Lucky Patient - Part1

Sex Games - Lucky Patient - Part1 - Free to Play

Sex Game - Lucky Patient - Part1, picture 1 of 3 Sex Game - Lucky Patient - Part1, picture 2 of 3 Sex Game - Lucky Patient - Part1, picture 3 of 3

Name of our hero is Mr.Johnson. Usually, he doesn't like to have a medical. All because he never met with beautiful busty doctor miss O'Connell. She and her sexy assistant Ellie know how to make patient happy. Let's see what will happen with Mr.Johnson in clinic this time :)

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Game Size: 10.7 MB

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423 Responses to “Lucky Patient - Part1”

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  2. deusieme

  3. i got a hard dick

  4. takes too long to load

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  6. Super animation. mais pourquoi le penis est flouté

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  8. now that was something worth writing about. fucking awesome

  9. Too long to load, Really nice game, 5^^

  10. Branleur-land !

  11. lol ends 2 soon

  12. worth the wait can't wait 4 part 2 '

  13. long load time but a great game

  14. wooooooooow take too long to load, can't wait, wont play it...

  15. umm wow...nice...worth the wait

  16. great game characters looked so real worth the long load nine out of ten cant wait for part two

  17. just remove cenzor and it will be awesome :D

  18. just add some moans and such and itlll be awesome. sound really makes a difference

  19. Amazing with the animations.

  20. if this is meet and fuck im idiot :D

  21. Yes, you are an idiot...


  23. It got stuck at 94.7%

  24. i have that vedio =D

  25. keep um cummin guys

  26. hot hot hot hot fucking amazing

  27. relly good game just takes too long to load and its too short

  28. But why supersized tits? Like normal best

  29. Fantástico game, muito bom

  30. stupidly long load & it was to short =( but cant w8 fot part 2 =P

  31. ХУ-Е-ТА

  32. one of the best but to long to load cant wait 4 prt 2


  34. no no no!!!!!!! i want to finish this im going to cum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. they shud make meet n fuck 3d

  36. i luv this game!

  37. takes 2 fuckkin lon stupid bitch im mad

  38. this game.... is revolutionary!

  39. bello questo gioco

  40. To be contined !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. well worth the wait

  42. Lewd Consultation Room.....One of the best Umemaro Animations

  43. to be contined !!!!!!!!!! nooooooooooooooooooo i need more now =((((((

  44. this is just an animated video it's been on the web for quite a while

  45. very good think i will see a docter

  46. long load but worth it need more meet and fuck

  47. Mmmm, I'm ready to cum all over those juicy mellons

  48. it takes to long to load i could get layed twice before tis was done loading

  49. a decent game 5-10

  50. great one, can't wait for more

  51. this isn't a game, it's one of the umemaro 3d sex movies

  52. just a video andl clicking.... not enough good.... whats up with meet and fuck?????????

  53. yep... that's a movie

  54. Did you get a license to use Umemaro's movie for this?

  55. any guys wanna fuck me really hard. i am really wet and horny

  56. the load was long, but it was worth it

  57. I have the full game :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  58. Why to be continue

  59. Yeah!!! Don't w8 to long to make part II


  61. That is superb, except for pixalation. Fantastic animation, especially the doctor. Can't wait for part 2.

  62. the got meet 'n' fuck beat so ready for #2

  63. Got me sooooooooooooooo horny

  64. 한국만세

  65. Why the fuck do you complain about the load time? It is not the games fault, it is your fucking internet! Some people are just so fucking stupid!

  66. You guys must live under a rock. Just type in Lewd Consultation Room into Google for the entire video/game.

  67. The wobbling camera was making me ill, and I prefer women with breasts smaller than their entire torso.

  68. wtf ...they messed it up the boobs are like melons... thats retarded....make it more realistic ty

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  71. I want to fuck, some girl are so horny like me ??

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  73. This is great and all, but did you get permission from Umemaro to useand change his work like this?

  74. very good game, and those that have to complain about something, it loaded in about a minute, and the problem is....

  75. asdfadsfads

  76. THAT WAS SO FUCKING SHORT! it ended just when it was getting hot :(

  77. awesome game. would be better without pixels

  78. Good preview, but isn't this just a pixelated version of the Hentai On covergame?

  79. name says it all.

  80. Thats was sexy. Is there any girls who are horny or looking for friends then look at mý profile add me and we can do something nice.

