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Gangster Strip Blackjack

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The Queen of Italian mafia thinks that she is a master player. This busty beauty invites you to play a strip blackjack. Rules of this game are simple. Try to get points as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding 21. If you win then she takes off some part of her cloth and you may look at her attractive body. If she wins - you lose your money. Prove that you are lucky, make she naked. And when she has nothing to take off then you fuck her.
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Comments (25)
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lol 2008-08-22 19:23:40
so freaking easy and u got 2 chose tit fuck or riding^^
crazy_horse_joe 2008-09-13 19:46:34
good game but it was tough to beat
yea 2008-09-23 18:46:50
the guys at the top are dead wrong... it was easy
Joshfatninja 2008-09-24 22:52:27
Nice And Easy....And I Even Suck At Blackjack!
Woof 2008-10-07 16:47:09
probability jane 2008-11-03 13:49:26
truely the laws of probability have been well and truely shackled in this game
FUcking 2008-11-07 01:19:48
This bitch does know how to play
Mick 2009-02-18 20:33:03
I lost all of two hands before I won....easiest strip blackjack game I've ever played.
paul 2009-02-24 01:11:43
thius game is shit!
gabata 2009-06-12 05:29:52
i won the game. but the happy ending wasnt like what i wannit.. well,its just a game anyway..
Hardon Frank 2009-07-07 22:53:46
Yea It takes a while to win,just like any blackjack game. it's a pity though that you can't actually get her to come at the end of it.
you dont know 2009-07-17 21:27:11
game is corrupted!
fydft 2009-07-28 12:42:56
Motherfucking Cheater 2009-08-27 00:52:18
This game fucking cheats so bad..... You get 20, she gets 21! It's bullshit
uu 2010-04-22 10:00:27
heveyone bye
zzz 2010-05-23 20:08:12
t_nadia,i wana fuck you
zzz 2010-05-23 20:10:59
sori nadia...type wrong
geoff32 2010-05-31 04:25:01
this game sucks
Hmm~ 2010-05-31 05:33:48
ZWhat an idiotic game.. zzzzzzzz cant stand 2 losez
cutie88 2010-08-26 13:45:28
it's impossible to win
Zhen 2010-10-08 07:45:51
Wow this game really knows how to make itself last for hours and not win
arschsau 2010-12-09 05:44:51
The game totally cheats. Its simply luck. Nothing more...
hit and stand 2012-05-18 23:49:41
click hit and mash stand
jdjhdhjs 2015-08-16 05:53:56
That was not fucking worth it
teapot 2016-08-20 01:51:41
Won the damn game -- took me three notifications of "You have no more money!" before it gave me CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE A FUCKING GOOD PLAYER! Unlocked Riding and Tit-fuck.