Corruption Games


In these games beautiful sexy and pure girls are slowly becoming corrupt and turning into sex depraved whores. You will be taking active part in it, slowly making them into completely sluts. If you enjoy full control over a girl in a game, then check out this collection!

NTR Bunnies RPG 0.5.1 Bunny blowjob NTR game
NTR game about the male character, who has a cuckold fantasy, getting transported into an isekai world as a pink-haired bunny boy. The goal of the game is to return home with the player's girlfriend.​
18 hours ago
Game Of Whores 0.25 game of whores latest version for free
Welcome to Westeros. At least a very naughty version of it. You are ex-brothel manager and you find yourself in possession of Queen of dragons herself. Can you turn her into a proper slut?
2 days ago
Accursed: Emma's Path 0.0.18 HJRPG game with 2DCG for your browser
Accursed: Emma's Path is an optional-combat erotic visual-novel-styled RPG, with a heavy emphasis on cheating, NTR and corruption. You play as Emma, will you succeed at defeating the Demon Lord or will you succumb to pleasure?
4 days ago
Healslut v0.85k 3D sex game blowjob hard cum on the face
god_logoGame Review
New version of the game - 0.85k. Upon taking up the opportunity to join the brand-spanking-new expansion to the super-popular MMORPG Powerful Order Online as a beta-tester, you find yourself locked into the very odd (and apparently exclusive?) class of Healslut. That means you have to heal... but also take it in your mouth and pussy, let'...
8 days ago
Wife in the Building! Ren'Py 2DCG adult visual novel with lots of NTR and sex
Wife in the building is an adult western style visual novel centering around a couple moving into the new place. Without any money, they decide to get into swinging, sharing and NTR, as the wife agrees to pleasure other men.
20 days ago
Randel Tales v1.4.1 2dcg free game
You play as a 19-years-old man who was taken in by a merchant when he was 4 and lives in the town of Randel where he just started going to the Academy and finally became an adventurer like he had always dreamed. Meet many beautiful girls along your way. Will you be the hero for them or take the advantage?
23 days ago
The Last Goblin 0.5.2 adventure harem sex game
The Last Goblin. A stealth RPG harem collecting game. You will play a small goblin filled with lust. Explore the kingdom of Krumveld, find sexy women for your harem and take revenge for what happened to your other goblin friends.
26 days ago
Cummy Friends v0.5 Cummy Studio game Cummy Friends parody hentai
Welcome to the Foster’s Home for Imaginary friends. Well... a more adult version of that this time around. Turns out, this Foster's home actually had to be Playboy Bunny Mansion at one point. And with that horny dream, Frankie becomes the main target of all the lewd happenings!
28 days ago
Helen Quest v1.2.1 Hentai game for iOS and android and PC
Helen is an agent for the king. She work with the king's wolves (it’s a special group of people) that solves issues in the kingdom. She is fresh from training and that’s her first mission alone! She is sent to Mirkwood to investigate some strange happenings and she will find an infinite adventure if you know what I mean... I won’t t...
1 month ago
Welcome to Nicest 0.2 Free mobile NTR cartoon style porn game for free
god_logoGame Review
An adult RPG set in the town of Nicest where you choose to play one of two brothers. Chad or Chuck. One is a confident young man and the other just trying to live a peaceful life. But why are all the women starting to act strange lately?
1 month ago
Perfect Housewife v2307 Hot milf sucking cocks 3D cheating and corruption
This is a visual novel about sharing your wife. Husband has a lot of dreams about his hot wife being fucked by others so they both indulge in that fetish. Watch different situations as a busty MILF gets fucked everywhere and by everyone.
1 month ago

