Lucky Patient - Part3

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This is a new episode from Lucky Patient series and hospital adventure of our good friend Mr. Jonhson continues! This time, our busty beauties Miss O'Connell and Ellie are prepared enough to ride his fucking huge cock. They wait eagerly to feel such a hard dick inside their pussies. And both of them look so horny! It would be hard to decide which babe you'll fuck first :)

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372 Responses to “Lucky Patient - Part3”

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  2. NUMBER 1

  3. почти первый)


  5. wow this is a slow load

  6. right on!

  7. number 6

  8. this is cool!! if u want to know me better just simple check my profiles and add me up in my online now..see you there !!!

  9. seventh!!

  10. finally!^^

  11. no sounds thats not cool :(

  12. This is great!

  13. ya a new lucky patient I am so happy

  14. this makes me cum cum cum nuber 8

  15. pretty big load

  16. the load is very slow

  17. I lova meet n fuck !!!!

  18. number 15...?

  19. its already rated 5/5!

  20. nope not 15... lets try 19

  21. dammit!!!! 21!!!!

  22. too short!!!!

  23. dammit!!!!!!!!! it loads too slow!

  24. yes good game

  25. Suck ass long load!! Great game, but too short.

  26. Great Game. I am fucking horny right now

  27. very slllllllooooooooooooooow

  28. can the people who made this make more of this game and make it load more fuck ing faster


  30. too slow

  31. uuhh... well, like the guys before said, the it's too short, please make a whole game at once, when hard fucking everything is just speeded up, nothing really done at it, and why is it censored? i dont get it, if its really ''our game'' i dont get why u guys arent censoring M&F, but those do... but to the guys who play it, lol, wait one day and it will load fast!

  32. its a really long load

  33. You mean theres people who come to this site who think that they make every game on this site? They ONLY make the MnF, everything else is stolen from elsewhere. Even the MnF artwork is stolen from elsewhere.

  34. the reason it is censored is cuz its a movie. its called lewd consultation room. they r just taking bits from it an making it into a game. i like it none the less

  35. taking ages to load!!

  36. taking ages to load!!


  38. Some fun? Check me out...XXX

  39. wtf, im stuckk at 91.4% the helll...

  40. Wow, there’s more. This reminds me when i was dating a striper. Good times.

  41. I still like more doc than nurse ... ;-)

  42. dude im horny and this is only loading XD hella long load. i thot it was just my comp acting up again. and the doc seems trained. she's fking pro right there

  43. dude im horny and this is only loading XD hella long load. i thot it was just my comp acting up again. and the doc seems trained. she's fking pro right there

  44. Wow this is an amazing game. I can't wait till rourth part, even do its made from a movie, it is still amazing.

  45. Mmmmmmmm Yummy Yummy f***ing....

  46. thats the best game that i know

  47. TOO Fuckin long for loading

  48. worth the wait

  49. number 1

  50. number stfu

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