  81. wow this is perfect

  82. Man, this is lame. It's just fucked up Umemaro work, nothing more. What's the point of making something like that?


  84. Oi, I just downloaded this game before and it had sound and other options. This will probably have more than just 2 parts.

  85. wtf already finished???

  86. Best game

  87. keep the good work

  88. why the hell is the dick blured


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  91. soooooooooo good rs oconol bloe job how she stcks her tounge out man me ad mi girlfriend do that trst me it sooooooooooo good

  92. and get rid of the pixels


  94. the reason they can't get rid of the pixels is they stole the whole thing from an actual movie. they just rolled the scenes back and forth and added word balloons, that being said, it was still pretty good.

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  96. Yay, so much better than MnF! Bring Pt.2 out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. i cant wait until number 2 comes out!!!!!!!!!!


  99. my pussy is geting all wet !! great game

  100. Wow! Keep it coming!

  101. Nice Game Its So Sexy and Cant Wait For Part 2

  102. thats all? it was to short you didnt saw aniting only boobs okay the boobs whare great bet the rest SUX

  103. That left me HARD and wanting more. ALOT more. When's the continueation going to be?

  104. Now this was great. I liked Doc more, but damn it, in situation like that guy can't really chose ;-)

  105. it was great when it said to be continued is was so pissed we need more of these to

  106. game was great cant w8 4 part 2

  107. that was awesome cant wait fer nexT!!!

  108. vai tomar no cú

  109. shit its too short

  110. are you all stupid? they did nothing but steal someone elses work and add a few balloons? Hey, try making something of your own, MnF still rules you sorry sons of bitches. Hope you realize stealing another COPYRIGHTED work is illegal, even outside the united states.

  111. too short but cant wait for part 2

  112. It seems like "wow video theft?" is the only one with any brains here, and besides, why the hell would he ruin a perfectly good movie with his gay-ass comentary anyway? I would have much rather seen the real thing without all the pauses, stupid-ass thought balloons, and of course, the TO BE CONTINUED at the end. RELEASE THE REAL VID OR GIVE THE SOURCE OF THE VID.

  113. Meh you didn't do this shit, post the real game, low quality + crappy ballons = shit.

  114. i want tosand game my eimal

  115. i can not wait for next part

  116. better than meet n fuck in animation, but too short

  117. What with part 2 ):?

  118. please part 2!!!

  119. nice. but need part 2

  120. l like to know where l can find this doctor lol

  121. Ms O'Connel is so sext

  122. best freaken game iv ever played. even better than MnF. i hope part 2 comes out soon

  123. didn't like sound..rewind and play..the doctor was hot tho. and those complaining of too long to's either your internet or your computer..took less than a minute for me.

  124. addme lets do some cam 2 cam SEXY GIRLS ONLY

  125. :P mm horny add me:D

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  128. the only bad thing their boobs too big!

  129. i like smalltits....

  130. it take half hour 2 $tart

  131. holyshit this game made my day

  132. This is a full length video that someone edited into a game made of gif's and buttons. Im sure if you google search long enough you will find the full video

  133. the tits are tooooo big.. not that sexy.

  134. its from hentaion

  135. woah........ HE REALLY IS LUCKY

  136. just download the movie, this was just turned into a retarted game, the movie was a lot better, it was one of the 3D Emaro movies

  137. Ебланская игра

  138. shit im so horny

  139. Danni_xXx_cock, sorry to tell you man but, you got a small dick...nice game btw

  140. i cant believe people are actually trying to say this is better than meet and fuck. MnF was built from the ground up by some pretty good people. This game here, i can sum it up in one word, T.R.A.S.H. This is NOT

  141. any horny girls want to sent me there pics

  142. this game was all some i got really hard i can't wait to for the next one

  143. this is a fantastic game, such a beautiful site, please hurry up with the next part!!! You guys really came through with a great game!!!!


  145. Wow that was so HOT, no wonder 69 69 got a hard, so did I. And I don't care if its a stolen video man, it was good.

  146. нормальная игра, давай продолжение

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  148. long load long load long load

  149. has potential, too long of a load time for something so short though

  150. bring part 2

  151. Copied from Lewd Consultation Room.. Nothing new

  152. i wish it was longer

  153. great however such a long load :/

  154. Erst läd das Spiel ewig und dann hört es plötzlich mittendrin auf!!! Und wieso ist der Schwanz verpixelt?? Stellt mehr SM Spiele ein!

  155. want moooore of that!!!!!

