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In case to learn more about geishas' life our heroine Akimi decides to pay a visit to "fatherland" in Japan. There she meets a roommate who seems to know many about geisha's traditions.

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25 Responses to “Karyukai Part 1”

  1. First for the first time :D:D:

  2. in russia we have a motherland

  3. Yeeeah.. this is not fun. Constant blind clicking, with no indication of where to click or what you're supposed to do leads to nothing but frustration. A game like this should not have fapping as the reason to play, since you lose all interest long before anything fap-worthy even happens. It's a complete chore to play.

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  12. what's the hint word?

  13. hint word is japan

  14. code 1425 cheat japan

  15. So, I choose not to trash my principles and I lost? Seriously, who is lost is the autor.

  16. What a piece of trash

  17. idiotic game

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  21. Who The fuck doesn't wear panties or a bra. What the hell, what the fuck is wrong with these people. That girl a=has really short pants and is not wearing panties...

  22. part two code: kimono

  23. How to get past the bathroom

  24. How do I get through the rape scene? In a walkthrough it's recommended pulling down the guy's hand (as he holds the girl at the lantern) and then NOT to click her pussy but his chest. Each time I try, the friendly guy comes along with his gun, before I can click anything after his hand. Any idea? thx

  25. @ vr38 When the massage girl lifts the towel of the guy, click on his right hand, to cover his privacy again. He'll let her go then.

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