer is 67

  20. wth, get the math right and she says its wrong

  21. What are the answer please??? 55 / 5 x 2 ?????

  22. Set it up like this instead and try again 55/5 = ? ?x2 = your answer

  23. Do we need the real answer...??? Please, if someone got it... right down the 3 answers. Thank you!!!

  24. Have you even tried to solve them??? They're all piss easy if you do it right.

  25. Yes i tried. But still, it doesn't work. Please, need some help over her. Thanks

  26. plz any body give all results

  27. fist its 67 22 41

  28. secon 135

  29. 67 22 41

  30. 67,22,41

  31. next 4 and next is to fuck her!!!

  32. you guys are losers.. those math problems are so easy.. the game isnt rigged.. you are just too noob

  33. add handsome 020 @ hotmail . com girls only

  34. before you guys put this dumm ass game on you need to help with your math a know i answered the question right.

  35. anyone get ending #2

  36. its fucking suck its fooooool!!!!

  37. Ok answers is : 67 22 41 135 4 Drinks : Malibu beach Kamikaze

  38. mnf what is this rap

  39. i went here to see nice pictures, not for training my brain (althogh the math is really easy)....

  40. easy as crap!

  41. with the help of answers here i cleared the game tanxx all

  42. lol unknown, maybe you need to work on your addition and subtraction =P jk man. i dunno i thought there was something wrong with the game but i realized that i made a mistake. math works fine

  43. hey for the maths... just take your calculator if you are too stupid to actually just do it in your head....

  44. waaaaaaa i hate math

  45. you, meet & fuck fanboys, are a bunch of mongoloid wankers, I have said


  47. I like this game!

  48. what i need to give her for drink?? help plz

  49. whats the answer for the strawberry one?

  50. Lol the ending is cool.

  51. Not so bad, but its answers and the calculators dont jive

  52. Games like this should have an option where you can knock her out with a flashlight and then have ur way with her xD

  53. dgkallday41 = aim

  54. 67, 22, 41, 135, 4 those are the correct answers

  55. Hurt...Pain...please...need Meet 'in Fuck dose...

  56. If you end the game with three stars, you get the nympho friend ending, if you end the game with one star, you get the girl you're tutoring. I've yet to figure out how to get five stars, and I've tried about every possible pathway to get to the end

  57. Everybody wants Meet NВґFuck cause games like this one are too much for your brains. Always will be easier play stupid games like MNF.

  58. i beat the game with one star and got the nympho friend ending

  59. what do u have to do wif the drinkd ?

  60. what is four?

  61. i havent gotten ending 2 but im gessin its hot

  62. what about the drink

  63. This actualy was good. I like it.

  64. hey girls if you wanna cyber add my msn its sexynhorny5 at hotmail dot com and we can have some fun:) also check out the link on my profile its sweet:)

  65. cool bitch, but the game is fucked up

  66. Fuck how I must make drink for the bitch?? I tried many of way.

  67. please someone, post the value for the drink

  68. to pikliopiklio if you think this is funny, NOT, you ass keep it cool and stop being stupid and act like a moron yourself you kweeeeet.....

  69. mr big what are you a retard or something? just saying your message once is enough, no need to be annoying little fuck

  70. MEET N' FUCK!

  71. they r 67 22 41

  72. is it over already?

  73. 67,135,v,kamikaze

  74. nice game

  75. It’s a fun game but I puffer the real thing. Any one live in the Chicago area

  76. Wow I really like this game. I can't wait for them to make another one. Great job to the creator!

  77. wtf is her name!!!

  78. Liked it, except for doing math at 4 am... not fun

  79. nice game ^^

  80. This is a nice game the girl was HOTT!! And that maths was piss easy... if you dont get it go back to school.

  81. Has any1 got ending no 2?

  82. this person has not heard of BIMDAS

  83. this is a nerd game.I should know,i am nerd.

  84. this is better than mnf. why dont you just get a real girl?!?

  85. If you can't solve the math questions, then maybe you should spend less time on the internet and more time in school.....

