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Lana and Douglas met for the first time at the university. Lana was a student and Doug was just passing by handing out leaflets on campus. They started talking and… kept talking for three hours straight. He was mesmerized by her smile and her flirty attitude. Lana, for her part, had butterflies in her stomach for the first time in her life. She’s also the most adorable girl Douglas has ever met in his life. She is sweet and yet so innocently seductive at the same time. Since they live together Douglas desperately dreams of having sex with her.

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22 Responses to “Living with Lana”

  1. I made it here

  2. Ur a little late mister.. :)

  3. Is there a walkthrough for this?

  4. FURSTY...thirdish..

  5. it's a pretty good game, the point is to get 30 points in art and 25 in gym in the shortest possible way and then give her full attention but at the beginning of the game u must sell as many newspaper to buy her flowers before the friday date.

  6. not enough time

  7. orget art. Talk to her and eat healthy until health and heart reach level 5. Then ignore her and go to the park to run till health reach level 10. Watch porn at 12 PM when she is not home to get your sexperience to 50. When health reaches level 10, go play basketball till health reach 30. Then work as a bouncer and get her flowers. Talk to her/kiss/hug/flirt/carry her to table until heart reaches 75 then caress her pussy. Continue working as bouncer till heart reaches next level where exclamation mark shows then pick her up from school. Then just entertain her till heart reaches next level and...

  8. Don't forget to go out on friday, she will leave you if you don't.

  9. hw du u pik hr up frm xul?

  10. How do you get ending three? I've reached over 350 in love points.

  11. this game is sooooo fun but kinda hard to get to the other endings. but i like working to get the fun parts ;)

  12. Ending 3 not as good as the game . you can give it to her big time she love it

  13. Who made it all the way to ending 3?

  14. I got ending 3. Finished with around 600 love points. The easiest way to pick her up from school is to just play basketball that morning and she'll be waiting for you after. Make sure you have cash to pay for food. Ignore art. Just jog then play basketball and watch porn at noon. Build up plenty of cash as a bouncer at night and take her out on Friday.

  15. master blaster . blind and wet . lick this honey .desert is served .girl that swallows . love hot cum . slut i am . and ending 3 every time . and more sex with wife .

  16. i just want to know how to have sex with her...who can help me?

  17. loadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  18. I made it to almost 700. And yeah its a funny game.

  19. i made it to 800 and still got the second ending : must have done a tiny mistake... ill try to get the 3rd one when ill get the time. its a very very good game. Not boring, it's hard but challenging, the sex scenes are great, it's strategical, creative, everything. gotta give this one a 9.5/10. good job!!


  21. Sexiest*

  22. how can u pick her from school

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