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Mmmh I sure love a sexy girl or a woman with a nice cock to fuck me. If you enjoy beautiful futa girls as well, then this collection is definitely for you. All hentai games with futa or online games with futa or just futa animations! Check them out and see what these naughty girls can do!

Futa Quest v1.95 Futa quest latest version ios and android
You play as a futunari teacher with a very strong libido. You suddenly got a call from an elite agency and she was offered a specific job. Meet characters from different universes and use your large Futa cock to impregnate them!
30 days ago
Sex Valley v0.6 Monster girl 2D game. Orcs hentai and kitsune hentai
You will be in the control of a young man living in a small village in a small port town in a large magical land. Being the only man in age to reproduce in the village, you shall partake on various activities with diverse types of girls! Explore the town, meet sexy girls and do naughty things to them in this monster girl hentai RPG!
2 months ago
Headpats & Handholding 0.13 Futa 3D rendered hentai game
This game is about white haired futa's journey to find love, acceptance and, of course, tons of sex. The game features lots of Futa action, threesomes and many other fetishes!
3 months ago
Futa's of Eden Futa hentai game
Futas of Eden lets you play as Eve. Under the watchful and horny eye of God, gather the forbidden fruits, transform all the girls of Eden into sexy futas, and transform Eden into a futa fuckfest!
4 months ago
A.I.D.A 0.421 2d game 2dcg animated big ass big tits creampie female protagonist futa/trans protagonist parody rape sci-fi sex toys vaginal sex
Welcome to A.I.D.A. the post-apocalyptic adult parody adventure. We play as a very sexy female android in a wild radioactive wasteland. What will you use your robot parts on? Will you upgrade to have a futa? You decide!
5 months ago
Milf Breeder 0.4 Hot milfs game, blowjob and breeding. Ren'py 3d porngame
High school senior Scarlett has just had her 18th birthday and has just been made aware of new job opportunity. She needs to find a well paying job to help her pay for college. Her favorite teacher has some ideas on how to solve her problem.
6 months ago
Superhuman 0.97 Western dark fantasy porn game
After some interesting events where you meet 2 monsters, you awaken to the new powers! You can shapeshift now. How will you use your powers? For good? Evil? Or maybe just for some fun. You decide!
7 months ago
Ashe's Rodeo Ashe porn Overwatch animated sex with Ashe
This is a XXX Parody starring Ashe from Overwatch made by Sunspot Animations. Here, you will be able to choose your fucker (even futa) and then fuck Ashe. Customize her look, speed and choose where to cum. Check it out!
8 months ago
Royal Guards of Ethyria Monster girl sex tower defence nutaku game
Royal Guards of Ethyria by YUKARI, Fouzi and Strange Girl. The kingdom of Ethyria is having big problems with lustful monsters. Goblin, demons and others find and fuck any women they can find. Can you defend your kingdom in this tower defense adult game? You can play this sex game on your iOS and android devices as well!
8 months ago
Marli Adventure Harley Quinn porn game for free on mobile devices
Let us introduce Marli Adventure adult visual novel. Here you will be taking the role of Marli (who is clearly a sex parody of Harley) who has to navigate the difficult life in prison, make tough choices and engage in tons of sexual situations!
10 months ago
Distant Shores Saga Distant Shores Saga play for free futa hentai game
In this adventure you will be playing as several characters, including males, females and even futas. Their stories will be connected to each other in this historical fictional world full of characters with different stories, goals, personalities and races.
11 months ago