  86. Meet N Fuck mark morons,,

  87. 1 67 2 22 3 41 4 135 those are the answers

  88. ever heard of a calculator guys

  89. Are you fucking kidding me? This is math kids do in middle school ya dumb fucks. Basically if you cant figure out these problems in your head your probably not old enough to play this game. I tell ya these game designers should throw in an derivative problem just to prove your mature enough to see a tit. Get a clue.

  90. can someone give a run through (especially with the drinks)

  91. IDIOTS !!! just look at the list and type amounts of e.g. vodka, orange juice to the name of alcohol or juice...which drink you prepare depends on ingredients, so BE CAREFUL !!!

  92. flooooood

  93. sweet jesus. these are for comments, not mnf bitch fests. dear god, shut the hell up.

  94. if you say youre used to tighter holes you should get beat up by her boyfriend

  95. actually i think it might be if you say she will only pass if she blows the teacher

  96. Boooorrrrrriiiiinnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg

  97. nothing special

  98. 4 лІ€м§ё л¬ём њ л‹µмќґ л­ђм—¬;;;

  99. does anyone know the answer to the petral question if so,what is it?

  100. ..wats a nympho?

  101. nvm, sum1 wit excessive sexual desire =D IMMA NYMPHO!!

  102. It's immpossilbe!! i used a calculator and it still didn't work

  103. what will we put in the drink?

  104. answers: 67, 22, 41, 135, 4

  105. answer: 1. 67, 22, 41 2. 135 3. malibu beach 4. 4 5. kamikaze next it's up to u :D end 1,2,3

  106. LOL somone suckxors at mathmatics :D

  107. how to get 5 stars ?? any1 ?

  108. Try the 2 links in my profile. They`re real sexy girls ! Worth a look !

  109. cool game with a rly hot girl. anyone knows wat her full name is??

  110. more meet n fuck!!!!

  111. йѓЅзѕЋењ‹дєєе•Љ

  112. i luv 2 eat koko krunch

  113. The stars don't actually mean anything for the ending- as long as you don't run out of stars the ending is based purely on your answers. Nice guy- Sympathy answers= Nympho Friend Smart Arse/Funny = Get the girl you tutor Mean/Rude- but at least one star by the end= Get beat up

  114. This is Bullshit, it will not take my drink order!

  115. the best adult game ever made, just check my profile

  116. what is the correct answer i use calculator already lol

  117. its order of operations

  118. DAMN MATH i SAY F***K IT

  119. its 67 22 41 the drink is what she says she wants and then look at the card

  120. shes so hot and has a nice pussy

  121. does anyone know her name? does she do other porn? shes rly rly hot

  122. this game sucks i am a cute guy sitting on the comp watching comp game i need to fuck somebody

  123. I got all three endings. Although i care for the MnF's more, this was pretty fun after collecting the answers from the list of comments Lol. This girl has great legs and tits to boot.

  124. yea great tits great legs and sweet pussy! but who is she?? i wanna find more of her porn!!

  125. dumb asses if your getting the math problems wrong remember divide and multiply before add and subract

  126. i cant feel the mitter in the breast part//

  127. how do u do the drink ive tried every different drink and what she said but it doesnt work

  128. 67 22 42

  129. wats herrr nameee!!! shes so hot!!! i need to find more of her porn!!!

  130. remember bedmas? brackets, exponents,divison, multiplication, addition, subtraction? i did that and it said i got them wrong for some reason. a retard made this game

  131. multiplication is before addition 67 22 41

  132. 1. a.67 b.22 c. 41 2. 135UDS 3. 4

  133. need answres

  134. ow do you get the other endings i always end up on 2 stars any advice

  135. Her name is Veronica Clinton

  136. Man I would love to be able to meet someone as hot as her

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  138. Math answers...... 67, 22, 41, 135, 4


  140. What is the real answer of the Q 3

  141. Yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaa Even an old fart like me who hasnt been in school since 1967 can work it out mwaaaaaaaaaaah I like it

  142. Where is the lesbian crap??

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  147. very hot

  148. pomogite plizzz proiti....

  149. russ is?

  150. wow, you guys should learn some maths....

  151. thanx fior the ancwers wouldnt gavfcked here without them. made me horny ;)

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