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Today's game is a virtual chat. Your objective is to get that sexy blonde out of her clothes. It won't be very difficult. Just go ahead and use your pickup skills at practice. This adult game included a lots of video content, so please be patience while it is loading.

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215 Responses to “Sexy Chat with Blanca”


  2. i tot i'm the 1 ..

  3. Blanca is the sexiest!

  4. takes forever to load

  5. endless loading plz on games with long load time put a % meter so you actauly got a clue

  6. slow game to play

  7. the game definitely needs some cocks

  8. why does it freeze after everything i say?

  9. game barely works.

  10. Damn this takes forever....

  11. yeah... load time sucks haven't played cuz its sooooo long [insert sexual joke here]

  12. my name says it all

  13. one million years later....

  14. it dont work

  15. it dont work

  16. About the loading bar, theres a percent below the bottom leftcorner of every game

  17. Hey, send me sexy pics at : lionel . caura @ free . fr

  18. anyone who thinks she can do it better and faster then this? message me

  19. Tell me what her full name is, please.

  20. TOO SLOW

  21. Definitely needs some cock.

  22. I cant get past the show feet part

  23. hey angiesweet

  24. Dammit! This is looooaaading soooo fuuuucking longer than my own webcam!!! x-)

  25. show pussy before show feet

  26. grosplanseins

  27. very hot

  28. it needs some other girls

  29. why must it take so long load


  31. FUCKING LOAD GOD DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. dildo option would be nice

  33. What the hell with this loading ! to much time wasted for nothing really interresting :(

  34. why doesn't the game download full

  35. Game is broken and unresponsive.

  36. mmm nice

  37. takes ages to make her strip

  38. i hate loding


  40. takes forever to load

  41. doesnt load well,too bad cause the chick is hot

  42. Seems to be stuck at 79%....maybe after dinner.

  43. upgrade your 56k modem internet TROLOLOLO

  44. bez komentara

  45. best game ever

  46. good games

  47. no sex...lame

  48. who here live in Cleveland

  49. i cant get past "you are beautiful"

  50. i cant get her to touch ass

  51. type the you are beautiful again when she refuses a request...then things should work to the end

  52. Read the name and youll get the picture.

  53. Soo fukin long to load...........still loading..............still loading..................still loading..................still loading...........almost a tenth of the way loaded..............loading........loading........

  54. t nadia can i see u on cam ?

  55. Played again and load was fast, and much less pause between videos. Much better.

  56. hi angie

  57. it seems striptease doesn't work

  58. some sicret words: dance, rotate, grosplanseins

  59. How about "put on a condom?"

  60. once the game actually plays through... she looks good

  61. lulz. they should have put in a real person insted that would atleast let you know when she decide to take a 15min breake ^^

  62. Cool i won

  63. can someone give me some tips to win? I am still at about75%

  64. .... to load

  65. how to see someones profile with full details?

  66. pretty nice game

  67. who can help me step by step (I always stuck on 50%)?

  68. i stuck at 85

  69. view my profile ladies make my big cock cum for u or if u live nearby maybe we can meet up ;)

  70. This game is so long to load

  71. wanna some fun im horny add me merenejhones@yahuu. c o m

  72. wanna have some fun ? wanna see me naked and cum with me guys .. check my profile ... and add me on yahoo

  73. Tired to waiting this game... Eaten more time... I hate to should waiting!! Hurry up... I want to see ***** , mmm... thats will so fun.. ohh yeahh...

  74. wanna play with me?

  75. i cant get her fuckin close of

  76. i can get 105%,and she get naked~

  77. y cant we continue? after she strip like naked chat?

  78. i'm very horny rigth now

  79. what do you have to ask after 20%?????? pls helpppppp

  80. how can i find pics or vids of her?

  81. It looks boring. I agree with the others that "It would be nice if there's a cock or dildo." ^_^

  82. waiting for the next version

  83. lift your dress

  84. how to get 100% help!!pls~

  85. their is "touch boob" and "touch boobs" missing! might help for "lay down" after :P 110%, done :D

  86. laki naman ... pahawak

  87. very nice game and very beautiful woman, but its a pain in the ass on how long it takes to fucking load = (

  88. i'm stuck at 85 give tips i give 1 rub boobs

  89. 10:00 5% ....10:20 10 % wtf

  90. i will find u all and i am going to rape you all, shet my penis is now getting stronger now,if you all dont want to be rape send me a hot expert sex girl

  91. she's sexy

  92. Finally get 110%~

  93. she is so hot great game

  94. how do i get past 85 percent i follow da instructions but wen i get to show your feet i can get past der

  95. What The Fuck!, It takes ages to load!

  96. god damn.. takes so long to load...

  97. She shares my birthday *shock*

  98. nice game I've reached 105% and trying for more

  99. i love to see bigtits and doing some fun .... to feel good .. i like to fingering my pussy when i feel to hot.. if you want try me... you will know what i mean :P

  100. Hello guysss horny now and im looking for some hot fun samanthasmith214 @ y.m.

  101. how do you get her to show you her feet

  102. PLZ someone post the solution i can pass the 80% plz

  103. turn off the light

  104. i love to see bigtits and doing some fun .... to feel good .. i like to fingering my pussy when i feel to hot.. if you want try me will know what i mean :P just add me into your yahoo messenger roxannegonzales05@ ym

  105. how do I get past the show feet part?