  156. Part 2 man !!

  157. Hi gals! Check me out... XXX

  158. TO BE CONTINUED...what the fuck!!

  159. Essayez de traduire ça, bande de putain d'américains à la con! C'est un putain de bon jeu! Y a des queues dures, une gonzesse en rut...tout ce qui faut, bordel!

  160. Pleines d'erreurs, votre traduction!

  161. no sound?

  162. It was the best game i ever seen

  163. Hi Fluffy Hot Babe....ready and waiting ;)

  164. wow great game. I wish that they would not end it like that though. But isn't this game Hentai on though

  165. demasiado bueno espero la continuacion

  166. kinda old, was in xvideos for a while

  167. Give credit to the Umemaro3D studios for making basically your whole animation.

  168. Stolen Game~

  169. very good

  170. loved it

  171. hey, this game is from video right??? what's the name then ??

  172. this game is good to the graphics

  173. The head Doctor looks like the character of Lana Lang, from Smallville...played by Kristin Kreuk

  174. Worth the wait, with sounds it would be perfect, 5 stars however, really enjoy it ;D

  175. the fact is that to download this video,it COSTS MONEY,and the people that put this game on are letting us view it without having to pay for it,so stop complaining about copyright and all that other shit

  176. it made me cum!!!!!!!

  177. o yea i masturbated at the site of those BOOBS (.)(.) jiggely and such nice asses

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  179. Some quality bait the creators of this served. It's like watching a porno but for free. Ok that's a duh but anyway this was good sure the turn down of this is. It's only a part but it'll appear soon

  180. It's censored because its Japanese. In Japan you can't show dick or vagina. Even their actual porn is censored like that.

  181. This thing is a ripoff of the japanese CGI "Lewd Consultation Room" Someone might be able to SUE over this.

  182. VERY GOOD !!! reminds me of Hentai move "Nightshift Nurses" The game is cream of the crop. Enjoyment value at : A

  183. AMAZING!! Really great job!


  185. Good game but I don't like the censorship

  186. Good game but I don't like the censorship

  187. yeah i saw this on it got taken down so im glad i can find it easily god damn TBC- (to be continued)

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  190. Whaooouuu, pour quand la partie 2?

  191. do you guys not fucking realise that this is a meet and fuck... Jese FUcking stupid shitfaces...

  192. stupid ragheads

  193. I love this game

  194. Annoying bitches that pop up on the bottom of the screen >:(

  195. Excellent. Can't wait for part 2.

  196. please,make part 2

  197. im so hard

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  199. enter there and you'll see that this was a stolen thing

  200. Never leave a cliff hanger to fapable shit... Its as bad as a cock block

  201. It's amazing

  202. woowt moar

  203. Actually, MnF is filled with stolen contant as well. The bastards who run this site don't draw shit, all they do is doodle a bit of fake ass cum, take some sounds from a real porn movie, find a Japanese artist's work and steal that for the actual pictures, and then pretend they did all of it.

  204. de ce se incarca asa greu?

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  206. its take forever to load....

  207. To be Continued hey WTF

  208. wow that was cool

  209. ooo got a wet pussy now

  210. Good, but what's with the cliffhanger?

  211. hope for part 2

  212. i hope i see more of this it is a relly good game

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  220. long load...................

  221. no, MnF is not about stole content though. they actually did work on the animation which IS work, if it wasn't then I and most of us have not seen it elsewhere on the internet. what people are upset about here is that the animation isn't "original" and yet all they did was add in those crap dialogue bubbles and slapped on the "our games" genre on it. For the most part

  222. Aakh..~ Would someone b' kind enough 2 suck my stiffened nipples..??>.

  223. sexy but I've seen AND done better

  224. can anyone tell me wer can i get da full movie.....

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  226. LOL at site admin and staffs commenting on games in different aliases

  227. fuck loading

  228. this is a 3d hentai movie

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  230. great graphics but it needs more of a story more interaction. (I'm always up for a chat : )

  231. that actualy happened to it relley did.

  232. It just like meet n fuck without the pick up lines excellent

  233. freakin AWSOME!!

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  236. Yes Wet Girl I do...LOL

  237. why is it not 1 big game ?? cry

  238. Amazing!

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  240. Great game nedds sound though

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  247. takes to long

  248. This game is based off of a 3D Hentai "movie" called Lewd Consultation Room

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  250. good quality

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  265. anyway the video is great!!!

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