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Good news everyone! Do you remember that funny girl Wendy? Today we know what happens next in that day. She was little tired after a horse riding and she goes to take a hot tub. Her wet dreams just can't leave her alone. She puts down her naughty fingers and gently rubs her pussy. She's getting hot. Damn, this is good moment to fuck her.

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91 Responses to “Horny Afternoon 2”


  2. takes to long to load but other than that cool

  3. I can't get past the hairbrushing part

  4. This dumb

  5. i can't get the lotion from the right it is doing anything

  6. nanny was so stupid that wasnt moisturizer on her thigh it was a long ass stream of cum

  7. who wants to fuck me!my number is 1304-993-8763

  8. i cant get the lotion in her pussy , when i click it nothing hapenz!!!!!

  9. okay game

  10. i will sexylady

  11. I cant even click the lotion wtf!?!?

  12. hello!!!! they never even show the guys butt!!!!!

  13. Oh Wendy, won't you ever have a normal afternoon?

  14. slow but worth it

  15. After applying lotion and rubbing pussy, nanny walks in and catches her. Then its game over and have to press "Try Again" button. How do I get past this part?

  16. It doesn't seem to move after she picks up the green bottle

  17. cant find where to click on the robeline... can anyone help?

  18. compd it twice

  19. compd it twice

  20. to get past the bathtub part, you have to click the bottle again when Nanny calls, that way she puts her legs back down and doesn't get caught.

  21. yeha needs to load alot faster

  22. I super game

  23. this game needs sound. Other sites who host this game have background sounds like moans and stuff.

  24. nice fucking bitch

  25. these games are the best not like the otehr ones

  26. why i em abalt to the end and and black screen

  27. ЎЃўКўДўК Ў≠ЎІўД ЎѓЎІЎѓ

  28. there iz a horny afternoon 3 but u hav to down load it from sharks lagoon

  29. i got up to the bit where she puts lotion bottle up her pussy, but how you get it out in time b4 nanny comes in??

  30. ein geiles spiel. freue mich schon auf den dritten teil...

  31. i can get the shampoo and put it on her stomach but it wont go in her pussy, HELP

  32. I can get the shampoo and put it on her stomach but it wont go in her pussy, HELP

  33. i hate this game! i don't get the lotion part! how i grab it?

  34. i like their sexy boobs

  35. i can touch the repair man ass nanny flips out

  36. i can touch the repair man ass nanny flips out

  37. what is the secret word

  38. what is the secret word

  39. what is the secret word i need help

  40. i touched her pussy n tits but it wont do anythng else.... i tried to touch the shampoo bottle but it wnt get picked up frm its place...

  41. anyone intrested in tasting my cum

  42. girls add me eino500@hotmail . com im male

  43. right click then click play and do not wait

  44. girls add me sexyyhej@live.dk

  45. мХИлЕХ нШХлЛШлУ§ л°ЬлФ©мЭі м∞ЄлКРл¶ђлД§мЪФ

  46. hello ladies

  47. i cant get that f*cking lotion on

  48. needs sound

  49. wow. i need a minute to fuck my man and a girl. but this is the bomb!!!

  50. damn... need sex.....

  51. Moe you don't need sex! but this games I can't seem to get it right?! I NEED HELP!

  52. IT'S NOT 10:27 OR 10:26 IT'S 6:27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. How the hell do you drop the bottle??

  54. i got horny just playing

  55. after you put the lotion on her stomach you click her hand and she will rub it. then you click her pussy

  56. During the hair brushing has anyone noticed that nanny is using the brush upside down??

  57. when i finish the part with nanny and wendy, i cant seem to get wendy's robe in! D: plz help!

  58. great game!!! but it's very difficult for me...the farmer's son comes so quickly and nanny is still naked...

  59. how do you play this???

  60. are their any lesbian girls that want lick my pussy and nipples. I am a female

  61. girls send me pics

  62. girls send me pics

  63. I always masturbate in bathroom:)

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  66. nanny touch wendy's breas ... wendy touch nanny's nipple ... then what ?

  67. needs sound


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  70. damn! i'm so horny now

  71. wtf do you do during the hairbrushing!

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  74. help me i don't pass the miss soon

  75. when the guy makes the light and wendy is rubbing her leg.. i don't know what to do..help meeeeee

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  77. i finish it wat a nice fucking game

  78. download walkthrough's from Skarks-lagoon.fr

  79. i'm so wet now fuck me hard

  80. how do u get the hairbrush part

  81. how get dik in vagina

  82. what ia a chet

  83. how do i get pass the brushing

  84. i lov lesbian sex

  85. the help word is kinky

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  89. how to go true the hair brush part

  90. wher do you click on the robe line

  91. Hey guys, I do believe that "bath" is the key word to get through this part of the Horny Afternoon series.

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