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In this game you'll take on a role of Cinderella's Fairy Godmother and help our little princess prepare for the Royal Ball, where she will meet Prince Charming, fall in love with him and they will live Happily Ever After.

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158 Responses to “Cinderella's Ball”

  1. number 1

  2. nepBbIu` Hax

  3. could use some sound

  4. Ummmm this kinda sucked

  5. Iexpected a bot more for this :/

  6. This was pretty gay...

  7. ... Uhm, this is a game? :/

  8. 1: sound please. 2: more dress options. 3: it sucked.

  9. Would have been a great concept if there were a lot more options... and if there was actual fucking.

  10. worst game dont play

  11. What in the fuck is this?!

  12. this suck

  13. y are you putting shit like this even online?

  14. ........................................................ ........................................................ ........................................................ GO TO HELL

  15. fa veramente schifo!!!!

  16. More like two stars........

  17. Wow. That was fucking cruel.

  18. to long load

  19. do u have to click the arrow or her tits

  20. no sex at all?

  21. I agree with Hotness... Plus too long a load time for such a simple game, and I can't seem to get the clicking part down, I'm fairly certain I'm timing it right, but I always get 'too late'

  22. wasnt as good as id hoped ):

  23. stupid game

  24. fuckin game

  25. this sucked!!!!!! The creator is majorly retarded and gay!!!!

  26. Listen up if u wanna get more "Creative take a look at the shoulders on the default gown, from there it gets easier

  27. The worst game ever created by human kind

  28. - - this not bad but......can make more japan anime toon please!!~all people waitting~~~

  29. Why are folks so angry at Cinderella? Poor girl didn't deserve this at all, especially not the words or the clothespins. This game was just cruel.

  30. If you get her in red dress, there is a spot to click right near the end. It's only of the prince yanking the top down, so not worth it. Waste of time.

  31. I'd rather watch the chicks in the right hand corner of my screen.

  32. Heh, this is pretty funny.

  33. that's it seriously?

  34. I love the look on the mouse's face when she gets the shit smacked out of her

  35. need more sex in our sex games.

  36. go watch it

  37. ZERO NUL !!

  38. what the fuck

  39. this sucks

  40. that was very funny

  41. wanna sex?

  42. ...Fuck You, Games of Desire...

  43. oh, so i can post that, and its not disallowed, but my crtique of this crappy game was? -_-;

  44. hey cant u put some full games........ u money begger

  45. }{yevaia igra

  46. i hate this

  47. Just want to point out this game isn't even finished yet, the maker of the game has it up on another, free, site. It's at like 0.4 right now.

  48. gasavty h ghvby ytjnh98p

  49. I certainly hope its unfinished. Cause theres like maybe two things to do in this game lol

  50. gives me hope for the finished game though maybe someone will get laid

  51. awesome game, choose the blue dress then click on her shaulders en show off her breasts, she'll hit you, then click on her face and enjoy ;p

  52. you can send her with her top down, clothes pins on, and things written on her. this game really sucks though.

  53. Akabur is a great artist, but he should add some options to this game, than it would be a great game. options like, more dresses and fucking :D

  54. That was just not good, its pretty much just a powerpoint.

  55. it's good, needs more action though

  56. Under the line,everyone gay! __________________________

  57. __________________________________________________________

  58. long load

  59. rly? wow this is fucking shit

  60. this game is the bird you don't even see her naked what's the point of the game cheat son of b.

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  63. who Doesn't like this Game STFU and have a nice day!!!!

  64. we want meet n' fuck!

