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This is the genre that has been growing in popularity. Usually involves the protagonist who has his hentai babe fucked in front of him. Lots of cheating and adultery in this tag, if you enjoy being not faithful, check this tag out!

Goblin Layer v0.44.4 Goblin Layer v0.44.4
Goblin Layer is a Goblin Slayer porn parody? Yes? Well, in this game we play a guy who also wants to kill every goblin. But he also wants to fuck every female goblin. Lead him through the caves and beat all the goblins! And fuck and the goblin females!
10 days ago
Wife in the Building! Ren'Py 2DCG adult visual novel with lots of NTR and sex
Wife in the building is an adult western style visual novel centering around a couple moving into the new place. Without any money, they decide to get into swinging, sharing and NTR, as the wife agrees to pleasure other men.
20 days ago
Welcome to Nicest 0.2 Free mobile NTR cartoon style porn game for free
god_logoGame Review
An adult RPG set in the town of Nicest where you choose to play one of two brothers. Chad or Chuck. One is a confident young man and the other just trying to live a peaceful life. But why are all the women starting to act strange lately?
1 month ago
Perfect Housewife v2307 Hot milf sucking cocks 3D cheating and corruption
This is a visual novel about sharing your wife. Husband has a lot of dreams about his hot wife being fucked by others so they both indulge in that fetish. Watch different situations as a busty MILF gets fucked everywhere and by everyone.
1 month ago
Star Knightess Aura 0.33 hentai tentacle porn game knightess
You play as Aura, as she finds herself in a fantasy like adventure. She needs to defeat her target, while trying her best to not get brainwashed. Star Knightess Aura is an RPG with nsfw erotic content, made with RPG Maker MZ. The game features themes of corruption, brainwashing, mental changes, possession, mind control, and NTR.
1 month ago
Sex Gods 0.33 Play sex gods for free on games of desire
Sex Gods tell you Rex's story, a guy who leads an everyday life in the company of his beautiful and beloved girlfriend, until one day, by destiny... gods, monsters, magic, and a lot of sex come into his life, now he will have to fight and fuck the whole world if he wants to become a Sex God!
1 month ago
TakenoteR 0.6 TakenoteR porn game for adults
Watch as a young couple goes on vacation. But the big-breasted wife has a little secret. She writes erotic novels and she needs a lot of material that her husband can't always provide. The only answer is NTR!
2 months ago
My Best Friend Kouta 0.3 NTR fetish hentai
In this game you play as Eisen, who almost has a perfect life, but his friend is a huge pervert. What will happen, when Eisen's big breasted girlfriend and a perverted friend meet? This game features only NTR scenes.
3 months ago
God's Blessing On This Cursed Ring! God's Blessing On This Cursed Ring!
Welcome to hentai parody of KonoSuba! Kazuma and his party found a mysterious ring in an abandoned castle while running a quest. The ring is very weird and turns most situations to NTR. Can he resist?
5 months ago
Lisa Lisa
You play as Lisa in her final year of college. She has a boyfriend. Join them on their sexual adventure, as Lisa tries different jobs to make her credit for college. With so many opportunities and her sexy looks, will everything change?
6 months ago
Night Lessons 1.5 Night Lessons 1.5
You play as a very wealthy young man, visiting the school for adults at night. Choose a girl and also choose the way you will interact with her, leading you to love... or watch her getting loved by others.
6 months ago

More Adult Games

A Whore New Ball Game A Whore New Ball Game
A Whore New Ball Game is a NTR game, where you can play as either husband or wife. The husband is in a huge debt, so he has a brilliant idea - sell your wife to be fucked by strangers!
6 months ago
Mother Ntr Training Mother Ntr Training
You play as James, an 18 years old student. Your loving mother Lucy is an ex-fitness teacher and you travel around a lot. Finally you find a place with your father's old friend Ron. Just from the title you can guess what will happen in the future. Make your choices and see different sexy outcomes.
7 months ago
Fuckerman: Wedding rings Fuckerman: Wedding rings
Fuckerman and Fuckergirl decided to have fun at someone else's wedding. Pigeon who was supposed to bring the rings got scared and is not going back. Get those rings and make this wedding to happen as planned, or maybe ruin it completely by fucking everybody in it?
8 months ago
Devoted Wife Devoted Wife
This is a story about the protagonist and his wife, a newly married couple and the unexpected arrival of a young man into their lives. The arrival of the young man made the protagonist realize that he had a strange fetish that he hoped his wife would indulge in. Watch the couple experiment and dive deep into the unfaithful love.
9 months ago
Sensual Haunting Sensual Haunting
You are the ghost of Sammy Grainsville who died at the hands of mysterious circumstances twenty years ago and haunted the home since then. A new family has moved in, consisting of Hans the Husband, Marin the Wife and Elizabeth the Daughter. That night, after moving everything in, Elizabeth decides to play with herself and her lust called ...
9 months ago
Kingdom: Wrath of the Dark Lady Kingdom: Wrath of the Dark Lady
Enter the magical world inspired by the Game Of Thrones under the rule of the Dark Lady. We play as Henry and there are a lot of choices ahead of us. Choose right and you might enjoy sexy 3D animated scenes!
9 months ago
A Couple's Duet of Love & Lust NTR fetish game for adults
Check out this story about a young, married couple moving in to a new place. Meet new friends and watch your lewd wife slowly get seduced by the neighbors. Will you allow them or will you fight your beautiful wife?
10 months ago
Being an Adventurer Is Not Always the Best Sexy teen porn in a 3D RPG
What can happen in a remote village in a world of magic and swords? Friendships and rivalries will be tested, and the dream of being an adventurer can actually be a nightmare.​
1 year ago
Take Over 0.52 MILF fuck and blowjob hot adult game
Take Over is a game about corruption, where you need to be careful about being caught by the oppresive government. Be careful, corrupt everybody and enjoy your time with sexy girls.
1 year ago
Girlfriend Tapes 2dcg ahegao big ass big tits creampie exhibitionism footjob group sex humiliation male protagonist mobile game ntr oral sex sex toys vaginal sex voyeurism
The countdown for the inevitable begins! Your lovely girlfriend Mia starts attending a different college. Can you save the relationship over the long distance or will you see how far your 'girlfriend' will go?
1 year ago
Emilia & Joseph: Exploited Innocence 2d game 3dcg adventure ahegao big ass big tits blackmail corruption drugs exhibitionism female protagonist groping masturbation mind control ntr sandbox sexual harassment stripping teasing vaginal sex voyeurism
This game is about a young couple in the village, Emilia and Joseph. They decide to get married, but Joseph's father suggests living in the town a bit, before they do. Follow their naughty ntr adventures in the city!
1 year ago
Watching My Wife 0.4.1 NTR cuck game
The story centers around a happily married couple, who searches for something... more. Take them on a hot journey of cuckolding, wife sharing and NTR. Watch as your wife has sex with other men.
1 year ago

