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Blackjack with Janice 2

Sex game: Blackjack with Janice 2

Sex game: Blackjack with Janice 2 Sex game: Blackjack with Janice 2 Sex game: Blackjack with Janice 2

Time to say hello to sex bomb Jenice once again. She's been surprised when you've beat her at blackjack. Now she wants a revenge. Show that bitch who's the boss and fuck her with didlo!

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63 Responses to “Blackjack with Janice 2”

  1. 11111111

  2. not bad #1

  3. someone wanna try get me to strip? check my profile

  4. number333333333333333333333

  5. number 5~~

  6. weeeehhhh!

  7. stop the numbers

  8. Where's the girl??????

  9. This was a fun little game

  10. Lovely tits Cindy...check out my profile ladies.

  11. not bad...

  12. dialer,didlo...a lot of misprints lol

  13. geeze that game is hard

  14. also fingure fuck...

  15. time consuming, but worth it i guess, guys or girls check out my profile ;)

  16. stupid fucking game, they made it so you can't win. when u start getting money, you will lose 5 times in a row.

  17. this game was too easy... just follow basic blackjack rules, you know? allways hit under 11 and never hit over 16 unless dealer has 7 or higher

  18. pretty good game

  19. very hot videos! this game is AWESOME!!!

  20. How do you unlock everything? How much money do you need?

  21. hey cutie88 you should send in a video of you fingering yourself :)

  22. i love gambling

  23. Great game! Fantastic animations!

  24. it's like my dildo ;) check my profile ;)

  25. great game. guys and girls check my profile. click the link. thats what i really look like.

  26. nice tits celia mendoza

  27. i wanna get u to strip Cindy Jiggler

  28. Just finished to take photos to my boobs! Boys, wanna see them? ;)

  29. @cassidy: sure. got my mail address, looking forward to see them!

  30. nice game. i want to be the dildo

  31. i need to find my dildo right now

  32. Not bad. I liked idea to put videos as rewards.

  33. i like it/ check my profile

  34. A tough game, but fun. Nice to have a challenge once in a while though.


  36. the cum-vid was too freaky really

  37. girls check out my profile

  38. its very beautiful

  39. Dialer Lol!!!!!!

  40. nadia ur beautiful

  41. pretty good game, but i prefer the real thing so any ladies wanna chat, just look me up.

  42. for once a gambling game with some pretty stunning vids

  43. Wow. It SHOULD read, "She was surprised when you beat her at blackjack." Whoever types these is retarded

  44. now that i've opened all vids!

  45. may i see them

  46. how can i get it

  47. love that 3D animation.. very hot janice!!

  48. wanna chat with me? dont let me wait check out my profile

  49. dumb game but easy

  50. those videos made me wet

  51. number 53 yyyeeeeaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!

  52. pretty sweet game

  53. check my profile

  54. her tits are way too big, she moves unnaturally and way too slow

  55. anyone know the name of the original game?

  56. This game is so rigged. she's hot though.

  57. now i wanna play with myself

  58. very good i like this

  59. wanted to see a squirting cum

  60. i like it

  61. jjklk,;l;

  62. Long Game

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