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It's not often to find a dress-up game that has more than one character to choose from. This one has 10 hentai characters! Enjoy stripping their sexy outfits.

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62 Responses to “Offrs Dress Up”

  1. gross, why are some of them like 9 yrs old?

  2. couse we want it that way!

  3. yeah not cool.

  4. why ther is only kids ? It's stupid and not sexy

  5. ever heard the term loli?

  6. its art not real girls . in japan there art dos not have ages its just art . do you tripout every time you see a naked baby jesus in a painting or stain glass window . no . get a grip and get over it . its all in your head.

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  8. if it had some interactivity, it would be truly gold. something like the F-series or something like that

  9. My favorite dress: Skirt and Blouse ON Rest OFF :)

  10. the blonde one wearing the orange and green is from resident evil 4

  11. Nice dress.

  12. Evil Lolita Dress

  13. Mature woman and dress up if I will be more like it.

  14. check me out;)

  15. this game suck!

  16. hmm, they're a little young. boner kill much?

  17. Ha, I can't believe all the bitching about the girls looking too young. Well I guess from now on we should only have wrinkled old saggy grannies instead, with tits that hang like tube-socks full of marbles and a bush that is larger, thicker, and older than the Amazon. Clearly that's what people want.

  18. the characters are from the e-ohkoku yakyuken game

  19. If you click in the upper right hand corner you get an extra on the girl

  20. Thank you, i love dress up games, and images are really beautiful.

  21. What is this? Strip her and what? Look at her?! Where is the ACTION?

  22. Because people dont want to see child-like anime characters naked means they must like grannies? What? And another person bitches about seeing naked baby Jesus? Do you really think that those are logical arguments? Baby Jesus was never drawn in "sexual" poses or situations, nor could we undress him. If I could, I would have the same problem I have with this game.

  23. check my profile ladys ;)

  24. hehe,I like dress up girls,girls check my profile

  25. lame game

  26. so much more that could be done with this. but still a very nice game

  27. I dont get it. Is it a game?

  28. check my profile

  29. i like the blonde one with the star wrist bands :D Btw check my profile

  30. Old lady does not like Grandma level; only like mature big sister.

  31. cool cause these are my age-brocket

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  35. girls contact me.....;)

  36. would love to talk dirty

  37. so send me a message sweet becky :-)

  38. That was an unfortunate attempt at a sexy game.

  39. not so much into dress up, but nice babes btw

  40. nice pics

  41. Who's that one with blue hair and black wings?

  42. check my profile girls

  43. check my profile

  44. mmm this made me hot

  45. boys would u like to cum for me?

  46. Some of those girls are rather sexy, but the ones that look like little girls... ew. Just ew.

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  48. boys contact horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.

  49. wish there were some kinda reward for dressing them up the right way

  50. nice game....needs animation though ;P

  51. guys its fuckin art just get over it it doesent have to be sexy

  52. they really could have done so much more with this game but on a scale of 1 to ten I give it a 4

  53. sen a virtua femm account that i can use when u rnt to 803 347 6663

  54. pretty nice game

  55. What anime is the blonde haired girl with the sword from?

  56. dressing up instead of undressing...crazy

  57. trying to get me to undress Momoka...Really?

  58. yeah not cool.

  59. you want to see my naked pics, check out my profile

  60. i like this game..?

  61. bad game there are kids it's not sexy

  62. My avorite girl is the one with the green skirt, tan skin, is blonde, andis weraing socks.

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