  65. when you touch her blue dress and try to touch her tits she slaps you and you need to hit her back to get her tits out

  66. what the hell is this

  67. wtf was that shit

  68. hahaha Cinderalla's balls

  69. no way to strip her in time

  70. cinderalla tits

  71. waste of time if you ask me

  72. waste of time if you ask me

  73. I think i got a really nice dick. If u agree add me on Msn or Skype. MSN: Skype: everyonewantsme I'm waiting for you on webcam ;)

  74. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  75. clothespins hurt :(

  76. nice game

  77. I want to have sex with sweet becky

  78. really i want to have sex with sweet becky

  79. whoever made this game is a mother fucking retard with no soul

  80. hit the tab button it will show you where to click...thank you,sexman

  81. I didn't know that about the tab button, cool

  82. hotness can you give me a tit fuck pls you tits are so great and sweet becky pls give me a blwojob

  83. terrible.

  84. i really like the look on the prince's face when they're dancing and she's wearing the red dress :D could use some sound and fucking, but it wasn't the worst thing i've seen :p

  85. i try to give a good review on games like this but its just awful this game is not worth playing

  86. pretty funny i guess. loved the writings on her breasts

  87. how to play this game

  88. lol the best part of this game was when you get to slap her. but yea how can she slap her fairy godmother like that she is the oone helping her go to the ball

  89. ThIs SuCks...FucK Off

  90. Dress was perfect for thet party!!!!!!

  91. juego interesante

  92. its kind of fun and there r lots of things u can do 2 her u just have 2 look

  93. why didn't he fuck her?

  94. do you got something like the red dress laura1989?

  95. I would have walked right back up those steps and rode the prince all night long

  96. Loooool .... in greece we use an expression for things like that : This is the most "burned" game ever ! Burned minds create burned games !


  98. Hahaha, people and their dial-ups

  99. This is clearly a demo, actually during the game on the top left appears "SKIP", so means that the real action appears afterwards,....

  100. waiting for the full version then


  102. check my profile


  104. i need a girl to fuck and put it inside this game..... fuck this game

  105. love it kinda :I

  106. wheres the full game

  107. there are actually four different endings. better than it seems

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  109. the worst

  110. the worst

  111. worst game ever and what the f*** was that

  112. How do you get the different endings?

  113. really boring. the different endings are just one picture each

  114. This is originally just a short little flash on hentaifoundry this is not meant to be a full length game

  115. Nice dress...nice tits...but lame game...

  116. get ah life who evr uploaded this game

  117. get ah life who evr uploaded this game

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  119. needs fucking and options for her pussy and ass

  120. you're absolutely right

  121. Are you both English?

  122. This game is ok.

  123. most poeple don't really understand how too play

  124. wow this is hella funny

  125. no numbers

  126. if you send her in the red dress there is a brief moment after midnight when you can click to get the prince to pull her top down

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  129. this suck

  130. This game really sucks what a waste of time

  131. This game really sucks what a waste of time

  132. This game is fucking a waste of time and it is stupid. xx

  133. Boy's u can have a better time with me ok babes xxxx

  134. fuck this suck i wish i could see cinderella fuck

  135. they dident make this game

  136. awesome game

  137. oh yeah I need lesbian suck my tits that I want to put your finger in Web cam orgasm

  138. needs more fuckin

  139. This is Very Nice :) My penis is Funny :D

  140. um sound and more options

  141. boys contact horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.


  143. wtf game is totally fucked up

  144. wat the fcuk is this !!! wat sonofabitch put this cartoon in adult games !



  147. Awesome Game!

  148. the best ending is leaving her normal: weird game

  149. dat was truly shitty


  151. when shes in the blue dress touch both her shoulder then top, her top will fall then she'll slap you, click her cheek to slap her back, you then can take her top down and send her or draw on her. click the star at the start to place her in the red dress when she is with the prince and the arrows appear click her breast i believe.

  152. click her top to pull it back up again, click the clotheslines pinchers, then pulling her shirt back up still works

  153. the prince will be focused on her breast, this ending she runs down the steps and pulls down her top to remove the pins. PINS not PINCHERS pins

  154. t_nadia i want to fuck your ass while ur wearing that red dress.

  155. i just love seeing those boobs

  156. very simple should be more more fucking

  157. Fun game.

  158. Sexo is hrwat

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