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Chris comes to visit his old friend Richard, whose daughter Lola he was babysitting. Lola still has a crush on Chris, and wants more of him. However, Richards's new model wife - Angelica, wants to hook up with Chris as well. Then, Lola's girlfriend Evelyn wants to loose her innocence and get with Chris too. So, the three girls are in a rivalry to get Chris, and you decide who will win.

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64 Responses to “Rivalries - Part One”

  1. This is a good beginning - I like that way the story can go down different paths - look forward to part 2

  2. very good game...i like it...makes me real horny...:-)

  3. any luck on the help word?

  4. help word is house

  5. The best what ever I Play

  6. part two is already out, google sharks lagoon

  7. Wow very hot scenes

  8. I`m horny,girls look at my profile

  9. ghgfhgfhgfhgfh

  10. stuck on the picture scene between the twoo girls

  11. oh girl look

  12. yea house is not working as the help word or is it just me

  13. it's just you.

  14. sharks games always make me wet

  15. will any girls fuck a 12 year old boy

  16. very nice game


  18. I like the fact they used as a song a MIDI-version of Chic's Good Times. :)

  19. The hint word is: house

  20. skype:tiago segurado carreira add me

  21. stuck on the scene wit new girl and lola help

  22. that was very hot

  23. Not as hot as your vid t_nadia

  24. this girl's giving me a massage in the bathroom but it never ends, I need some help plz

  25. Always a bad ending. Lose Lola or professor as friend. Anyone know better end.?!

  26. good game

  27. Go to Shark's Lagoon or Horny Gamer

  28. how do you get out of the floor in front of lolas room?

  29. how do u get passed the car

  30. how do u get passed the house

  31. how the hell do you get past the part with the girls taking pictures on the smartphone in lolas bedroom?

  32. i'm stuck in the bathroom, not sure how to get past it

  33. what to do after lola meets chris outside the house, after richard puts his hand on angelica?

  34. how can i pass the scene when they having dinner?

  35. What do you do in the car?

  36. Stuck on the part with the picture, please help!

  37. mmm fun game made me wet anyone with a HUGE FAT cock want a young girl email me ;)

  38. Somebody help mee I keep getting stuck in lola's bedroom with evlyn HELP!

  39. i need help im a the massgae part

  40. anyone wanna share the codes?

  41. how many of you skipped thru the conversations? lol

  42. what do u have to do in the bathroom

  43. Stuck in the bathroom at the massage too

  44. how do i get past the part where lola meets chris outside the house and the professor puts his hand around angelica plz help a 16 year old in need i offer sex services

  45. What in the hell do you do when you take the fucking pictures?

  46. any one wanna share the code

  47. how do u play this?

  48. worth playing but frustrating when you get stuck

  49. I can't get past the damn massage

  50. the code is house


  52. buenisimo el juego

  53. how can get dildo in pussy

  54. How do you get pass the car scene?

  55. How do i get pass the fuckin bedroom scene with evelyn?

  56. gooooooooooood

  57. haha I am a Chinese.

  58. Where do i click on bedroom scene when taking pictures. I know to click on the hip where else?

  59. this is so awesome!

  60. Straight to the dining table: 11321320

  61. i love sex

  62. Hey Audrey u look so good send me a pic

  63. if any one games like this email me plsssss i luv angeline of this scene she s a real booty milf

  64. gooooooooooooooooood

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