Lucky Patient - Part2

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Porn Game - Lucky Patient - Part2, picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - Lucky Patient - Part2, picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - Lucky Patient - Part2, picture 3 of 3

Today we return to the story of very lucky guy Mr. Johnson. This time he's going to take a course of titjob therapy. Doctor O'Connell and her lovely assistant Ellie will help him with that. They have wonderful big boobs, it would be so nice to feel your cock between them :) Enjoy the hottest tit fuck ever.

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298 Responses to “Lucky Patient - Part2”

  1. 1-ый нах! Great game!

  2. 222222222222

  3. Cool... but is to short... :(

  4. this is gay

  5. 4 and not bad at all

  6. ow ait whas6

  7. woohooo and 7

  8. cant wait 4 part 3 :D

  9. this game is awsome

  10. very good but two short can't wait for part 3

  11. it taks to long to load

  12. awesome !!

  13. it's heavy but different than the rest ...

  14. why do they split the parts if it was one piece

  15. i wonder if there are other pars exept 1 and2

  16. great one again, can't wait for the following parts

  17. T.T why do they stop exactly that place T.T More!!! QUICK!!!!!!

  18. coooooool game can't wait for part 3

  19. Хай мэн!!!тут тож русские бывают?!


  21. Amazing game great tits

  22. Русские везде)) LOL XD

  23. Killer game. Love monster tits!!! Load time is way too fucking long

  24. you all suck

  25. Don't like the Nurse, but Doctor is hot :)

  26. 빨리 열려라 기다렸다

  27. bullshit¨!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. please send me those images on

  29. finally part 2

  30. next 3.?

  31. this is a movie, it's been on the web for quite a while now, they just cut scenes from the film

  32. run out of mnf ideas so let's steal cuts from a porn. I guess it's ok though, it's all over the web anyways.

  33. this is actually a game the video in question was made from each scene within the game.

  34. oh joy, we're saved!

  35. any link for this movie?

  36. or for a game, if it's a game

  37. it's called "Lewd Consultation Room", by Umemaro. Should be pretty easy to find.

  38. yeah part two finally :-D shame theres no sound in this game tho :-/

  39. it's on piratebay, 446 MB, ppl are seeding it. downloading right now :)

  40. Worth the long load.

  41. this game is one of the games from hentai on, you can see their ads all over the site, aside from that excellent game

  42. not to bad .5-10

  43. I got hard

  44. ending is soooo EVIL!!!

  45. more mnf please

  46. to find the entire video search "lewd consultation room spankwire" on google

  47. Yea part 2 is out!

  48. its a fucking great game i cannot wait 4 part 3 bitches

  49. Can anyone give me download link of this movie?

  50. Wow way to ruin a good video with this shitty subs and shit. Did you guys run out of ideas for MaF? 1/5

  51. too short. i want meet and fuck

  52. Man i can't wait for part 3,man.

  53. yea they have to do it!

  54. This game is great. I jerkoff while I play this game.

  55. lol you are all gays that is no comento ....... idiots


  57. it stops at 37 % !!!!! ughghhhhhhh i need to masturbate!!!!

  58. good i love it

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  60. this was really a video made into a game

  61. really short not to great

  62. crap game -.-

  63. Titfuck .. Yeah Its Cool ... Waiting for Part 3

  64. It would be sexier if the women look realistic. Those boobs require suspension of gravity.

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  67. emmm don't like it

  68. 기달렸는데 너무 짧아 빨리 ㄱㄱ

  69. 72 ,Im 72!

  70. Number 72 not age!

  71. 어이 한국새끼들 보고있는거 알어 댓글달엌ㅋ

  72. 어이 한국새끼들 보고있는거 알어 댓글달엌ㅋ

  73. Hi Michelle, you look really cute in that tank top! I am on hotmail myself as batand2balls.

  74. which one is hoter? i say connell person

  75. this is pretty good. cant wait to see all of it. :P

  76. hahahaha

  77. its on the web just google it and its less shitty than this one

  78. good graphics but I would like a bit more of a story

  79. both ladies have great boobs and a great body to

  80. slogete na igrata zvuk

  81. can't wait until they rip-off the new "succubus" video also from the same company XD

  82. Fucking exciting but it needs some sound ! 5 stars however !

  83. 3D技术很棒!最好多多出现这样的精品。

  84. do not add that bitch ronin she is stealing money at her website from us

  85. too short

  86. this game is supposed to be a video file..... i think they edited it.... well the truth is I already seen this video and it rocks!!! hehehe....

