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I'm glad to present you a fresh adult version of the classic rock-paper-scissors game. If you're lucky enough to remove all her clothes, than she gives you some hot show with a dildo :)

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47 Responses to “Shifumi with Faye”

  1. ugly girl :(( but still this is better game than some other shits :D

  2. Nice nice Nice, I think she's Cute ;)

  3. Nice Game, she is hot!

  4. You lose way to often. Needs to be more fair.

  5. i agree, its unfair , and lame as hell , still ebtter then some of the otehr crap theve posted lately , wonder if they ever got the otehr poses on the x-mas game >>

  6. even if you win the ending is only like a minute :(

  7. nice masturbation scene

  8. she's faking her orgasm-.-

  9. Just always choose sissors

  10. Stupid...............

  11. Doesn't seem unfair. I won 7 times, lost 4 times and 1 draw.

  12. wow sooooo many things wrong with that. she has little girl titties! no one likes itty bitty titties.

  13. i like itty bitty tittys as much as nice Ds they are cute and still pretty!

  14. she's so predictable i never lost, only tied or won.

  15. better than those dam strip poker shits!!

  16. way better beerman and i think tht orgasam is real like

  17. Just started the game and got 8 draws in a row. . .

  18. I only lost like 3 times, so it's not unfair..

  19. yo anonymous are u fucking gay or a Little kid?

  20. she wasnt really that pretty, but was an okay game of rock paper scissors

  21. spam scissors

  22. please all the ladies here leave your phone number and i will all call or text you soon

  23. Not bad, though I prefer games with a little skill involved.

  24. cassylove i love u and the game

  25. way too predictacle but nice scene at the end

  26. nice tits in the game dont you think and what about yours

  27. easy game, won each time.

  28. Odd game. She picks paper way too often, which beats my usual "Spam Rock" mentality. (In real R/P/S, most people psychologically change from the fist to paper or scissors, and since you say scissors at the end, you're being subtly persuaded to pick scissors.) Anyways, I digress, the clothes add way more to her form, she looks very stunning in them. All in all, a good game. But the orgasm was fake, sadly. :(

  29. hmmm i have to find my dildo

  30. good game

  31. I rely on sheer is N goods

  32. her tits are so flat

  33. free sex online HD porn

  34. really sexy id like to meet her

  35. to bad she doesn't have bigger tits =(

  36. Every thing about game was shite. Tits were flat scene at the end too short and the game was too easy

  37. i hope i can make sex with her...

  38. hard but nice action...if only it was longer...

  39. if you stick with stone it loops paper,paper, scissors and so you will eventually get to see her (non-existent) chest=)

  40. kinda naughty here ! :D check my profile !

  41. wann fuc you t nadia

  42. Love the game and she is hot

  43. t_nadia fuck

  44. Does anyone know her full name?

  45. this game very sexy and hot

  46. two words . horny erotic

  47. she's cute and sexy..made her lose it...

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