More Porn Games

Treasure of Nadia v51092 3d porn game Treasure of Nadia
god_logoGame Review
Treasure of Nadia is the followup to Lust Epidemic. The new version includes a naughty scene with a voice! In Treasure of Nadia you take control of a young man looking to fill the shoes of his recently deceased father and become a famous treasure hunter. Meet some familiar characters, enjoy the story and, of course, seduce the ladies!
1 year ago
Kingdom Queens, Princesses & Whores 2B hentai
This game is full of characters you might recognize. Ciri from Witcher, 2B and Mother of dragons from game of thrones all are included in this adult game. Although here she is called Dragon Queen and she is a tyrant ruling over the land. Find out your purpose, go on adventure and fuck!
2 years ago
Hotwife Ashley NTR cheating porn game
In this story, you're husband of a beautiful woman, which you're willing to share and fulfill both of your and her desires. But her requests get more and more demanding. Can you keep up with them? Maybe you should give it a try, after all, you never know what you both might like.
2 years ago
Jessica O'Neil's Hard News Jessica O'Neil last update
This adult visual novel tells us a story about Jessica O’Neil, who's just 25 years old and she wants to be become an amazing journalist. In order to do that, you really need to take some risks, this leads her down the path of many naughty situations and lots of cheating and lewd sex. Can you find a great story for Jessica?
2 years ago
Demon Boy gamcore games
The story centers around a young guy, who is a bit of an outcast. He finds a very interesting book that changes his entire life. Now it's all about sex, lust and power. Can you keep your human side or will you succumb to pleasure?
2 years ago
Christian And Faith lop free
The woman you see before you is Faith Philips, a simple retail associate with a heart of gold and has given it to her current boyfriend, Christian Grant. Who, if you have not yet established now, is currently not here at present. Being that it is their anniversary, Faith finds herself to be more than disappointed. Enjoy the amazing sex ga...
2 years ago
Angelica Origins teen rpg game
"Angelica Origins" is a fantasy story of an 18-year-old girl in her last year of high school. With the help of her mother and her friends, Angelica finds herself facing difficult changes and mysteries about her life and a hidden world full of magic and supernatural creatures.
2 years ago
Meet'N'Fuck Metropolis: Presidential Treatment - Free & Full MNF free game
god_logoGame Review
MNF Metropolis has some new competition for the presidency! President Ronald J Dump accompanied by his heavy-titted wife Melonia Dump and his busty daughter Iwanka Dump arrives in MNF Metropolis to campaign for his election! Of course his MILF wife and teen daughter are such sluts, giving their bodies to anyone! So we get to see how his w...
3 years ago
Meet'N'Fuck XMas Payrise 7 - Free & Full MILF sluts gets banged by the huge cock
While everybody in MnF town fucks and has a good time, on the North Pole they start getting ready for Christmas early. As such, Santa sends his cheating MILF wife to find a lost Elf. Of course it's not so easy, as she meets a terrible enemy in the forest! Chase this naughty slut through the forest and then rape her leaking pussy!
3 years ago
Cheating Wife 0.4 Cheating Wife 0.4
Updated version 0.4. Are you fan of NTR? Then this game is just for you. You and your wife leave a normal, boring life. Until she starts cheating on you! It's your choice whether or not to allow her to do it! Enjoy beautiful 3d sex scenes in this NTR visual novel.
3 years ago
Married After 40 [Holiday] MILF cheating NTR
Stephanie has a vivid dream about a Christmas present her husband gave her. Will she allow her husband to help her unwrap it or will she keep it to herself? It's up to you to decide.​
3 years ago
Sugar Mom 0.2 Cheating MILF online porn game
Naughty Mrs. Moore never get bored while her husband is away. She is always looking for a fuck and to stuff her pussy full of large cock. Well, the help comes as a nerdy kid. Watch as he takes the cheating milf!
3 years ago
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