More Adult Games

Never Saint 0.18 MILF titsfuck in this free mobile and iOS hentai game Never Saint. Free and latest version.
god_logoGame Review
You play as a young man raised to be a saint. One day Marjorie found you and you were able to leave the church. Meanwhile some weird things start to happen once you leave that place you will try to enjoy your new life out of the purity.​
1 month ago
Malevolent Planet 2D Day 2.0 Malevolent Planet play latest version for free
The story of Malevolent Planet follows a female protagonist who's been training and finally gets assigned an interstellar space travel mission. Discover the hidden purpose behind your mission and choose whether you will fight for the salvation of humankind and alienkind, or give in to the newfound temptations of the forbidden knowledge.
1 month ago
8 Days with the Diva Overwatch porn on mobile Free overwatch sex game sex widowmaker blowjob
In this Overwatch porn parody game you will take on the role of Snake Siemen in the evil organization - Talon. Your target? Sexy streamer, gamer and Overwatch agent - You have 8 days to turn her from a warrior to a cum loving slut. Use your assets to make this wish a reality!
1 month ago
Sex Gods 0.33 Play sex gods for free on games of desire
Sex Gods tell you Rex's story, a guy who leads an everyday life in the company of his beautiful and beloved girlfriend, until one day, by destiny... gods, monsters, magic, and a lot of sex come into his life, now he will have to fight and fuck the whole world if he wants to become a Sex God!
1 month ago
Klee Prank Adventure genshin impact hentai games on mobile
In this Genshin Impact hentai parody visual novel we will play as Klee, as she pranks Jean with all sorts of sexual adventures! Of course you will meet other grown-up Genshin impact characters! Variety of lewd outcomes are sure to be present in this hot game!
1 month ago
TakenoteR 0.6 TakenoteR porn game for adults
Watch as a young couple goes on vacation. But the big-breasted wife has a little secret. She writes erotic novels and she needs a lot of material that her husband can't always provide. The only answer is NTR!
2 months ago
Way of Corruption 0.17a BDSM hentai game shame and corruption
We play as a young police officer, trying to get rid of the corruption, only to be corrupted herself! Watch as people grope, touch and fondle this busty naïve officer. Have fun corrupting this sexy girl!
2 months ago
My Best Friend Kouta 0.3 NTR fetish hentai
In this game you play as Eisen, who almost has a perfect life, but his friend is a huge pervert. What will happen, when Eisen's big breasted girlfriend and a perverted friend meet? This game features only NTR scenes.
3 months ago
Doomination 0.1.1 Marvel porn Doomination
Doomination is a comic-based parody point-and-click visual novel game. Doctor Doom is now defeated and deprived of his powers and knowledge. To his aid will come a mysterious witch named Ratri who will awaken in him the ancient power of the conquerors: Dominium. Start your conquest and get all the sexy ladies.
3 months ago
Kingdom of Subversion 0.18 monster girl hentai
Kingdom of Subversion is an adult fantasy rpg, where you take control of a half goblin outcast. You have been exiled from your kingdom, but it's not the end of your story, as you get in contact with a Queen, who promises you revenge. Check out many sexy monster girls in this game!
3 months ago
Maid to Please Maid to Please
You play as a man who returns home to his family, only to find out that your father remarried with a new wife. It's time for some blackmail and good old fashion revenge.
4 months ago
Casey's Fall Casey's Fall
Casey Reine suffers from a strange blackmailer who spirals her life out of control on the path of shame and humiliation. You can expect a lot of public play, nudism and public humiliation.
4 months ago

More Porn Games

The Nights of Suburra 0.8-5 2d game 2dcg anal sex big ass big tits corruption female protagonist group sex interracial oral sex titfuck urination vaginal sex
You play as a sexy noble woman who is quite tired of boring sex with the nobles. She decides to visit the slums to try something new. Of course, this slut ends up loving it.
4 months ago
Witchcraft Witchcraft
You are a girl with magical powers. While studying at the Academy of magic you will become a certified mage. The game is a mix of girl sim and RPG with adult events.​
4 months ago
Teen Witches Academy (Remastered) 0.46 Teen 3d sex
You will take the role of an ancient powerful mage who, framed and banned from the World Mages Council, will have his freedom back thanks to a mysterious creature called Gorath, the lord of Corruption. Your new role will be to reach the Teen Witches Academy, taking the role of the new Principal, and secretly work to bring all teen witches...
4 months ago
Mental Blast Mental Blast
You take the role of reaper Elexis aka (Veil). To rid yourself of a strange visions you go on mission to find the men who can cure you. Along the way you will meet many friends, foes and sex partners.
4 months ago
Naruto: Shinobi Lord 1.0.12 Naruto hentai. Sakura creampie. Tsunade blowjob
Enter the Naruto world and see it from the eyes of the modern regular person. Interact with Hinata, decide how the story will proceed and check out those beautifully drawn hentai parody scenes.
5 months ago
Lust Doll Plus 48.1 Free hentai rpg game
Lust Doll Plus (new version is 10.1) is set in a post-apocalyptic semi-modern/future world, where you start alone and confused in a dangerous place, with literally nothing (not even clothes on your back), and go on to carve out a piece of the world for yourself. There is a lot of stuff to mess around with. You can change your body, have s...
5 months ago
Infinity Realm 0.4.8 2d game 3dcg big ass big tits corruption creampie fantasy female domination footjob handjob humiliation lactation male domination male protagonist milf mind control monster girl oral sex parody pregnancy slave spanking stripping vaginal sex
You go to explore an old abandoned house, only to find yourself transported to the Infinity Realm. You must defeat the guardians to escape, but lose to them and become enslaved to their sexual desires.
5 months ago
True Husband True Husband
You get to play as a middle-aged man who recently got married. He spent many years of his life devoted to work and career, but one day he met his love. They love each other and enjoy life together. But everything changes when a young girl appears on the main character's doorstep, who appears to be his wife's daughter. It turns out that yo...
5 months ago
God's Blessing On This Cursed Ring! God's Blessing On This Cursed Ring!
Welcome to hentai parody of KonoSuba! Kazuma and his party found a mysterious ring in an abandoned castle while running a quest. The ring is very weird and turns most situations to NTR. Can he resist?
5 months ago
Dungeon Slaves 0.64 sexy 3D porn animated game
In this world full of magic, you play as Amy, an elvish maid. After an orc raid on your village, it’s your quest to deliver the girls that were taken away before they end up as sex slave. Brew potions, fight, deepen your relationships and of course enjoy sexy 3d animated scenes!
5 months ago
Hermione and the Magic of Love 2023 Hermione and the Magic of Love. Hermione sex and 3D renders
This game is based on the Harry Potter novels, but you don't play as Harry, you play as Hermione. Join Hogwarts to find yourself in all sorts of naughty situations. Complete the game and find out what Hermione was up to all this time.
5 months ago
Lisa Lisa
You play as Lisa in her final year of college. She has a boyfriend. Join them on their sexual adventure, as Lisa tries different jobs to make her credit for college. With so many opportunities and her sexy looks, will everything change?
6 months ago
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