  106. what a sexy women.... 100% fully naked !!!!

  107. cute girl !!!!

  108. what di u do after 85%????

  109. -87% o_O

  110. 90% anyone help?

  111. whats the fastestway to get her naked

  112. i make her fully naked

  113. i stuck at 25% any help on what to say plx

  114. she is so sexy

  115. grosPlanSeins ?

  116. im only a 0 some one help me

  117. Look at the solution, try "show your tits", "grab your tits" and "switch off the light"

  118. I am stuck on 85%

  119. I just finished the game on 105%

  120. check out my profile for a link to my naked pics

  121. i wish i can fuck her

  122. i can finish game sexy chat with blanca

  123. what do i do for her to show me her feet

  124. what's her name?

  125. it makes me horny

  126. very very very very good and hot game give me more like this game

  127. after 85% you have to say a lot of i like your hair/boob/legs/ass/pusy etc. and switch off the light and after continue show feet etc..

  128. stuck on 60 percent

  129. what's the word to get 110%

  130. squeezing boobs and fingering would be nice

  131. .... to load

  132. It doesn't work

  133. not loading for me

  134. WHY THE HELL WON'T IT LOAD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  135. takes forever to load

  136. her name is BLANCA BROOKE

  137. FUCK! Shit!

  138. nosex fuck it

  139. is -79%

  140. can you fingering the pussy? Please

  141. Im only 12!

  142. dis is so fucking sexy!! any girl free tonight?? :* :*

  143. any lesbians!!! sexy boobiess and erect nipples!!!! free tonight!!

  144. It just takes some time, I hate trying to get her turn on meter high enough for her to do stuff.

  145. hillfingr i see your pusy ken i see your boobs

  146. My game is stuck on -79% i have no clue whats going on

  147. the thing has a minus on loading wHAT THE FUCK

  148. how dose is minus %?

  149. this is some bullshit why is it ot loading what the fuck

  150. My load bar is stuck at -79%. WTF!?

  151. sexy game

  152. She is amazing

  153. fucking hell take's fucking forever to load why wont u just fucking load!!

  154. this game doesn't load can anyone tell me where can i play this game other than this site.... thank you....

  155. i did the whole thing

  156. who want to be my girlfriend

  157. and rate me

  158. see is so sexy :)

  159. she is so sexy :)

  160. the sexiest is kitty..

  161. waited too long for loading

  162. is more sexy

  163. got to 5%

  164. i said for her to suck my dick and she said as you wish. then she licked her finger. she is a dumbass!

  165. good game

  166. veri nice Girl

  167. it sucks girl is hot though

  168. Loading... Loading... Loading... Oh is it done? No. Just a trick of my imagina... YES 7% loaded!


  170. wtf -79 percent loading

  171. I like this but loding is late

  172. I wait really long time to play this game, then all of a sudden I have -79%? WTF

  173. have a girl a cam and want chat with me

  174. talk must run


  176. it went backwards...

  177. -80% WTF

  178. live in scottcounty

  179. the game lodes faster on the host site free-strip-games

  180. i finished the whole game

  181. this shit is sloww

  182. the game load very slow

  183. ITS AT 6 PERCENT AFTER ONLY 20 MIN! maybe after we discover alien civilisation

  184. This game is amazing I wanna fuck her with my big cock

  185. hola me diego

  186. bullshit what ican here the background but its some minus shit

  187. Sexy chat with Blanca - The solution is: hello - whats ur name - how old are you - Where do you come from - what is your favorite color - what is your favorite pet - you are a gorgeous woman - you are a naugthy girl - do you have a sister - are you happy - you are a bad girl - kiss - twirl your hair - dance - lap dance - shake your booty - clean room - jump - drink - show boob - show boob - grosPlanSeins - come closer - come closer and show ass - come closer and show pussy - show belly - suck finger - you are beautiful - touch ass - show feet - lift your dress - lay down - strip

  188. i saw a website where it loads in 5 minutes can any one help after 85 % its getting hanging

  189. suck my dick and my nipple

  190. come anybody hump me i am waiting

  191. text me girls only 87092179

  192. text for a sexy picture 423-404-3755

  193. Cool and just saying I'm not gay like you'll girls saying she sexy and stuff so you'll are gay gays

  194. she's damn hot

  195. the loading sucks

  196. Wow,sexy

  197. fucking too sexy

  198. it keeps going negative

  199. No loading !!! :-(

  200. y loading comes to negative???

  201. y loading comes to negative???

  202. mi piacerebbe leccarti tutta

  203. quien quiere sexo

  204. Hi tre,.

  205. im at 50 % now

  206. I wish she was a futa

  207. minus 76?!

  208. what the fuck is this minus bullshit?!

  209. i have pornnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  210. i want to search s mexy girl

  211. no loading

  212. load you fucker

  213. load you fucker

  214. any girl wana video fuck on kik or snapchat

  215. Put your username up ill find u to live chat;)

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