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Old good tetris game can be even better, if a beautiful french girl strips down while you play! Meet with Stefie, she's your personal roommaid for today! Beautiful face, long graceful legs in the stockings and sexy black mini-dress. Damn... She's HOT as hell! Start the game and carefully build the brick lines to see her naked.

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Game Size: 4.8 MB

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134 Responses to “Strip Tetris: Sexy Frenchmaid”

  1. ** 2 ** nice game

  2. If you'll marry me I'll dig for you and rake for you! If you'll marry me I'll scrub for you and bake for you! If you'll marry me all others I'll forsake for you! All this will I do if you'll marry me! All this will I do if you'll marry me!

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  7. yawn........ is the download done

  8. yep yawn to long of Download :P oh well

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  10. it not too long i mean i got it ready in bout a month=)

  11. Loading is sloooooooooow. But game is interesting. And that maid outfit. Things i would do to her just cant be described... I would lick, suck and fuck her till she faint!

  12. Sillynannies i want you

  13. Sillynannies i want you

  14. I hit the pause button to make the download longer,,, yeehaa

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  16. It freezes at 68.7% =(

  17. what is the deal with the slooooooooooooooooow download!?

  18. Why does it freeze and then not reset itself?

  19. yes i freeze at 36.1%

  20. dide anyone actually get to the end?

  21. Yes i played. Loaded all the way but very slow. I played a lot. All lvl have different picture. Maybe problem is in that.

  22. i froze at 98,4


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  27. Honestly, who in hell writes these descriptions!? I've seen 8 year olds write better >_

  28. stupid download.. fucking slow..

  29. I made it to the finish. It was easy. There's only a dildo fucking in the end. Not worthy enough.

  30. IDK WTF Yall Talkin' Bout, It Loaded In Like 30 Secs

  31. Another rich fuck who can afford a hi-speed internet!

  32. how long does it take to fucking load

  33. meh its not that slow O_o

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  35. i cant even get my cock hard this download turnes me off

  36. Only took two minutes for me (1.59 mins to load 0.01 min to turn off) lol =)

  37. sillynannies lol thats from family guy lololololo

  38. Loading time's a bitch, and so's the maid. i'd like to fuck her good......

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  42. Fucking Speed

  43. download takes a while but most of us have time to kill

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  45. wake me when we get there...

  46. andate a cagare può scrivere quel che si vuole...

  47. waayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to loooooooooooooong kinda like me ;)

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  49. its a cartoon u fucked up fucks

  50. I'm waiting...



  53. Motherfucker bullshit VERY SEXY MAID I LIKE IT like to fuck wiht me if you marry me i would do anything for you i want to marry somebody sexy not ugly

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  74. this games sucks its not worth the drastic download u have to get to lvl 10 to see a p.o.v. of her pussy my advice....FUCK THIS GAME

  75. je ne parle que le français j arrive a m eclater sur certains jeux mais pour avoir des astuces et des aides je ne comprend pas l anglais alors si il y a une personne qui peux m aider MERCI D AVANCE

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  77. you must have lame connection takes 10 sec. to load.

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  89. Eww, she's not shaven. I'd still seduce her though.


  91. ok, ill try to explain this in a civilized way... stop whining... its annoying to listen to, if your connection is bad upgrade, if you cant afford that deal with it yourself instead of spamming a forum about it.

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