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The rivalry continues, as Angelica, Lola, and Evelyn all want a taste of Chris's cock. Will the three horny babes get what they want? Before playing Rivalries Part 2, you need to finish Rivalries Part 1 and get the access code at the end of the game in part one.

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63 Responses to “Rivalries - Part Two”

  1. Anyone who knows the code?

  2. anyone know how to get good ending?

  3. the help word is still "house"

  4. i know the codes but i cannt post them here

  5. angelica:three five one three three five six five

  6. lola: one one seven two four one two five

  7. evelyn: one one seven four two one two five

  8. there i gave u the numbers have fun :D

  9. good ending anyone?

  10. I tried using the codes. but end up the bad ending for each character. Is there any way to get a good ending.

  11. Lola must be the only one with points...

  12. only the ugly ass lola gets a good ending?

  13. its good but its needs more sex in it

  14. Beautiful and hard to beat as usual on sharksgames!!

  15. the game has potential but it is very hard to figure out what to do... random clicking

  16. I don't get past the pool exercise...

  17. Hi........

  18. No you can not finish .. in all ways and 'always wrong

  19. for foursome with all girls use this number: three six zero five four five seven seven choose "Evelyn" and have fun.

  20. it doesn't make any sense. they made a game that's so fucking hard to find the right end, they realy went too far this time. fuck you shark lagoon.

  21. I used the code three six zero five four five seven and got the same bad ending. That didn't work and I agree with you maslinka. They made this game so fucking hard.

  22. mmm this game was fun any guy with a HUGE FAT cock wanna have fun with a young girl email me (:

  23. i`ve only successfully gotten Angelica's swimsuit off once. that shit is damn near impossible.

  24. bad ending....shit.....any one knows good ending...????

  25. IllusionWizzard do you go into the pool or do you refuse?

  26. I can pass the scene where lola is on top evelyn give a handjob... I don't know where to click after the handjob.

  27. So for the good ending, use the code two three four two four two four four, choose to go into the pool and then take evelyn.

  28. let's share the codes

  29. did good, angelica and bad endings. anyone know the other one?

  30. what is the CODE in starting

  31. impossible to make her take off clothes in very beginning of game. She keept doing something in her neck. I know I am supposed to click on her head and then go down, but it just will not work. Any tips ?

  32. type house

  33. good good good Game

  34. how to put the dildo in angelica? I click the toy then her, but he just fingers her.

  35. Hey guys ! I made nude pics of myself and I would like to have some advises ! click this link to see my pictures gallery: goo.gl/YjN6E Big kisses !

  36. Hey guys ! I made nude pics of myself and I would like to have some advises ! click this link to see my pictures gallery: goo.gl/YjN6E Big kisses !

  37. like always, sharks lagoon brings us an amazing game!

  38. I can't get the bathing suit off. Any ideas?

  39. Two, Three, Four, Two, Four Two, Four, Four is the code for the good ending. Make sure Lola is the only one with points at the end of act 2 as well.

  40. one two two one five one three zero for good ending

  41. good ending (Lola) - three five one three five three six five

  42. the scene in the swimming pool was very hot

  43. two four zero two five two five one, and choose evylin , and you will have the good ending

  44. who know threesome ending (good) ?

  45. I got all 4 endings

  46. @ lady, help out with some codes

  47. Lady, Can you tell me the codes for all four endings.

  48. A possible good ending(or not):two three four two two four four four. Just follow Angelica's "path"

  49. took me forever but i was finally able to get all four of the endings

  50. Anyone got the Lola ending? If so how do I get the Lola ending? I keep on getting the Bad end and the Angelica end.

  51. here you go, all the codes. Angelica ending = three five one three three five six five refuse to get in the pool and pick lola to enter the room. Lola ending = three five one three five three six five get in the pool this time and pick evelyn to enter the room. Evelyn ending = two three four four three one four four get in the pool again and pick angelica to enter the room.

  52. wow! thanks a lot!

  53. wtf once shes on your shoulders you cant do anything just her putting tits in face forever trapped

  54. Downloading the SWF file and playing it in SwiffPlayer is much easier than getting all the endings. I got one ending here, then viewed the rest of the scenes through the player, you can jump through it like you would a movie.

  55. zt gwhd folp enx uost vexg wjo lxtg aj lp fda sdfp lijf eht hslg gjfr ueo ctoj xm

  56. xp cegc vywo ymu kthz qztt opi gyqb fn ij mut avxy mqxs wez ijbb ield hru ycrz ss

  57. fuck you BItches !

  58. God damn, I wanted to fuckin kill ugly Lala.

  59. I can't get Chris pants all the way down in the bedroom with lola can you help me

  60. to have the ending with the three, you need to have two points each by the end. you can use the series one one seven two three two two five, refuse the pool, and select Angelica. Best ending, as mentioned below is only available to Lola

  61. start code 35145467

  62. how to get all four best ending,please help

  63. how to get all four best ending,please help

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