More Adult Games

The Proteus Effect adult game browser for free
The Proteus Effect is a roleplaying adventure game about a guy who starts working in the VR company. Things go bad though, as he is transported into the virtual world in the body of a sexy woman! What will you do now?
11 months ago
Mental Blast Negative Power Mental Blast Negative Power
You take the role of reaper Elexis aka (Veil). To rid yourself of a strange visions you go on mission to find the men who can cure you. Along the way you will meet many friends, foes and sex partners.
1 year ago
Juicy Futa 0.21 Futa hentai
Welcome to Juicy Island ! Juicy Futa is an open-world visual novel/dating-sim, set in a jazzy, black and white atmosphere. You are Eliot, a horny Futa time traveler who gets lost on a very special island. Join the lifes of people on this island while you try to figure out a way back!
1 year ago
Wayfared 0.35 sex games play online
You take the role of a young man on an island. It's time to go on an adventure filled with horny, big-breasted women and creatures of all shape and sizes.
1 year ago
Futa Family Futa Family
In this game you play as a young adventurer trying to make as much money as possible for him and his girlfriend. Choose to cheat, share your wife yourself and maybe something completely different.
1 year ago
Champion of Venus Champion of Venus
Champion of Venus tells the story of Rayne, a socially awkward shut-in accidentally chosen as the champion of a goddess of lust. Join the tournament full of sluts, use your love and lust, but be careful, losing means eternal servitude!
1 year ago
Sugar MOM 2 Motion Comic Sugar MOM 2 Motion Comic
Mrs. Moore is bored waiting for her husband to come home after work. To the delight of the milf, our nerdy boy Scotty is ready again to provide her with assistance in satisfying her even more lustful desires. And Scotty is already at her door. But it looks like he didn't come alone. Who is there with him?
1 year ago
TRIBU is an adult visual novel. Join the other girls at the very naughty beach. Phones are not allowed, so the only thing to do is have some fun. Follow several sexy female characters as they get to all sorts of sexual adventures.
1 year ago
Equellum/Fabula: Carmen Cygni v0.4.1.0 Hentai furry for free futa cock
New version with new scenes! Our protagonist horsegirl, on her new life in the two of Umikaze. Lots of interesting mysteries to uncover in this new town and our girl being a little horny of course makes it much more interesting. If you are into big breasted, futa, furry girls, then this game is just for you!!
2 years ago
Call of Beauty hentai futa 2dcg sex adventure
Girls started a war against men. Our heroine will have to show women that they cannot exist without dicks and that they should have sex, not war.
2 years ago
Fuckerman: Wild Breast Fuckerman: Wild Breast
New adventures of the Fuckerman and the Fuckergirl in the wild West. Use W A S D to move, E for action, Q to get naked, C to switch character (when possible), M to turn off/on music in the game.
2 years ago
Building Our Futature 0.64.4 Building Our Futature 0.64.4
The story centers around a husband with a successful start-up company and his supporting wife. Although supportive his wife can get lonely during her husband's long work hours, so she suggests he hires his very first employee. Of course the new employee packs a bit of a surprise in her pants. Fans of hentai futa will love this game!
2 years ago

More Porn Games

Parasites of Evil futa 3d game
This world is filled with monsters and parasites, but nobody knows about it. Only one woman confronts the corruption. Will you be able to resist the monsters or give in to the pleasure and lust?
2 years ago
Hot Gym futa sex
New acquaintances, new opportunities, all this is now in your hands. is a gripping, beautiful erotic 3D adventure novel centered around two complete strangers. A game that is a sex simulator where you decide what poses to choose and what to do next, and also do what you want. Isn't that what everyone wanted?
3 years ago
Waifuta futa game
A game where Galko had to change university because of her questionable behaviour. Her new school was supposed to be an all-girls school, but it turn out to be an all-futanari schools and they all look like I've seen them somewhere...
3 years ago
Max the Elf ♂ Max the Elf ♂
Max The Elf found himself in quite a bit of trouble. Charmed and seduced by Fae, he has to chase the mischievous fairy throughout the level, avoiding all sorts of naughty obstacles. Can you reach the end of the level with succumbing to pleasure?
3 years ago
Fuckerman Jingle Balls 0.3 fuckerman play free
Merry Christmas from the Fuckerman! New update with the new girl! In his world, Santa got really drunk and crushed the sleigh. So Fuckerman has to come to the rescue! Get the presents, fly around in the sleigh and give the gift of cheer and happiness to people! Along with your fat cock, as they thank you for the present. Have fun with the...
3 years ago
Travel to Naal demon sex rpg
Become the hero in this magical world filled with sexy demons, monster girls and so on! Our main character hears a strange voice, asking him to save the world, with a reward being a nice hard fuck. Was it just a dream? Find out in this sex game!
3 years ago
Non Monstrum FUTA hentai sex
Join Lily Blossom, the last slimegirl, on her quest to discover her past and find her future as she follows her heart down a pure path. Meet tons of friends and enemies, some of them mind be packing some heat down below. Explore this large sexy world! If you enjoy futa and lesbian you will love this game!
3 years ago
Harley Quinn VS Futa Police Harley Quinn sex game
Harley Quinn finds herself in a heap of trouble, when two busty, FUTA police officers come to her jail cell. Of course they use her fully and fuck her holes until they are filled with cum. Enjoy this adult 3D comic based on Harley Quinn!
4 years ago
Teras Castle Futa hentai for free
Do you enjoy FUTA action? Then this game is for you. Look as two girls have tons of fun, jerking the cock, sucking it. And of course there is an ending with some tentacles, all beautifully animated. Have fun!
4 years ago
Sexual Duty 3D RPG porn for free sexy girls get fucked
You play as a girl who needs to give other girls powerful orgasms! Make them squirt all over and reach the highest point. Go around town and help other ladies as you unravel the story. Have fun!
4 years ago
Shantae Futa Shantae hentai animation futa fuck
Do you like futas? Then you will enjoy this hentai flash animation! Watch as Shantae has some hard sex, pounding a fresh pussy with her futa cock and then cumming all over her face!
4 years ago
Handjob By a Sexy Redhead Sexy redhead jerks a fat cock
In this short hentai animation a cute redhead will jerk your cock real good! Change how you look or put her in a different costumes. After a nice stroking session don't forget to cum ALL over her cute face.
4 years ago
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