Instant Sex Lottery

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Porn Game - Instant Sex Lottery, picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - Instant Sex Lottery, picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - Instant Sex Lottery, picture 3 of 3

Today we have laid up for you something especial! Try your good luck in our all-prize loseless lotterry! How much do you need to fuck that hot 3D chick? Of course she will be yours! Every level that horny chick pleases your cock. Refrain your cumming to see the final scene!

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Game Size: 6.8 MB

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477 Responses to “Instant Sex Lottery”

  1. number oneeeeeeeeee

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  11. --------------------------------------------------------------- every body over that line is g@y

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  13. I prefer the movie :)

  14. takes for ever to load...

  15. you guys are fucking idiots

  16. more MnF they havent put one up in a long ass time i seriously think they quit on that

  17. the only original content they have on this site any more is 3d movies cut up and set to buttons.

  18. Why do I always get that both lines are incorrect? Is it just entirely random? A one in a thousand chance of getting through this game seems a large waste of time. Larger than usual.

  19. wtf is with loading

  20. Wow MnF.... Why the fuck wud they give up on there biggest succes?? They didnt so fucking chill. It s a good game i agree but it takes time to make good things. So chill

  21. MnF creators probably ran out of ideas but will post new ones as they come up with them, personally I think MnF are pointless cos their too easy

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  23. In the time it took this to load I had found and watched a ton of porn elsewhere kind of making this pointless

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  25. got off to the ad in the corrner before it loaded

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  27. i've seen those incest movies before...they're from Real Doll House game

  28. I think MnFs' wre a victim of their own success. They wre so great, but they decided to pull them because everybody kept bitvhing for them. So, thanks a million FUCKTARDS!!!!!!! This game sounds like more crap, so I' not wasting my time on it.

  29. can we have more mnf we did not had one for long time

  30. STFU mnf is coming with 2 releases :)

  31. STFU mnf is coming with 2 releases :)

  32. it is crap

  33. I farted

  34. more divaaa

  35. u guys are hoes searlusly get a life and stop playing theese games

  36. ...but yet you go to this site and look up the games, dumbfuck. think next time you post. yeah, these games are BULLSHIT not even real games. w/e

  37. I c the mental midgets are counting up or down again

  38. anyone else get stuck at 41%?

  39. more mnf please

  40. how do they do this kind of games?do they use actors?)))))

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  44. this loading time is just a fucking joke... honestly....

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  46. this game tells me im wrong when im right

  47. I'm number 9999999999999

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  49. Wtf..uhh yeah we are the sad ones playing these games even tho u come here to tell us we are sad, well done fucktard, loading time is a bitch!!!


  51. this is fukin shit!

  52. is the current game they/he/she is working on and is more like a 3d MNF.

  53. how the fuck can both line 1 and line 2 be miss

  54. Finally 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 on top, 10 cumshot =p

  55. sucking loading

  56. what a cheating game! you can lose whatever you choose...rhymed)))))

  57. took fucking forever to load

  58. long load but i want girls for cam to cam on msn

  59. it isn't really taking that long to load. you guys probly just were on during peak internet hours.

  60. italian boy...some fun...check me out babe...

  61. anyone ever thought they post loads between m'n'f too build some suspense so more of you are exceited about a fairly average game

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  63. AkumuLust,send me a msg

  64. This is stupid as fuck. The lines are misprogrammed, so you get multiple "Miss" on both lines - one of both HAS to be correct, non? Fuckers.

  65. The correct line is random every time. After every single choice, it changes. So just pick left or right all the time, same difference.

  66. it is very good

  67. This site is pure shit. All games downloads are too slow.

  68. is okay . . easy

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  73. At least it's not one of those stupid meet and fucks.

  74. I beat it :D

  75. it took longer to load than to play BORING

  76. this game is FUCKING GAY

  77. what he said 3-10

  78. Boy this is one hell of a cheating game. Get it the fuck out of here. 0 out of 10

  79. I like.

  80. very HOT VIDEOS!!! thanx

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  82. what is the name of the vid???

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  85. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------over this line ur gay

  86. Speaking of loading, the cum scene in this sequence of movies was extremely anticlimactic! For those of you that can't reach the final movie, don't bother, it's not worth it!

  87. this game has a bug that can prevent you from putting the correct ones regardless of which you pick

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  123. It looks like whatever the pattern is, it's always 5 on each side. But just because you get one wrong doesn't mean the other one is correct. As soon as you get 5 on one side, though, you're home free.

  124. Disregard. Very next game, it's 7 on the right.

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