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A couple of smart bitches are going to examine your knowledge of geography. May be their naked bodies will help you to remember locations of the states? But I think it would be difficult. Anyway you can try to guess the right answer :)

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118 Responses to “US Map Strip”

  1. sono italiano, il primo!!

  2. Terrible game. Asked me where Tennessee was three times.

  3. number 33333333333333333

  4. no4 !! haha but i need new version of meet and fark ...!

  5. no.5 More MNF PLZ.

  6. more meet n fuck mang

  7. Caralhooooo é nois Doido

  8. meet n fuck is da best make a new 1

  9. Great, now I gotta think to see tits. Bullcrap.

  10. shut up everbody, i can't hear it anymore, with the stupid mnf, ok its a good game, but to ask for it, they can't make it faster

  11. it a nice sexy game i like it yes yes mmmmmmyes ooh yes

  12. plz make more mnf....we beg of you

  13. remove the random flash adds on the bottom right of my screen they lagg the whole vid anyone no how to get rid of them

  14. this game was really really good... FOR ME TO POOP ON!!

  15. saying more MNF is good so they know we just starve for those games. all the rest doesn't important.

  16. to get rid of the ads: put your cursor on the girl and an X will appear on her right. click the x and the ad will disappear while you are on this page. everytime you switch pages she'll reappear though

  17. Too easy. I hate be be one of those people, but we need more MNF!

  18. the endings suck

  19. bravo italiano sei il primo...

  20. i beat it both on easy and hard mmm now i want some hard cock, msg me if you wanna have sum fun xxx

  21. what is your e-mail KIM69 ????????????

  22. Won on both settings, though easy just ain't worth it in my opinion (eventhough I like brunettes better, being blonde myself.)

  23. As long as there are no more meet and fucks...

  24. The line for the "Meet N Fuck" whiners club starts on GET A LIFE place...

  25. wats's ur e-mail kim 69?

  26. 이런 씨벌 ㅋㅋㅋ 구글어스 검색하는것도 죤나 귀찮아 뒈지겠네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  27. what is your e mail kim 69

  28. Who is the brunette? I want a name!

  29. Heya Kim, check my profile...and so all the girls ;)

  30. опять бля одни америкацы пиздец

  31. чето я очкую.......

  32. u know u should make a MNF as like naruto or something that would be nice

  33. easy lol kim69 contact me!

  34. i like the blond =)


  36. The easy level brunette was way hotter with hard nips. Blondie on hard level just doesn't cut it.

  37. Not bad,not bad at all

  38. not a really good game

  39. The Blonde and the Brunette are both hot and sexy because they both have great bodys and I would like to do them both!!!!!

  40. game sucked BUT FUCK YES ITS NOT HOLIO!!!!!!!! THERE IS A GOD

  41. It makes my brain hurt... FUCK YOU GAME!

  42. if you live in the US and can't do hard straight up...move to cali.

  43. Make me cum out that i lick

  44. aq c sonson bobo aq! pa kantot!

  45. Kim69, I have a hard cock for you, do you have a hot wet pussy for me?

  46. not bad design, randomizer needs a bit of work though

  47. Too easy, the game asked me the same 5 states over and over.

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  51. mik hai difeso il noem degli italiani mettendi primo ora il presidente della repubblica ti darà una medaglia al valore

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  53. i love this game

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  55. 챗 모야

  56. bence süper bişi

  57. Shit im so horny I think I'll fuck my sexy teacher at school!

  58. @ mik: ciao mik, non credo, che sei il primo...

  59. plizz make a new MNF

  60. hello my name is summer a child born with no eyes or nose and if u dont post over 5 more games i will come in your bed and kill you

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  66. great games

  67. this game is sexy


  69. that's a new educational method !!! =)

  70. tihs god

  71. great game for those who want to be an A student)

  72. Brunette is Claudia Rossi. Blonde is Carolyn Reese. :) Claudia is hotter...better body :)

  73. blonde milf is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. basterd game

  75. Those Girls on the side make me horny

  76. Those Girls on the side make me horny

  77. i'd like to have a guy as a teacher))

  78. Is there anything i may teach you?

  79. i alredy have a guy tech lol

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  87. Ye!,It's realy good!

  88. i love boobs

  89. to many twos of the same state

  90. unfortunately i'm weak in my knowledge of geography:(

  91. Who's the brunette? She looks familiar.

  92. no carga esta cosa jaja

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  94. I love geography.

  95. ci si bonaaaaaaaaaa

  96. good music

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  99. do what I did copy and paste onto paint then you can see the map even in the blondie one and pass with flying colours and see her naked like i did!

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  101. pretty hot game

  102. stand up

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  104. nice gaame :)

  105. altro italiano...gioco stupendo me l'ha fatto indurire

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  107. press TAB many times to watch the map with hints

  108. italiani porcelliniii xdxdxd

  109. Men! Im So Horny! I want to have sex!

  110. Ma non ce ne sono Italiani qui???

  111. Nice. They need to teach like this in college! ;D

  112. If you use map of U.S.A is very easy

  113. hmmmmmmmmmmm

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  115. Guys, just right click and press Forward. It's not that hard :)

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