  87. who gives a shit if they ripped off these videos, they're making them interactive for FREE!!


  89. I love this game

  90. ㅋㅋ 한국은 역시 정보수집 쩔어

  91. Does anyone know where I can download an English dub of the movie based on this game that can be opened with WinZip? I've been able to download it as a .rar file but I can't open it

  92. Good, but short.

  93. always Loading:1.9% ......

  94. this game is supposed to be a video file

  95. no sound

  96. Can't wait for part 3

  97. this is some bullshit bot really good game and i wish it waz longer


  99. damn! why wont they just finish up the whole story like they always do that sucks! m so tired to wait the conclusion especially the fuck scene

  100. nice graphics XD but a lil dull

  101. ggggggggggggggggggggggg


  103. when will make another M'N'F and lucky patient ?

  104. nice games up to see part 3

  105. really good game whats the movie version called

  106. I just LOVE the doctor but i gotta say...the nurse makes me kina sick :/

  107. kinda sick :)

  108. God!! and the continue?? ...

  109. 양키 쩍바리들아 내좆빨아줘 앙앙

  110. short but hot

  111. too short but what was there was good

  112. nice game. rly gr8

  113. nice game. rly gr8

  114. no really that was awesome

  115. that lucky son of a bitch

  116. 씨발 45.5%부터 다운이 안돼 GOD DAME 45.5% stopping download

  117. 씨발 45.5%부터 다운이 안돼 GOD DAME 45.5% stopping download

  118. good 出第2回ㄌㄚ

  119. yes 141 :)

  120. italian girls?

  121. Why censored?

  122. yeah why censored..otherways super game...

  123. heck yeah it is cool. wish there was more.

  124. takes too long too load!!!

  125. This video is on MEGAPORN, seen it some times...REAL nice. Great game btw

  126. good game 4/5 no fuking sound

  127. hot but way too short

  128. short but i still JIZZED IN MY PANTS

  129. one of the best games =) this and M'n'F are the best

  130. Yea, this was awesome

  131. i just jizzed my pants

  132. I can see it now, "More Lucky Patient!" filling the comments.



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  144. waitin' for lucky patient 3...eheheh

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  147. it was great but need some sound


  149. ugh ya the nurse is ugho. but the nurse is hot

  150. like this no nid post out better

  151. PART 3 IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. первый пост понравился :)

  153. this would be the best thing in the world if it had the sound of the girls moaning

  154. I Love This Fuckin Game The Hell With What Ya'll Say

  155. soooo sexy


  157. to long to load

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  161. so beautyful

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  164. not loadin

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  173. wut happened to part 3

  174. Great Game. Love this type of games.

  175. Need sound

  176. Wish tha happed at my doctor's office

  177. Dude google lewd Consultation Room for the whole video...

  178. I want to fuck 3D gril

  179. whwn does part 3 come out

  180. i need some super porno pussy man this game was fuckin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. We need part 3 out ASAP

  182. you should make a game on the invisible man it would be cool

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  188. wheres the sound

  189. im so wet good game

  190. they should make one big lucky patient game with all 4 or 5 parts in one

  191. Mmm I love their little nurse hats. They're both so sexy...these games are the best! I'm always touching myself by the end of them. ^_^

  192. bored to death anyone ready to open their cam for me yeah I'm that bored . this game is alright i guess its good . xxx mpwa

  193. bored to death anyone ready to open their cam for me yeah I'm that bored . this game is alright i guess its good . xxx mpwa

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  195. nice one.! it makes my pussy wet.~~

  196. i love dis game :)

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  202. i love dis game :)

  203. i love dis game :)

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  206. when is number 3 coming out? no realy when? tell me!!!!!!!!

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  209. wow cant wait for part 5

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